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Actor Yoon Park has claimed that he doesn't intend to depart from JYP Entertainment

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Actor Yoon Park Says He Has No Plans to Leave JYP Entertainment Actor Yoon Park showed his loyalty to his agency JYP Entertainment on the latest episode of late-night talk show, Radio Star.

On the July 1 broadcast of the show, the up-and-coming actor voiced his satisfaction with his management.

When asked about how he came to join the company, he said, I just knew an instructor who was in their acting department. They asked me to join them.

He further explained that it has been two years since he joined JYP. When MC Kim Gura asked him whether he ever wanted to go to an actors agency like KeyEast, Yoon Park answered, Im happy right now. I still have three years left in my contract. He later added, At the moment, I dont want to leave the company.

On this episode of Radio Star, Yoon Park also revealed that he has broken up with the girlfriend he was dating for just over a year. Previously, he admitted to seeing someone on an episode of Happy Together in 2014.

Yoon Park is currently appearing in the weekend drama Queens Flower.

Korean-Chinese joint project, "After Love" starring Park Si-hoo and Yoon Eun-hye draws high expectation

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Korean-Chinese joint project,

Melodrama movie, "After Love", the Korean-Chinese joint project is speeding up their last stages to get ready for its scheduled release in the second half of this year.

The movie started filming four months ago and is finally wrapping its lengthy journey between the locations across Korea and China. It will be released simultaneously in Korea, China and Japan.

The Korean-Chinese joint project movie, "After Love" has spent two years (Director Eo Il-seon) for planning, location hunt only let alone the other project time spent. The movie is expected to deliver the beautiful Korean-Chinese cinematography and present what a well-made classic melodrama movie should be like.

Asia"s hallyu prince Park Si-hoo is returning with this movie after the three year break since drama, "Cheongdam-dong Alice", 2012. His cast for the movie itself is drawing sharp attention from all over the countries in Asia. As the established and trusted hallyu star Yoon Eun-hye has joined the movie, it became all possible for the movie to be released in Korea, China and Japan simultaneously.

Park Si-hoo recently was ranked top on Chinese popularity voting site, "123fans" among hallyu stars, proving he is still doing very well.

Movie "After Love" depicts the saddest happy ending, when a husband, who lost his dream and turned cold-hearted, becomes to learn about his wife"s deep love after she died.

Let's Send Birthday Wishes and Little Prayer To Actor Yoon Park

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Let's Send Birthday Wishes and Little Prayer To Actor Yoon Park

Today is 27th birthday of famous actor Yoon Park.

Although his character in "What"s With This Family?" is not the nicest in the world, Yoon Park is still grabbing a lot of attention for his acting skills in the drama, and he made all fans go "aw" when he cutely and spontaneously announced on "Happy Together 3" that he was currently in a relationship.

Born on November 18, 1987, Yoon Park is part of JYP Nation, which is why the agency cutely posted up their happy birthday wishes through a picture on SNS.

Are you enjoying the drama so far?

Actor Yoon Shi Yoon Quietly Enlists In South Korean Marines

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Actor Yoon Shi Yoon Quietly Enlists In South Korean Marines Apparently, he"s not a big fan of the fanfare.

Foregoing the typical pomp and circumstance most South Korean celebrities engage in before they head off for their mandatory enlistment in the South Korean armed forces with large crowds of devoted followers, 27-year-old actor Yoon Shi Yoon quietly reported for duty on Monday.

The actor, who is perhaps best known for his lead role on in the 2010 drama "King of Baking, Kim Takgu" entered the Marines at the Marine Corps Division Base in the city of Pohang, South Korea reportedly without informing the media or his fans.

"Yoon Shi Yoon entered the Marines at 1:50 p.m. today," a representative for the actor told eNEWS on Monday. "He will be carrying out his duties as a marine for two years."

The statement contained the first details Yoon"s management released about the actor arriving at boot camp, as per the actor"s wishes.

"We didn"t announce this due to his request," the actor"s rep said. "He wanted to enlist as simply a healthy Korean man, instead of as an actor."

Yoon, who reportedly applied to serve out his mandatory enlistment in his country"s marine corps while he was filming the 2013 Korean Broadcasting System television drama "Prime Minister and I," claims he doesn"t want any special treatment.

"Every man has to go to the army and I didn"t want to cause any damage to the other soldiers because of me," Yoon said in an official statement. "I want to fulfill my military duties quietly."

All eligible males between the ages of 18 and 35 currently must enroll for between 21 and 24 months of military service in South Korea, with the length of mandatory enrollment varying by several months depending on which branch of the military they serve in.

Yoon will reportedly receive seven weeks of training at the Pohang military base, before becoming a marine.

Actor Park Ki Woong Celebrates His Birthday With Korean-Chinese-Japanese Fans

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Actor Park Ki Woong Celebrates His Birthday With Korean-Chinese-Japanese Fans Actor Park Ki Woong celebrated his fans with fans from Korea, China and Japan.

On February 16, Park Ki Woong celebrated his birthday with 200 of his fans.

His birthday was on February 13 and he celebrated his 30th birthday.

For 4 hours, he was able to meet with fans from Korea, China and Japan and take pictures and chat.

His global popularity could be felt with the many fans from China and Japan.

Park Ki Woong commented, "My birthday this year will be one to never forget. I am sohappy to know that I have fans from all over that support me."

On the other hand, Park Ki Woong is currently preparing for a new movie.

JYP Entertainment actor Yoon Park joins MBC weekend drama 'Give Love Away'

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JYP Entertainment actor Yoon Park joins MBC weekend drama 'Give Love Away'

JYP Entertainment"s rookie actor Yoon Park will join the MBC weekend drama "Give Love Away"!

According to JYP Entertainment, Yoon Park will make his entrance on the February 1st broadcast as film production assistant Kim Jun Sung who dreams of becoming a movie director. He also reunites with his past professor Jung Yoo Ra (Han Go Eun) who he used to have a crush on and asks her out.

Yoon Park has been steadily gaining notice in the acting scene with his roles in "Good Doctor" and more.

Catch Yoon Park"s entrance on "Give Love Away" this weekend!

Korean Actress Park Shin Hye Poses with Japanese Actor Muira Haruma for Ceci September Issue

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Korean Actress Park Shin Hye Poses with Japanese Actor Muira Haruma for Ceci September Issue

park shin hye, muira haruma, Ceci Photoshoot

Park Shin Hye is one of the prettiest faces in Korean showbiz. Recently, her management, S.AL.T Entertainment released some photos of Park Shin Hye pairing up with Japanese actor Miura Haruma for the September issue of "Ceci" magazine.

The two young artists were a match because they were both born in 1990 and met for the magazine's theme of "Interviewee and Interviewer." Park Shin Hye revealed that she always liked Miura Haruma.

While the Japanese actor also shared that he is a fan of the actress since her role in Korean dramas "You're Beautiful" and "Flower Boy Next Door."

Awkwardness were easily overcome as the two artists got to finish their interview and have their pictorial done on time. They were seen joking around with each other,Miura Haruma got to compliment Park Shin Hye, saying, "I can see the passion and strength in her eyes the more I talk to her."

While Park Shin Hye answered back by saying"Miura Haruma is definitely an actor who can take on a wide variety of roles."

Park Shin Hye began filming for her female lead role on 'The Heirs' which will hit Korean television screens this coming October. While Miura Haruma also finishing his Japanese drama series "Last Cinderella" and is set to hitpremiere carpets for his movie "The Eternal Zero" set to release in theaters at the end of this year.

The Last Case Facing Korean Actor Park Shi Hoo Is Settled

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The Last Case Facing Korean Actor Park Shi Hoo Is Settled

After almost six months of litigation, all of the lawsuits againstactor Park Shi Hoo have finally been settled. The last unresolved caseinvolved defamation charges filed against Park Shi Hoo by his formermanager, Mr. Hwang.

The case began in February when a trainee actress known as "A" filedcharges against Park Shi Hoo. She claimed that the actor sexuallyassaulted her. The actor, who starred in "Cheomdamdung Alice" and the"Princess' Man," said the couple dined with friends, she returned to hisapartment willingly and their relations were consensual. The SeoulPolice investigated the case and then turned it over to the prosecutor'soffice for indictment. Park Shi Hoo counter-sued the actress forslandering him and also sued his former manager for conspiring with her.In return, Hwang filed another suit against the actor for defaming him.

In his suit, Hwang said, "Me working with 'A' in a conspiracy to defame Park Shi Hoo isn't true by any accounts."

In May, the actress dropped her charges against Park Shi Hoo. Whenshe dropped her charges, the prosecutor withdrew the indictment.Although the actress sent a friend text messages implying she would askthe actor for a huge amount of settlement money and rumors said he paidher $90,000, the actor denied making a financial settlement.

You can see the full storyat

Case Not Closed? Korean Actor Park Shi Hoo's Former Agent Demands Apology

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Case Not Closed?  Korean Actor Park Shi Hoo's Former Agent Demands Apology

It seemed last week that the ongoing Park Shi Hoo real-life drama hadfinally come to an amicable if somewhat confusing conclusion. Withoutany explanation or warning, the trainee actress known as "A" dropped allcharges of sexual assault against him and his friend, known as "K."

Park in turn dropped his countersuit against "A" for making falseaccusations. It was hoped that all related lawsuits would be resolved,but one important suit remains to be settled.

In the middle of the firestorm of accusations, Park's legal team alsofiled a lawsuit against Mr. Hwang, the CEO of his former agency, EyagiEntertainment. The suit contended that Hwang, known in the case as "C,"made false accusations and had defamed Park's character. Hwang counteredby suing Park for the same reasons.

Park's lawyers recently contacted Hwang in an effort to reach a compromise.

However, Hwang refuses to drop his lawsuit against Park unless he gets a personal apology from the actor.

"It is true that we had a phone call with Park Shi Hoo's lawyers,"said a representative for the agency. "But we have no intention ofending our lawsuit yet. Park Shi Hoo made it seem as if "C" wascontrolling "A" so we need an apology first.

The case began in February when "A" and Park Shi Hoo spent the nighttogether, having sexual relations Park saw as consensual and "A" calledrape because she said she was too drunk to consent.

Hwang got involved in the drama when he and a distraught "A" met and afriend alleged that he encouraged the idea of "A" filing charges.

A friend identified as "B" said that "C" comforted "A" and suggested"teaching Park a lesson." He then told her to report the actor to thepolice.

According to "B," Hwang had been looking for a way to get back at Park for leaving his agency.

Hwang denies ever having encouraged "A" to do anything. He says hemet her for only five minutes, because "B" was his friend, and comfortedthe young actress who seemed very upset.

"I didn't say anything B is accusing me of saying," said Hwang. "Ihave nothing to hide. What she says is two thousand percent false."

Hwang says he has no idea why Park Shi Hoo decided to file a lawsuit against him, as he is innocent.

"I think a mistake was made when he switched law firms," said Hwang.

An Eyagi Entertainment official statement said the company was "upsetthat false rumors and accusations have caused Park Shi Hoo to file alawsuit."

And now they insist on an apology. Hopefully, Park and Hwang canresolve this situation peacefully and the unfortunate drama can finallyend.