Block Bs Taeil Stocks How It Felt Participating With f(x)s Luna

Block Bs Taeil Stocks How It Felt Participating With f(x)s Luna

Block B’s Taeil Stocks How It Felt Taking part amongst f(x)’s Lunanotclaira June 16, 2016 0 Block B’s Taeil Shares How It Felt Collaborating With f(x)’s Luna On June 15, the contributors of Block B met with their fanaticsin the process the Naver V app.

During the are living broadcast, a fan asked Taeil about his collaboration with f(x)’s Luna at KCON France, where the 2 singers sang a duet edition of Zico’s “It Was once Love.”

Taeil said, “I met Luna for the primary time at the practice sessionat the day of the concert. We had to begin the functionalityonce nosotros met so it was awkward. As soon as we carried out we acknowledged to each and every other, ‘What are we going to do?’”

He added, “I saw the broadcast later and I suspect we harmonized smartly and thenI believeexcellent roughly it. It was amusing to do a duet and I’m thankful to Luna.”

Park Kyung teased his fellow member through adding, “When you were filming the VCR, I felt that the ambience between you two was weird.”

Taeil explained, “Zico attempted to make it less awkward for us yet he made it even more awkward. So we ended awkwardly. I'm hoping that we willturn out to be closer the following time we meet.”

You can watch their performance and more from KCON France here!

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