EXO Explains Storylines At the back of “Lucky One” And “Monster” Song Videos

EXO Explains Storylines At the back of “Lucky One” And “Monster” Song Videos

EXO Explains Storylines At the back ofFortunate One And Monster Track Videoskminjungee June 16, 2016 0 EXO Explains Storylines Behind Lucky One And Monster Music Videos Fanatics who were puzzled by, or curious about, EXOs latest music videos, glance no further!

During their appearance at the June episode of Music Video Bank, the group findswhat kind of storylines their music videos for their double name tracks, Monster and Lucky One, were seeking to portray.

Prompted by way of his fellow members, Baekhyun takes rate and starts by explaining that the basis for Lucky One is that the individuals have without notice lost their superpowers, joking its because they havent used them for so long. They then get abducted and are experimented on, when their powers return, enabling them to escape. Baekhyun doesnt fail to indicatethat during Kais case, his vitality is teleportation, yet he dances.

Later on, the members explain that the explanation the random dancing scene used to be added in turned into because in the beginningthe 2 music videos were going to be released at other times. Kai is if fact exist told dancing a segment from Monster, and the director added it in as a spoiler. In the end, the two music videos were released at the similar time, thus leaving the scene that even Kai himself says he doesnt understand.

As for Monster, as many expect, the members are rebels battlingopposed to suppression. However, Baekhyun needsto elucidate what his role in the tale was.

He says, I mightlook like a betrayer, especially because I dont in point of fact have wounds on my faceThe reason why is because I in the endhave the opportunity for the members to escape, by turning off the protection cameras, etc. I used to be a double agent. Everyone, you realize now right?

How close were your predictions to the true plot of those videos?

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