ASTRO Announces second Mini Album and Comeback!

ASTRO Announces second Mini Album and Comeback!

With their a hit promotions for their 1st Mini Album 'Spring Up' and nametune 'Hide and Seek' wrapped up,ASTROhave set their eyes on selling2d Mini Album 'Summer Vibes' with new teaser.

ASTRO are a slightly new idol team that just debuted on February 22nd with debut track 'Hide and Seek'. They're a 6 member boy neighborhood consisting of membersMJ,Jin Jin,Cha Eunwoo,Moonbin,RockyandSanha. They arecurrently underFantagio Musicalong withlabel matesHello Venusand5urprise.

The teaser displaysthe menin combinationluckily laying in a box embracing the warm summer vibes.

AdvertisementASTROwill have their comeback on July 1st.

Are you excited for their comeback? Did you realizeanythingthat can or won't be special with their album names? Many lovers acceptbriefly pointed out a thrilling similarity between their album themes. Perhapsit is merely coincidence. What do you think?

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