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BTS' 'Dope' hits 30 million perspectives on YouTube

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BTS' 'Dope' hits 30 million perspectives on YouTube

BTS has reached 30 million views on their "Dope" MV!

The MV is the boys" maximum watched MV so far, which is a smart feat for the gang because it"s also their most fresh MV (until their comeback at the 30th). The MV was once released five months ago in June, yet it"s still a fan-favorite to rock out to.

Congratulations to the men and when you have"t observed it yet... well, test it out here:

CNBLUE's Minhyuk and Kangnam freak out on 'I Reside Alone' - and it's hilarious

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CNBLUE's Minhyuk and Kangnam freak out on 'I Reside Alone' - and it's hilarious

CNBLUE"s Minhyuk and M.I.B"s Kangnam are outright hilarious in this week"s episode of MBC"s "I Live Alone." Whether they"re failing at making kimchi for the wintry weather for the primary time or screaming at the sight of a bug, they most certainly are incredibly entertaining to watch.

On the November 20 installment, the 2 headed over to Kangnam"s position out of the town to lend a hand out here and there. At one point, they determined to transport the sofa, which is when Minhyuk jinxed things with, "I feel like there might be a computer virus when we lift this," with valid concern.

As he predicted, when they lifted the sofa and moved it, Minhyuk all of sudden screamed to Kangnam"s alarm. Right away Kangnam joined in because they saw a huge, dead cockroach where the couch had been!

Minhyuk said, "How do you sleep where there are bugs?" then the two debated who will have to blank it up, leading to a fit of rock, paper, and scissors. In the end, Kangnam had to wash it up. It"s lovely funny - watch above!

Girls’ Generations’ “Gee” Tune Video Has Been got rid of from YouTube

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Girls’ Generations’ “Gee” Music Video Has Been far from YouTube Just as it used to be about to hit 150 million views, Girls’ Generations‘ music video for “Gee” has been removed by skill of YouTube because of a copyright claim.

While the hasn’t been a transparent explanation why for the copyright understand and video removal, many are speculating that it's miles due to the YouTube’s new paid video provider “YouTube Red.” Video partners who do now not settle for the hot terms of service chance having their videos unavailable in spaces or maybe disappear.

“Gee,” like many of SM Entertainment‘s older music videos, became uploaded by their older sment YouTube account. They switched over to their SMTOWN YouTube account in 2011 and reuploaded many in their videos. The reupload of “Gee” on that channel” has lower than one million views.

The song was the 5th maximum viewed K-Pop music video on YouTube. Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy” music video is now their best viewed one, sitting at 145 million.

If the removal was due to YouTube Red, it's still atypical that only “Gee” was removed from that channel while all other music videos were left untouched. with slightly of luck an authentic announcement can be revealed.

While the video is still readily to be had thru other uploads, it's the loss of its super view count that has saddened and angered fans. As it was a song that offered many of us to Girls’ Generation and the K-Pop genre, there has been a huge number of sentimental price in that view count.

Which K-Pop videos released in 2015 have the maximum perspectives on YouTube so far?

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Which K-Pop videos released in 2015 have the maximum perspectives on YouTube so far?

2015 had some beautiful impressive track videos, from large and small names alike! In reaction to the view anticipate YouTube, it kind of feels the "big three" labels--SM, JYP & YG--hold the largest impression as standard in the arena of K-Pop, evidenced by potential of the views gathered on their artists" MVs.  

It in reality used to be a large Bang year as part of the head 10 were composed of MVs from their "MADE" series, which the gang bombarded glad enthusiasts with all summer long. the opposite five is made up of MVs from SM, JYP and Cube artists.

Without additional ado, here are the head ten most viewed K-Pop MVs up to now in 2015 (as of November 1):

1. Big Bang: "Bang Bang Bang" - 73.82 million views

2. Big Bang: "Loser" - 68.45 million views

3. EXO: "Call Me Baby" - 60.92 million views

4. Big Bang: "Bae Bae" - 46.89 million views

5. Girls" Generation: "Party" - 43.36 million views

6. 4minute: "Crazy" - 38.03 million views

Release Date: February 8

7. Big Bang: "Let"s now not Fall In Love" - 36.99 million views

Release Date: August four

8. pass over A: "Only You" - 36.13 million views

9. Big Bang: "Sober" - 35.38 million views

10. Girls" Generation: "Catch Me when you Can" - 33.28 million views

Release Date: April nine

By December 31, 2015, which other MV"s do you observed may just crack into the tip 10?

Super Junior's 'Mr. Simple' joins the hundred millionaires on YouTube!

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Super Junior's 'Mr. Simple' joins the hundred millionaires on YouTube!

Super Junior"s "Mr. Simple" has joined the hundred-millionaire club!

Here is the group"s first MV with over one hundred million views, so it"s a moderately large match for them. Yesung also celebrated the a hundred million mark via tweeting, "Superjunior Mr.Simple hit 100 million views, wow!!

Congratulations to Large Junior!!!!

Kangnam to make drama debut via 'Only You'!

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Kangnam to make drama debut via 'Only You'!

Kangnam is going to be appearing off his acting chops in new TV Chosun drama special, "Only You"! It"s going to have 16 episodes and may mark his authentic debut into the acting scene.

He may be gambling member Tae Hyun of 5-member idol group, Pentagon, in the drama. The drama has a moderately conventional storyline with a most sensible big name who does now not agree with in love, a lady who"s been betrayed in love, a guy who dreams of converting into a star, and more for a candy and refreshing human love story.

Kangnam"s Tae Hyun has a showy fashionista symbol with an elegant and cold-city-boy charm. he's accountable for the group"s visual. He is the rival of Hong Suk, played by U-KISS"s Kevin. U-KISS"s Eli had also been showed for a role in Pentagon.

Kangnam said, "I feel a perfect burden and am fearful because here's my first time acting in a drama since debut, yet this is an opportunity for me to turn up to i need the dance and track that I in my view like, other from the picture I display on type shows, through this drama, so i'm also very excited. I can installed my all so as not to disappoint the folk staring at the drama."

The drama will air someday in December.

KangNam to tryout as actor

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KangNam to tryout as actor

KangNam has been forged for the role of Tae-hyeon, a member of the boy workforce Pentagon in the television Chosun drama "One And Best You".

"One And Only You" is a drama about a most sensible famous person who doesn"t trust in love, a lady who is betrayed by way of love and a guy who dreams of being a peak star.

KangNam"s role of Tae-hyeon is a classy person who is elegant and the face of the group. he's at all times in struggle with Hong-seok (Kevin) who used to be born rich.

KangNam is a friendly personality who seems in the JTBC television display "Let"s pass To School" and MBC "I are living Alone". here's his first acting break.

KangNam said, "This is my first drama act since my debut so i'm apprehensive yet I'm hoping to turn a other facet of me thru this chance. i can be in a position to also dance and sing all I like".

"One And Only You" comes in December.

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Kangnam assists in keeping involved With the Stranger He Met on Subway

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Kangnam Keeps in Touch With the Stranger He Met on Subway It turns out that Kangnam used to be now not joking when he determined to be pals with a stranger named Seung Ri that he met at the subway all over the filming of “I Reside Alone” twelve months ago. It type of feels that the 2 were in touch all through the beyond year, and they even met to celebrate Seung Ri’s birthday.

Kangnam posted an image of Seung Ri to his Instagram account, with the words, “One year since we met. satisfied birthday, Seung Ri!” In the picture, Seung Ri is smiling, almost certainly proud of the meal that Kangnam purchased him for his birthday.

HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” MV Reaches one hundred Million perspectives On YouTube

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HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” MV Reaches a hundred Million Views On YouTube HyunA has change into the primary feminine solo K-Pop artist to be successful in more than 100 million views on a unmarried YouTube video.

She hit that milestone via her track video for “Bubble Pop,” which was once released in July 2011.

Upon liberate 4 years ago, the video received immense fame for her attractive comeback thought and for having a catchy sound. A year later, HyunA turned into featured on PSY’s viral mega hit song “Gangnam Style,” leading non K-Pop enthusiasts around the sector to re-discover “Bubble Pop.”

HyunA also owns the following maximum best possible viewed female solo K-Pop video with “Ice Cream” at 77 million views.

Congratulations to HyunA!

Red Velvet's 'Dumb Dumb' hits 10 million perspectives on YouTube!

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Red Velvet's 'Dumb Dumb' hits 10 million perspectives on YouTube!

Red Velvet is definitely one of the most best rookie teams active in the K-Pop scene at the moment, and their contemporary 10 million mark on "Dumb Dumb" is proving just so!

The MV got here out on September 8--nearly 3 weeks ago. The views had been continuously expanding since then, hitting the magic 10 no longer too long ago. With it"s colorful MV, and the catchy, memorable hook, it"s no large marvel that "Dumb Dumb" has already received 10 million views.

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