G-Dragon and Taeyeon Wrapped Up In Latest K-Pop Dating Rumors As Lovers  Collect Evidence

G-Dragon and Taeyeon Wrapped Up In Latest K-Pop Dating Rumors As Lovers Collect Evidence

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There were reports of bestmale and female idol dating in the K-pop industry. Many speculated that it was once between Ladies Generation Taeyeon and large smash G-Dragon which turned into denied via corresponding agencies. Yetmay there be evidence of the 2 dating?

Originally posted onĀ Pann, a netizen claims to have discovered show of GD and Taeyeon dating.

Titled Evidence of GD and Taeyeon Dating, this is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

Why would Tiffany be calling G-Dragon a oppa? This is because she were givenas regards to him thru Taeyeon.

Or.. Tiffany presented her close oppa G-Dragon to Taeyeon..

After couple hours of Taeyeon postingĀ this photo on her Instagram..

On GDs hand, there's a smiley face which could also be on Taeyeons nail art

After observing Taeyeon, GD impersonates what Taeyeon is doing with her mouth hahahahaha.

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thefashioned article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the maximumneatly liked comments at the time of this text being published.

65 / -6 It comes out that they do notappear to be official.

Translation: BIG BANG G-Dragon and women Generation Taeyeon are wrapped up by a dating scandal in which their agencies responded. SM Entertainment claimed that they did now notwish to respond to those rumors because they are and no longeremploying a evidence and are made up stories. YG Entertainment also said that they dont have the need to make an legit statement.

64 / -6 I believe Tiffany got near GD on account of Teddys headphone releasebirthday celebration

61 / -3 Haha I believe they made this rumor in some otherwebsite online hahahahaa I think that smiley face is with Kikos.. Forestallwantingsuch a lot haha

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