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Baek Ji Young and Jung Suk Won Reveal Their Dream Home Desires

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Baek Ji Young and Jung Suk Won Reveal Their Dream Home Desires

Baek Ji Young and Jung Suk Won have revealed their new home for the first time ever.

The modern yet ergonomic home is the couple’s second place since getting married. Aside from its stylishness, the pad is receiving a lot of attention because of how the couple lovingly designed and furnished it with each other in mind.

So that her hubby could freely practice his acting, Baek Ji Young gifted Jung Suk Won a soundproof study along with a sofa that he could rest on. Jung Suk Won gifted his wife with a U-shaped kitchen and a minimalist bathroom in which she could rest after a busy schedule.

You can catch the full pictorial and Baek Ji Young and Jung Suk Won’s marriage story in the March edition of Woman Sense magazine.

Korea-China co-production drama "Dream Knight" to drop its first teasers, featuring Jackson, Mark and Young Jae

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Korea-China co-production drama

On the December 23rd, the production team of Korea-China drama "Dream Knight" has dropped its first teaser through the drama’s official page on Chinese video sites Youku and Tudou.

The clip starts off with miniature dolls of GOT7 members Jackson, Mark, and Young Jae talking about the drama’s upcoming premiere, while the latter part shows the members themselves wondering about the title of the drama.

The producers also released individual photo teasers for each member through the drama’s official Weibo. The photos show JB, Jackson, Mark, and Young Jae striking cute poses for the camera with their miniature dolls.

“Dream Knight” revolves around a young girl (Song Ha Yoon) suffering from her past experiences until a group of mysterious men suddenly enter her life. The fantasy romance drama touches on dreams, love, and friendship.

The drama will premiere on January 27 through Youku, Tudou, and Naver TV Cast.

Kang Ji Young unveiled her dream of an actress

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Kang Ji Young unveiled her dream of an actress

Ex-member of KARA-Kang Ji Young revealed that she dreamed of making an actress for a long time.

Currently, she is acting as a solo artist. In recent times, she had an interview with Japanese magazine. In the interview, she said that, 'As soon as KARA made its debut, I began thinking of becoming an actress.'

“Since last year, I have been taking boxing lessons, and I am preparing [for my acting career] step by step,” she added.

After her departure from KARA, Kang Ji Young announced her plans to study abroad in the United Kingdom. However, only a few months after settling in London, it was reported that she had signed an exclusive contract with Japanese agency Sweet Power. Regarding this, Kang Ji Young said, “I wanted to live in England at least once in my life. But one of my friend’s acquaintance knew the boss of my current agency,” explaining that the opportunity simply came her way.

Meanwhile, Kang Ji Young was cast for two NHK dramas earlier this year, successfully launching her acting career in Japan.

Review of “God’s Gift – 14″ Days Ep 6: Lee Bo Young returns to reality in her dream

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Review of “God’s Gift – 14″ Days Ep 6: Lee Bo Young returns to reality in her dream

On the 6th episode of “God’s Gift – 14 Days,” Kim Soo Hyun (played by Lee Bo Young) returned to reality in her dream.

Soo Hyun questioned Han Ji Hoon (played by Kim Tae Woo), “Is Saet Byul (played by Kim Yoo Bin) asleep?

Ji Hoon screamed, “Wake up! Saet Byul’s dead!” to which Soo Hyun stated, “That doesn’t make sense. She came back, honey!

Ji Hoon got mad at her, saying, “What’s wrong with you? I’m exhausted too!

Soo Hyun then came to check Saet Byul’s room. She found an empty room with only a photo of Saet Byul on a desk. Soo Hyun shouted, “Then that was all a dream?

At that moment, Soo Hyun woke up and realized that she was dreaming. She gave Saet Byul, who was next to her, a tight hug.

Hyun Young's Management Company Denies Comeback Rumors Following Star's First TV Appearance Since Propofol Abuse Scandal On 'KOICA's Dream'

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propofol, hyun young, KOICAs Dream

Hyun Young's Management Company Denies Comeback Rumors Following Star's First TV Appearance Since Propofol Abuse Scandal On 'KOICA's Dream' For any fans of singer, actress and model Hyun Young, hoping that her appearance on the South Korean television program KOICAs Dream means she is making an official comeback, her management says dont get your hopes up. For any fans of singer, actress and model Hyun Young, hoping that her appearance on the South Korean television program "KOICA's Dream" means she is making an official comeback, her management says don't get your hopes up.

"It is true that she'll be appearing in 'KOICA's Dream,' but it doesn't mean she'll be returning to television," a representative from Hyun's management company Koen Stars told eNEWS on Wednesday.

"She has no plans as of yet for a return."

The Koen Stars rep claims Hyun, currently in Bangladesh to begin filming "KOICA's Dream", which focuses on celebrities doing charity work overseas, agreed to appear on the show because she likes the concept.

"Hyun Young has always been interested in volunteer work," the Koen representative said.

"She's been active at a welfare organization for cerebral palsy for five years now. She's been talking about appearing in 'KOICA's Dream' for a while, and she came to appear because she agreed with the show's aims."

Hyun Young has been in a self-imposed hiatus after being indicted back in March for abusing the drug propofol.

Although her abuse of the drug was reportedly minor, the actress has reportedly withdrawn from show business.

"Hyun Young received her injections from only one hospital, and she received the least in number compared to the other actresses," read an official statement by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office following a probe of doctor's illegally administering the drug.

"We also confirmed that she had stopped using the drug in December 2011, as she had said, and was no longer under its influence."

Mainly used an anesthetic, propofol is perhaps best known for causing Michael Jackson's fatal overdose in 2009, when it was mixed with the psychoactive drug benzodiazepine.

South Korean RB singer Wheesung also faced propofol abuse charges while serving in the army before being acquitted in July.

The Koen Stars rep acknowledged on Wednesday that the drug charges Hyun had faced were the reason the actress still needs more time before returning to the spotlight.

"A lot of people have been talking of her returning to television with 'KOICA's Dream,' but she has no plans yet for a return," the rep said.

"She needs more time, and look after herself so that she can return as a better person."

“Dream High” Actress Ahn Sun Young Makes Wedding Announcement

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“Dream High” Actress Ahn Sun Young Makes Wedding AnnouncementAhn Sun Young announced that she’s getting married!

On June 3, MBC’s entertainment news program “A Good Feeling Day” aired an interview with the actress where she revealed that she will marry a man who is three years younger.

“We’re planning to get married this fall,” she said. “We haven’t finalized on the date. We’re thinking that it will be sometime this fall. If it wasn’t for this person, I probably wouldn’t have thought about marriage yet.”

The reporter asked which celebrity he most closely resembled. She answered, “The celebrity he looks closest to is Lee Byung Hun.” She laughed, “His nickname is Bu Byung Hun, which is shortened from Busan’s Lee Byung Hun.”

Regarding children, she answered, “We’re currently talking about having more than two children. Because of my age, it would be great if I could give birth to twins next year. I’m currently preparing to work out and have a healthy body.”

TVXQ will appear on Do Dream as a young mentor

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TVXQ will appear on Do Dream as a young mentor

Idol group TVXQ (Yun Ho, Chang Min) will talk about a very frustrating process they went through to become a Hallyu star.

On September 20, producer Go Se Jun for KBSs Story Show Do Dream, said, TVXQ will shoot the show at an annex to KBS on September 26.

He added, Even though they are young, they are successful enough to give a speech as a mentor to other singers and the public.

The group will talk about their life as a singer and experiences in the entertainment world. Since they will appear on the show for the first time, their success story will draw a lot of attention.

TVXQ will also tell people how they became a top K-pop singer and a Hallyu star in Japan.

The show, in which TVXQ appear, will air on October 6.

The group will return to performing in Korea with their new EP Catch Me.

Park Jin-young’s Appearance Raises Expectations for ‘Dream High 2’

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Park Jin-young’s Appearance Raises Expectations for ‘Dream High 2’

A sequel to the teen drama “Dream High” opens on Monday amid high expectations as its cast includes many popular boy band and girl band members. The only cast member from the original show is singer Park Jin-young, who plays Yang Jin-man, a seemingly hopeless art director, at the country’s best art high school. Some stills released before the show’s opening hint at what the character is like.

Yang Jin-man manages to stay in a small rooftop room of the school’s dormitory after he has lost all his money to a con artist. Although cherishing his dream of becoming a singer, he looks like a bum, always wearing old green sweat suits and tucking his hand in them.

Yang Jin-man has been hopeful that he may be able to debut as a singer after Oz Entertainment has acquired the art school he is working at. But to the contrary, he is put at the top of the list of staff who will be laid off. He begs new board director Lee Gang-cheol (Kim Jung-tae) to give him a break and manages to work as a security guard of the school’s dormitory.

Yang Jin-man may have some hope in finding the love of his life. He will form a love triangle with a vocal coach and a dance teacher.

“Dream High 2” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55 p.m. on KBS2.

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Park Jin Young’s confidence in ‘Dream High 2′

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Park Jin Young’s confidence in ‘Dream High 2′

Park Jin Young showed his firm confidence in KBS 2TVs Dream High 2.

Park Jin Young tweeted on January 30th, Tonight at 9:55pm Dream High episode 1. At 12 in the morning, Dream High OST love theme Falling will be revealed. Who sang it? Hm^^ Definitely~ tell me how the drama, both love themes are like!

Park Jin Young also added, Absolutely would not have made Dream High 2 if I thought it would disappoint you all, reflecting his confidence in the drama.

Netizens commented, Totally looking forward to it~ I think it would be fun^^, Who sings the OST??, and Finally!

Park Jin Young had appeared on Dream High previously and this time around on Dream High 2, will appear as music and dance director.

Source: TV Report via Nate

'Glorious Temptation' Choi Kang Hee And Jung Jin Young Get A Step Closer

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Glorious Temptation Choi Kang Hee And Jung Jin Young Get A Step CloserIn "Glorious Temptation" Choi Kang hee and Jung Jin Young met by way ofaccident at a market.

On the 17th episode of MBC drama "Glorious Temptation" (script Son Young Mok, Cha Yi Young, director Kim Sang Hyup, Kim Hee Won) broadcast on November 30th, Kang Suk Hyun (played by Jung Jin Young) sought after to consume fishy soup and went to talk over with the market.

At this time, Shin Eun Soo (played by Choi Kang Hee) was once also buying groceries at the store. The 2other folks met by coincidence and they ended up diningside road food at the store.

Shin Eun Soo saw that Kang Suk Hyun changed intobeing concerned about her fitness and said, "After assembly you, I stay eating things which are bad for my body" and commenced to joke.

Afterwards, Shin Eun Soo wiped off the food that was on Kang Suk Hyun's clothes. At this, the two individualsbeganto speaktime and again and showed how they were getting closer.

"Glorious Temptation" is setthe pinnacle 1% of society. There's agirl that was no longerintended to be in the top clubyet she enters, causing an excessively tumultuous streak of history. It's far broadcast on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10PM.