Korean videos opening these days 2016/06/16 in Korea

Korean videos opening these days 2016/06/16 in Korea

Korean videos opening as of late 2016/06/16 in Korea: "Proof of Innocence", "The Global of Us", "Analog Human", "Where am I?: Beyond Woman and Woman", "The Motive of Clubs" and "Taboo - New Sister"

"Proof of Innocence" (2015)Directed by way of Kwon Jong-gwanWith Kim Myeong-min, Kim Sang-ho, Seong Dong-il, Kim Yeong-ae, Kim Hyang-ki, Kim Roi-ha,...Also referred to as "A Letter From Prison" and "Special Investigation: The Prisoner's Letter"SynopsisA crook investigation film roughly a broker named Pil-jae who is untouchable by the police and prosecutors, tracking down the fact to a homicide case after he gets a mysterious letter from a prisoner.

"The World of Us" (2015)Directed by Yoon Ga-eunWith Choi Soo-in, Seol Hye-in, Lee Seo-yeon-I,...SynopsisSeon-yi is an 11 year old girl, who loves her pals more than her mom. The movie obstinately follows her courting amongst people, which is more complex and hard than the only an adult would possibly experience.Festival :66th Berlin Overseas Film Festival (2016) - Generation segment

"Analog Human" (2015)Directed by Jang Hoon-IWith Kim Bo-seong, Ban Min-jeong, Jeong So-yeong, Lee Cheol-min, Park No-sik, Kim Eun-soo,...SynopsisDong-ha, an actress in her mid-40s, has done not anythingto turn for the final x years. Then she gets a decision and gets shook up. She gets stuck up in a little world of her own. Her first love from 30 years ago reaches out to her yet she faces realistic complicationswhich are her circle of relatives and responsibilities. She also gets a filmbe offering for the primary time in 10 years.

"Where am I?: Beyond Girl and Woman" (2015)Directed by Kim HyojungSynopsisA tale about African feminine genital mutilation(FGM) told from a couple of sides. An interview-style documentary, the film comprisesmore than a fewcritiques from other people from all walks of lifestylesat the deep-rooted custom. From supporters of FGM, operators, custom-keeping families, serious doctors and politicians, ladies who suffered side-effects, to opponents, the film captures the prestige and issues of FGM in closed communities via many voices of other levels. Yet, between the practice's supporters and opponents, the young girls, the objectivetopics of FGM, are infrequently heard. Their weak, buried voices could reflect the girls' position. The film approaches the cultureno longerhandiest from women's human rights, but also from an African conservative cultural context. How can exchange and reformation be attempted? The film notices provide Africa's efforts on long-term education, asking us about our role between tradition and reform, and conservatism and progressivism, in the process theladies and women. (LEE Seung-min)FestivalBIFF 2015

"The Intention of Clubs" (2016)Directed by Jo Kyeong-hoon-IWith Kim Hee-won-IV, Yeo I-rye, Lee Joon-gyoo, Ko Chan-woo,...Synopsis"I would like to exist yours tonight..."Three men from a social club get in combination for intimate reasons, then a lovable and horny daughteroccurs to fall in front of them!'A sexy and rich' guy who has to visitthe army giving up his college credits, 'a loser' who just were given discharged dreaming of heated love and 'a goose father' who hasn't had sex in forever, sign up for a paragliding club for other reasons. A hot and sexy girl seems in front of them and the 3 hyenas convince her to head to an overnight paragliding travel with them. Who might be the winner? This girl gamblingnot easy to get reasons the three to shake and they begin doing the rest they want to go her to spend an evening with them...

"Taboo - New Sister" (2016)Directed by Lee SeulWith Jeong Seon-min, Lee Yoo-rin, Jeong Min-joon-I, Kim Yeong-sik, Do Mo-se ,...SynopsisA motion picture about sexual love in which a lady gets remarried thinking of a new life but she schemes with her boyfriend to rip off her new family.