Spoiler 'Entertainers' The candy romance starts between Ji Seong and Hyeri

Spoiler 'Entertainers' The candy romance starts between Ji Seong and Hyeri

On the general episode of SBS Wednesday Thursday drama, "Entertainers" showed how everyoneused to be doing three hundred and 65 days later.

When Ji-nu called Sin Seok-ho to inform him he became leaving after confessing everything. Seok-ho expressed his regrettable feeling and promised he was going to come and spot Ji-nu later.

Ji-nu said, "I'm going to pass over y'all most. Thank you really" in crying voice. His face looked loose from any burdens when leaving whilst his lovers were giving him a send-off.

The courting between Green and Ha-neul have become even stronger. Ha-neul confessed he used to love her such a lot and told her he was taking flight his love so Green may justcross with Sin Seok-ho.

And then one year has passed. Ddanddara band becomea hit taking first position in song programs. Ha-neul also challenged acting while he persevered his activities as the band member. surrender ring and went back to the school. Park Eun-bin filled his role in the band. Ha-neul who had weigh down on her at the primary sight was satisfiedto satisfy her again. Ha-NuEl's new romance began.

Green quit her paintings and went back to the school. Green, however, still kept her love in opposition to Seok-ho. Seok-ho one day got here to her facultyprotecting a green umbrella on a rainy day to select out her up.