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Lee Seung Gi and Kim Yuna blow their own horns their dance moves in new CF

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Lee Seung Gi and Kim Yuna blow their own horns their dance moves in new CF

Lee Seung Gi and Kim Yuna display off their tight dance moves in the recent "KB Kookmin Bank" CF!

For Kim Yuna, her ice skating talents prove in her modern dance moves, or even Lee Seung Gi, who"s known to be a bad dancer, is in truth lovely just right in the video! It"s a simplistic yet impressive CF, in our opinion.

You too can take a glance at their particular person CFs down below.

Kim Yuna is an ELLE girl

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Kim Yuna is an ELLE girl

Kim Yuna graces the maximum recent factor of ELLE Korea magazine.

She"s observed posing expectantly in her newest photoshoot, appearing lovers her female side.

Check out the pictorials here

Figure Skating Queen Kim Yuna Delights Lovers With a Charity assignment Pictorial

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Figure Skating Queen Kim Yuna Delights Fans With a Charity Project Pictorial Figure skating queen Kim Yuna currently did a charity photo shoot for a donation project, in which all proceeds move against social provider organizations.

On October 28, type mag Elle published those stunning footage of Kim Yuna featuring Italian fashion emblem Fendi.

The dresses she is dressed in bring out a trace of sexiness unlike her standard neat image.

Meanwhile, for this donation project called “Seoul Peek-a-boo Project,” more than a few fashion icons design their own original bags and give all of the profits made by way of the bag to the society.

Kim Yuna is making plans to place her “peek-a-boo” bag up for auction and make your complete proceeds go toward her UNICEF project called “Schools for Asia.”

Kim Yuna and Younha blow their own horns Their Close Friendship

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Kim Yuna and Younha display Off Their Close Friendship Figure skating queen Kim Yuna snapped an adorable image with singer Younha.

On October 21, Younha posted the lovely photo on her Twitter with the description, “Thank you for coming, Yuna~”

In the photo that was once revealed, Kim Yuna is dressed casually as she is pictured next to Younha, who has a princess gown on for her lead role in the musical “Cinderella.” Even if the 2 of them are in very other fields, their friendship is heartwarming.

Meanwhile, Younha’s “Cinderella” tells the noted fairy tale tale in a musical format. The musical will grasp performances until November 8 in Seoul Chungmu Art Hall.

Truedy gets dissatisfied at being called a 'fake Yoon Mi Rae'

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Truedy gets dissatisfied at being called a 'fake Yoon Mi Rae'

Truedy and Gilme butted heads in a diss fight at the October nine episode of Mnet"s "Unpretty Rapstar 2." 

Many folks have mentioned that Truedy reminds them of Yoon Mi Rae. Gilme attempted to take benefit of this to her virtue and all through the battle, Gilme called Truedy a "fake Yoon Mi Rae." Truedy spat back, "The explanation why for my tears? I"m misunderstood loads and thousands of time because I"m very an identical to Mi Rae unnie (referencing Yoon Mi Rae"s song Memories / Smiling Tears)." 

In the interview following the diss battle, Truedy may just best set free a large sigh about being classified a "fake Yoon Mi Rae," frustrated about the comparison which limits her obstacles to grow as an artist and make a call for herself. 

She said, "I concept about a massive number of things. I felt disgrace that they thought about me that way and used to be hurt.

Though Truedy will have been upset for being called a faux Yoon Mi Rae, she walked away the as the winner for this diss war round, having inspired the guest judges The Quiett and Dok2.

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Fake Casts Are promoting Like loopy because of Upcoming Holiday Stress

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Fake Casts Are Selling Like Crazy because of the Upcoming Holiday Stress People are going to extremes so as to get out in their holiday chores.

Recently, on a pregnancy and parenting explicit online community, posts about fake casts ruled the board. maximum were written through girls who were dreading their consult with to their in-laws’ and sought after to benefit from fake casts. However, they stated they were afraid to have a look at it out in worry of having stuck since the product had already gone viral ultimate year.

These fake casts are made in order that when an arm is stuck into the solid for 20 to 30 minutes, it molds and hardens round the limb, thus making it very realistic.

Those who have in fact used the fake cast raved that it looks genuine and fools many people.

Meanwhile, many showed fear of the way society pressures people throughout vacations to the point where they wish to fake their own injury. Others commented that the fake cast went too far.

Olympic Figure Skater Kim Yuna Creates an Instagram Account

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Olympic Figure Skater Kim Yuna Creates an Instagram Account Two-time Olympian and gold medalist Kim Yuna, who is probably the most best celebrities in Korea, has in any case opened an Instagram account!

On September 16, she created the account with a adorable image of herself with the captions, “#iLoveYOG for the explanation that Olympic dreams of such so much of young athletes will come true! See you in Lillehammer, Norway ❤️❤️❤️ the 2d one edition of the Iciness Adolescence Olympic Games could be held from 12 February to 21 February 2016. stay up to date on those Games by way of following @youtholympics.”

Meanwhile, Kim Yuna is the ambassador for the 2016 Winter young people Olympic Games and could also be operating as the ambassador for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics and Paralympics.

The EXOcontributors and Kim Yuna are shy around each and every other in documentary series 'National Grand Chorus:I am Korea'

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The EXO<b>contributors </b>and Kim Yuna are shy around<b> each and every </b>other in documentary series 'National Grand Chorus:<b>I am </b>Korea'

Inthe approaching episode of KBS" special documentary program "National Grand Chorus:I am Korea", EXO"s Suho, Chanyeol, Baekhyun and previous figure skater Kim Yuna were given together in the recording studio in preparation for their upcoming concert performance.

The EXO participants and Kim Yuna met for the primary time in the studio, and they wereacknowledged to be very shy aroundevery other. Kim Yunawas once likely starstruck seeing the EXO participants and vice versa! Even in the released still cut,you'll see Kim Yuna and Chanyeol happily yet awkwardly take a seat pretty some distance fromevery other at the couch.

But when they started singing in the studio, they all wereacknowledged to betotally professional and interested in their work.

They"re all gettingable forthe approaching "I Am Korea" concert, celebrating the 70th anniversary of Korea.

Theultimate episode of this documentary program will air on August 8 at 8pm KST, and the anniversary concertcould be held on August 15 at 7:40pm KST at the World Cup Stadium.

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Kim Yuna Meets EXO in Recording Studio for “I Am Korea”

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Kim Yuna Meets EXO in Recording Studio for “I Am Korea” The August 8 broadcast of KBS 1TV’s 70th anniversary of Korean independencetune festival “I Am Korea” will feature Kim Yuna and EXO’s Suho, Chanyeol, and Baekhyungetting ready for the event.

After appearingrelatively shy all the way through their first meeting, the stars getrelaxed and blow their own horns their professionalism when they start recording.

In the released still cuts, we see the figure skater and Chanyeol sitting a distance away from each and every other appearinga little bit bashful. the opposite photos feature thempersonally recording. Many are interested by seeing howthey're going to interact with one another.

Meanwhile, the Olympic gold medalist will also practicing and performing with her own choir. Apparently, special guestsmight be appearing all the way through theirclosing practice consultation to cheerall and sundry on.

“I Am Korea” isa distinct project that has been in the works for 3 months. Theclosing episode a phase of the documentary portion will air on August 8 at 8 p.m. KST. As for thetune festival event,it'll take position on August 15 (Korea’s National Liberation Day) at 7:40 p.m. KST at SeoulInternational Cup Stadium.

AOA’s Jimin and Yuna Discuss Agonizing Pain From High Heels

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AOA’s Jimin and Yuna 
Discuss Agonizing Pain From High Heels

AOA Contributors Jimin and Yuna confess about how painful Five HundredFive HundredIt Be Far to Basically wear high heels.

Five HundredAt The July 15 episode of KBS 2TVs Diet, Jimin and Yuna Five HundredElevate Out on Degree in heels Five HundredWhich Are over 10 cm high.

Jimin Five HundredIf Truth Five HundredBe Advised wears Five HundredFive Hundred13-cm heels Five HundredWhilst she dances to Heart Attack. She confesses, Since there are Contributors who are taller than 170 cm, Five HundredWe Should wear heels Five HundredTo Compare their height. Yuna also says,

Yet my heels are about 10 cm high.

Jimin then complains, Its Nerve-racking filming

Song videos. Even Five HundredFive HundredOnce Youre just sitting still, your feet Five HundredChanged Into numb, confessing that its No Longer Five HundredFive HundredEffortless to wear such high heels.

MeanFive HundredWhilst, Diet airs Five HundredEvery One Five HundredAnd Five HundredEvery

Unmarried Wednesday at 8:55 p.m. KST.

Source (1) Reinforce the artist By Way Of Five HundredPurchasing Heart Attack from YesAsia