Korean YouTube celebrity “Showry” returns with more peculiar and stunning videos

Korean YouTube celebrity “Showry” returns with more peculiar and stunning videos

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWhile mukbangs, or dining broadcasts, have received viral attention everywhere the world, any otherform of Korean food video has change into even more successful. 

With more than 1.7 million fans on Facebook and over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, Korean style and video star Showry has wasone of the mostmaximuma hit online stars in Korea, apparently overnight. Instead of eating food on camera, however, Showry uses food in an absolutelyother way. Beginning near of her videos off with some undeniable dancing, shes been known to wonderlovers alongsidean expanding number ofstressful yet erotic tactics of fiddling with food, adding kissing uncooked fish, licking raw chicken, and covering herself with mixed food.

You can take a glance at roughly of Showrys most viral videos down below:

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YouTube releases list of most-watched K-Pop song videos to this point this year

YouTube releases list of most-watched K-Pop song videos to this point this year

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterMarking the finish of the primarypart of 2016, popular streaming website YouTube released a listing of the 10 most-watched K-Pop song videos up to now this year. 

As expected, worldmegastar soloist Psy took first position amongst his new hit song Daddy, which has already surpassed 150 million views. Even if the list is titled the most-watched videos from 2016 so far, it capabilities songs that were released between November 24th, 2015 and June 30th, 2016.

Although giant names such as Psy, EXOBTS, and 4MINUTE werent too much of a surprise, rookie groups TWICE and G-Friend impressed loversthrougheither making it onto the list, with TWICEs Cheer Up rating2nd overall with over 57 million perspectives since its unencumber in May. Take a glance atthe overall list below:

1. PSY Daddy (feat. 2NE1s) (~170 million views)

2. TWICE Cheer Up (~57 million views)

3. BTS Fireplace (~40 million views)

4. PSY Bell Bottoms (~32 million views)

5. Chen and Punch  Everytime (~31 million views)

6. EXO Monster (~30 million views)

7. Yoon Mirae At all times (~27 million views)

8. G-Friend  Rough (~25 million views)

9. BTS Run (~25 million views)

10. 4MINUTE Hate (~25 million views)

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PSY Reaches Any other YouTube Milestone With “Gangnam Style”

PSY Reaches Any other YouTube Milestone With “Gangnam Style”

PSY Reaches Some other YouTube Milestone With Gangnam Taste leonid July 2, 2016 0 PSY Reaches Yet another YouTube Milestone With Gangnam Style PSYs Gangnam Fashion continues to set records with its emergingperspectives on YouTube.

The viral song video surpassed the 2.6 billion view mark on July 2.

After PSY dropped the music video on July 2012, it spread like wildfire all over the place the world, gaining 2.4 billion views through August 2015 and recording 2.5 billion views by January 2016.

Six months later, the music video has added an alternative million views to its record, proving that the Gangnam Genre syndrome is yet to be over.

After the video initially broke the 2.1 billion view mark on March 2015, Google and YouTube even had to upgrade their view counter toolso tocheck in more views, and the gadget can now count up to 9.22 quintillion views.

Furthermore, PSYs other music videos have also been raking in views, with the Gentleman music video from 2013 inching in opposition to 1 billion views, whilst DADDY, Hangover, and Oppa Is solely My Style have all been viewed a minimum of100 million times, totaling five music videos below PSYs belt going over the hundred millionth view mark.

Gangnam Style is lately the maximum viewed video in YouTube history, and there is superb anticipation for the hot records it would establish.

Meanwhile, PSY showcased his generatingtalents in Chinese survival display The Remix, when he seemed as a mentor on its June 19 premiere episode on Jiangsu TV.

Watch the ancient music video below!

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Twice's "Cheer Up" Hits 50 Million Views, Breaks Youtube Record

Twices Cheer Up Hits 50 Million Views, Breaks Youtube Record(Photo : JYP Entertainment)Rookie idol team Twice, who most effective debuted ultimate year, has damaged the Youtube record for fastest K-pop song video to be triumphant in fifty million views.

The music video, which used to be released on April 25 along side the group's 2nd mini-album, passed the 50 million view mark at 2 p.m. on June 21. Amazingly, the record became broken in not up to two months, taking a overall of only 58 days.

When it was first released, it was incredibly well-received, surpassing five million views inside just two days. This no longer solelypresentations the song's longevity, yet also Twice's prestige as a top-tier woman group.

AdvertisementIn comparison, Twice's debut music video, "Like OOH-AHH," took five months to damage the 50 million view mark. That music video is lately at the 73 million view mark.

Even 8 weeks after the song was released, it still ranks at the No. 1 spot on more than a few online music charts and Two times is still winning awards for the song on are living music shows.

The group's achievements are even more meaningful because they debuted only eight months ago.

(Photo : JYP Entertainment)

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TWICE’s “Cheer Up” Becomes Fastest K-Pop MV To achieve 50 Million Perspectives on YouTube

TWICE’s “Cheer Up” Becomes Fastest K-Pop MV To achieve 50 Million Perspectives on YouTube

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterTWICE has reached a new milestone in their blooming occupation every bitfeminine idols as they invent a new checklist as the fastest K-Pop tune video to achieve over 50 million perspectives on YouTube.

The teamsmaximumcontemporary hit Cheer Up was onceinitially released on April 25th, and has gained highly certain reactions from the public as it ranked#1 at thevirtual charts for weeks with 11 music display trophies beneath their belt to turn out its success. Since its free upjust about two months ago, the YouTube release of the music video has accrued over 50 million views, earning the identify of the fastest K-Pop music video to arriveany suchprimequantity of view.

The newest JYP Entertainment ladyworkforce to debut under the firm has experienced fastreputation since their debut ultimate year with Like OOH-AHH, which itself has attracted a millions of views since its release 8 months ago, boasting virtually 72 million views at the time of this articles publish.

Meanwhile, the crowd has replaced gears after a month and a part of Cheer Up promotions and is appearing Im Gonna Be A celebritywhilst member Jungyeon recovers from her injury.

Image: Two times surpasses 50 million views in not up to a month Image: TWICE surpasses 50 million views in less than two months / captured by capacity of OSEN by way of YouTube

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BIGBANG’s “Loser” MV Hits one hundred Million Perspectives On YouTube

BIGBANG’s “Loser” MV Hits one hundred Million Perspectives On YouTube

BIGBANGs Loser MV Hits one hundred Million Perspectives On YouTubean0ya June 13, 2016 0 BIGBANGs Loser MV Hits 100 Million Views On YouTube Yet any other BIGBANG tune video has reached the 100 million view milestone on YouTube!

According to YG Entertainment, the counter hit 100 million views in the early morning KST of June 14. Released in April 2015, Loser marks BIGBANGs third music video to surpass the impressive 100 million views.

After changing intothe primary Korean boy staff to reach the milestone with Great Baby, BIGBANG has endured to hit top digits with its music videos. Their 2nd music video to surpass 100 million views was Bang Bang Bang final January, and just a week later, EffectiveLittle one created a new checklist for Korean boy bands by reaching 2 hundred million views. G-Dragon and Taeyangs Excellent Boy has also entered the 100 million view club.

Congratulations to BIGBANG!

Meanwhile, the group is celebrating their 10th debut anniversary by way ofliberating a assignmentfilm entitled BIGBANG MADE on June 30.

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These Are The head K-Pop Song Videos From The primary  Part Of 2016 Through YouTube Views

These Are The head K-Pop Song Videos From The primary Part Of 2016 Through YouTube Views

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterA rookie in the tune industry reigns excellentby ability ofrating first at themaximum viewed music videos for 2016 so far! 

On June 8th, it was once reported that TWICE ruled the charts as their video for “Cheer Up” have become the most viewed video for the year after raking in a general of 43 million views.

BTS with “Fire” got here in 2d alongside 28 million and changed into followed by G-friend, 4minute and Taeyeon respectively.

Other artists that made it into the head ten are GOT7’s “Fly,” Suzy and Baekhyun’s “Dream, Zico’s “You are me, I'm You,” Jessica Jung’s “Fly” and BTS’ “Save Me.” MAMAMOO, Jimin, NCT, Block B and Lee Hi also made it into the pinnacle fifteen of the list.

Meanwhile, after returning the music scene with their follow-up album, Cheer Up, Two timesreceived more following for their captivating and youngeridea and dominated the charts since its release.

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EXO Lovers Crash YouTube Looking to Watch EXO’s Hot New Teaser For “Monster”

EXO Lovers Crash YouTube Looking to Watch EXO’s Hot New Teaser For “Monster”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterAs one of the crucialhottest idol teams in the history of K-pop, EXO has already had their fair share of accomplishments and records. In addition to winning multiple daesang awards and surroundings physical album sales records, however, they is alsoin a position to now upload crashing one of the largestweb sites in the sector to their list. In a while after SM Entertainment released the primary video teaser for the groups upcoming song Monster on YouTube, enthusiastsspotted that the website had crashed. With the teaser gaining tens of thousands of perspectivesin only seconds, it used to bemoderatelytransparent that the insane quantity of traffic that it became getting was placing a stress on YouTubes servers.

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YouTube Child's  Favourite Moves to TV

YouTube Child's Favourite Moves to TV

Carrie or Kang Hye-jin has develop intothe maximum recent YouTube big name to make the transition to bona fide TV. Her YouTube display "Carrie and Toys" proved highly popular among youngsters alongside some 860,000 subscribers and 1 billion hits combined. Carrie uploads a clip once an afternoon or more, and now there are more than 1,000 of them. In every clip of a couple of minutes, she presentations how to gather them and featurea laugh with them whilstgambling toy characters herself.Clips draw thousands of replies. She visits Dongdaemun Marketplace once a week to make a choice toys in consumer and shoots clips without scripts after a assembly with body of workers for ideas.

But now Kang's lovers fire see her on Television as she beganweb hosting a cooking provefor youngsters on KBS on Might 23. Most children's TV has lost its luster because kids can watch such so much of clips on their phones, so the manufacturers hope that Carrie with her established following could be a welcome shot in the arm. Kang is neither a mom nor does she have any paper qualifications for going through children, but she turns out to have an instinctive figuring out of what appeals to them. "For adults, the entire lot has to be logical, but that does nottopic for children", she says. "Try to peer things from their point of view and sympathize with them. That is what makes them happy".

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