Block B’s Firm Seven Seasons Adjustments Its Name

Block B’s Firm Seven Seasons Adjustments Its Name

Block Bs Firm Seven Seasons Adjustments Its Call JiwonYu June 16, 2016 0 Block Bs Agency Seven Seasons Changes Its Name Block Bs agency Seven Seasons has replaced its name to KQ Entertainment.

OnĀ its reliable homepage, Block Bs agency announced that they changed its name in hopes to branch out more and give a spice up to our control and construction of quite so much of artists.

To be more exact, KQ Entertainment now is composed of, and might be co-managed, by capability of two separate sub-labels, Seven Seasons, which is a label onlyaccountable for managing Block B, and KQ Produce, a label in fee of songwriters and producers.

An associate of the agency states, Seven Seasons will continue to manageĀ Block B, whilst KQ Produce will get started to recruit more artists in a role to producing.

They also explain, So as to unlocktune in a more systematic format, otherexecs in price of planning, promoting, producing, etc, are lately fufilling their given tasks. We made up our mindsto switch the agencys name, in addition make the respect between the 2 sub-labels in order to fortify this systematic method and also to noticea wide range of artists.

KQ Entertainment will cling auditions to recruit singer-songwriters and creators.

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