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Top 3 Male Kpop Idols with 4D Personalities

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Jaejoong, hyunjoong, kim heechul

4D stands for four dimensional and it's a K-pop term used to describe idols with unique personalities that differentiate them from the rest of the stars. In other words, it means those who think, act, and feel differently than how "normal" people react to things; whether it be their answers, responses, etc. that deviate from the conventional way of thinking. Here are list of the idols who are known for their 4D personalities.

Kim Hyun Joong may be known for his pretty boy looks, superstardom, and dance moves, but aside from the cool characteristics that make up this singer, Hyun Joong is everyone's favorite 4D personality idol. He may be soft spoken but Hyun Joong is known for his aloof ways and harmless blunt comments. For example, he once told Girls Generation's Jessica that he found her sister, f(x)'s Krystal, prettier than she. He's also admitted to surfing the web and leaving mean comments about himself on forums, he randomly hates dragonflies, and he's picky about microphones. He also has a deep love for aliens or spaceships and is on the lookout for ET sightings. Amongst fans, he's known as the 4D prince.

JYJ's most popular member JaeJoong is not only one of the nation's most beloved idols, but he's also one of the most beloved 4D personalities in all of K-pop. He's known for his space-like/otherwordly mind and acts like he's on a completely different planet at times. Here's a photo below to show off JaeJoongs true 4D-ness:

Kim Heechul is eccentric to say the least and is often to described as being 4D. He's hugely popular for his out-of-this-world personality and fans have dubbed his quotes and behavior as "Heechulisms." He thoroughly enjoys speaking about his "beautiful" physical traits, isn't afraid to be honest, and has no shame when it comes to admitting that he's a huge fan of Wonder Girls's Sohee.

Male and Female Kpop Doppelgangers: They Really Do Look Alike!

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yunho, dbsk, aram, gi, shinee, jonghyun, fx, amber, daesung, big bang, minzy, 2ne1, sohe wondergirls, xiumin, exo

Male and Female Kpop Doppelgangers: They Really Do Look Alike! minji daesungMale and Female Kpop Doppelgangers: They Really Do Look Alike! xumin soheeMale and Female Kpop Doppelgangers: They Really Do Look Alike! amjongMale and Female Kpop Doppelgangers: They Really Do Look Alike! aramyunho

Have you ever stared at oppa really hard one time and just thought that he is so pretty, he could literally be a girl?

Though there are incomparable male beauties like Kim Heechul, and Lee Taemin, and a few others that sure don't pale in comparison (but are certainly less memorable for some reason), there are also the celebrities that I could have sworn were split from the same rock. Here are a few examples.

Daesung from Big Bang and Minzy from 2ne1

As they are YG brother and sister, it must say a lot about how YG likes to choose their trainees. Apart from their disarming smiles, Minzy and Daesung are also quite the singers, and have often been commented on looking alike by their own members. I'm just going to put it out there: they should be siblings in a drama. Or even at least a music video. I'd say on the twin scale with 10 being the highest, these guys get a solid 8.

Sohee from the Wonder Girls and Xiumin from EXO

Is it just me? Are my eyes deceiving me or does Xiumin look exactly like Sohee? If only we had a wig to test out the theory. But in all seriousness, I think it has to do a lot with the eyes, the button nose and the baozi cheeks. With the same scale, they can have a hearty 8.

Amber from F(x) and Jonghyun from SHINee

To be honest, sometimes it's hard to pinpoint who Amber looks like the most anymore since she resembles a number or Kpop males. But Jonghyun comes as a close older brother who used to lose at video games to her when they were little. The facial structure of both celebrities celebrate a lot of angles and that's probably where the resemblance pulls from. They have even admitted to looking a like as evidenced by their tweets and many shared pictures. We could always do with some more though. Amber and Jonghyun get a 6.

Aram from GI and Yunho from DBSK

One of the more recent claims being made is the similar features between Aram and Yunho. Although it would be nice to see them in one space, I can't say that they're total look a likes, but I can definitely see the resemblance. Can you? But I'm still giving them a 5. Good effort, though.

Who made your guys' lists of siblings from different families?

Guessing Game: Who Are These Babies Turned Kpop Male Idol?

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Guessing Game: Who Are These Babies Turned Kpop Male Idol?

TOP, seungri, minho, kim jeong hoon, yunho

Can you believe that, that grown, handsome, and chiseled man you listen to swoon you all day and dream about all night once used to be just a tiny tot bopping all over the place? Before they were huge K-pop idols, they were just little wittle toddlers playing with blocks, crying for their mommys, and sucking on their thumb. Today we're going to test your K-pop knowledge and see if you can figure out who these adorable rascals turned out to be!

1) He was a strong baby who turned into a strong idol singer. He once told a story that the president of his agency told him to speak less on variety shows. He is known for his dance skills over his vocal abilities. He was born in Gwangju in 1990. He was accepted into Chung-Ang University but soon dropped out to do scheduling conflicts. He opened several academies in Korea which provides singing and dancing training. Who did I grow up to be?

2) He was the leader of one of the biggest Korean groups ever to exist on this earth. He has a younger sister who could easily be his twin. He joined his company at the age 13 after winning a dance competition. He was in 1986 in Gwangju. He is most known for his smooth and skillful dance moves. He uses a stage name instead of his real full name. Aside from being a music artist, he is also a actor. He is fluent in Japanese. Who did I grow up to be?

3) He was an underground rapper. He's one of the most handsome idols around. He used to be an ex-chubster. He was born in 1987 in Seoul. He has appeared in several big named dramas and movies. His most well-known trait is his voice. He has an older sister. Who did I grow up to be?

4) Most of you will probably not know me. I was more well-known before your time though I still am acting in dramas. I was one-half part of a ballad duo and disbanded in 2005. Not only is he a talented artist, but he's also known for his IQ (146). I returned from the military in 2011. Who did I grow up to be?

5) I make up 1/5 of one of the biggest boy groups in K-pop. I was born in Incheon in 1991. Before becoming a singer, I had a short-lived modeling career. I've played the leading man in some girl groups' videos. I debuted as an actor alongside actress Han Ji Hye in 2010. Who did I grow up to be?

How Much Does Kpop Male Group 2PM Make?

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How Much Does Kpop Male Group 2PM Make? How Much Does 2PM Make?So how much do idol artists make a year? Sure, it varies according to their popularity, the number of concerts and advertising deals, and the amount of performances they do off-TV. With JYP's recent moves in an effort to merge with JYP Entertainment, we can estimate just about how much their idol groups make.

The most notable artists under JYP Entertainment are 2PM, Wonder Girls and missA. According to the report that details the merger for JYP Entertainment, 2PM accounted for 75% of company profits in the past year, bringing in close to $20 million out of the total $25 million.

Out of the $18 million revenue that 2PM generated, advertising deals accounted for the greatest amount, close to $6 million. Album sales were around $4 million, acting fees around $2 million, while private event fees were mere $100,000.

The runner-up in revenues within JYP Entertainment was 2AM, who brought in close to $3MM, mostly from album sales.

May Comebacks of EXO, 2PM, and Shinhwa: Kpop’s Three Male Generations

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EXO, EXO-K, EXO-M, 2PM, Shinhwa, Nichkhun

May Comebacks of EXO, 2PM, and Shinhwa: Kpop’s Three Male Generations EXO, 2PM, and Shinhwa made May comebacks this monthThis past month, three groups from different K-pop generationsEXO, 2PM, and Shinhwamade their comebacks in May.

Each group took quite a long hiatus before they made their powerful comebacks this month. EXOtics have been waiting for their boys comeback ever since MAMA promotions ended, 2PMs comeback was postponed for a while due to a halt in activities for Nichkhun, and Shinhwa has not made a comeback since March of last year.

Each of the three groups represent three separate generations of Kpop, with EXO as the youngest generation born in the early 1990s, 2PM in the middle as 20-something young adults, and Shinhwas members in their early 30s.

First, EXO was the most recent of the three to make a comeback this month. EXO continued to portray a strong, serious image with Wolf, like they did with MAMA. EXO tried a pre-release method for their comeback, which had the boys perform their title song live before the actual album, XOXO was released.

EXOs youthful image could not be hidden, as the boys busted out powerful dance moves for their first live comeback stage. Coming back as all 12 members together, they were more powerful than ever before.

Compared to EXOs youthful image, 2PM went for a more mature concept for their comeback. 2PM was able to hype up fans anticipation for their comeback with mysterious trailers and teaser codes.

Although 2PMs album Grown did not do so well in sales and chart rankings, the boys were able to showcase a different side of them. The two soft songs that they decided to release as title songs, Come Back When You Hear This Song and A.D.T.O.Y (All Day I Think Of You) showed off a more romantic and sexy side of 2PM.

Shinhwa, like 2PM, went for a more mature, sexy concept when they came back with their album The Classic. Their title song, This Love, is a brainwashing song thats got everyone singing, We live for this love. Shinhwa even invited Japanese actress Fujii Mina, who is now virtually married toFTIslands Lee Hongki, to appear in their music video.

For their other title song, Shinhwa went with a softer pop-ballad, called Thats Right. The mens soothing voices captured the hearts of their fans once again.

All 3 male groups were able to make incredible comebacks this month, as they impressed fans with their different-than-before image. The fact that the 3 groups were from different generations of Kpop shows that the success of Kpop groups even transcends time!

Your Favorite Kpop Maknaes a.k.a. Youngest Members

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Your Favorite Kpop Maknaes a.k.a. Youngest Members

shinee, taemin, changmin, dbsk, seohyun, snsd, dongwoon, b2st, minji, 2ne1, zelo, bap

There are always two people in each group that people remember-the leader and the maknae. In Korean culture the maknae of any family is always looked out after and doted on by his or her older siblings, and whether you're blood related or not, if you're in a group where you are the baby, chances are you'll be loved like one too. Today we're going to take a look at some of your favorite maknaes of K-pop today.

I haven't met a girl yet who didn't love Taemin of SHINee. Whenever I think of Taemin, I always think of porcelain dolls and a baby's bottom-don't ask. Lee Taemin was born on July 18, 1993 and is the main dancer and vocalist in SM Entertainment's mega 5-membered group. The 19-year-old is undoubtedly the most popular member of SHINee and I think it's his baby face and smile that makes the girls go goo-goo-gah-gah.

Seohyun was born on June 28, 1991 and is the youngest member of the 9 beauties that make up Girls Generation. Known for her quirky and innocent personality, Seohyun has said that as an only child she feels so grateful for gaining 8 sisters. Imagine having 8 sisters question you when you get your first boyfriend or having him come over to meet the family? Good luck Seohyun, may the force be with you.

Changmin was born on February 18, 1988 and is the youngest member of TVXQ. Now while he may be the youngest of the group, prior to DBSK's split, Changmin was known to be the casanova of the group. When you're the youngest out of 4 good-looking members, you have to stand out of the crowd, so Changmin, go on with your bad casanova self!

Son Dongwoon was born on June 6, 1991 and is the youngest of B2ST. Known for his Western-like features, the maknae is a trilingual, piano, and electric flute playing man. Any man who can speak 3 languages and play various instruments will always be a winner in my book. So move aside members of B2ST, because I'm coming for Dongwoon!

Gong Minji a.k.a. Minzy was born on January 18, 1994 and is the youngest of member of the fiercest group in K-pop, 2NE1. Everything about Minji is down-right likeable and no one in the right state of mind can point out one negative thing about this talented youngster. Respectful, extremely gifted, and sweet, Minji is the ideal maknae every group wants in their circle.

Choi Jun Hong, or Zelo, is the youngest member of rookie group B.A.P. Born on October 15, 1996, the 16-year-old is a rapper, dancer, singer, and beatboxer all in one. Known for his fast-rapping skills and adorable face, Zelo is the group's lead rapper and little wittle baby. Zelo is the only artist on this list that makes me really feel my age and if I could pour any kind of wisdom on to him, it would be this: enjoy your teens and make mistakes you cutie pie you.

Who is your favorite maknae and why?

Five of the maximum captivating and Romantic Male Leads in Korean Dramas This Year

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Five of the Most Charming and Romantic Male Leads in Korean Dramas This Year Many actors have made headlines for their charming and romantic roles in quite so much of popular dramas this year. take a glance at one of the crucial actors beneath who were in a position to catch the hearts of loads of fans!

Ryu Joon Yeol from tvN’s “Reply 1988” has earned himself the name of ‘the boy who makes girls’ hearts beat like they'll die.’ He plays a first-rate lead in the drama as Jung Hwan and is recently receiving numerous fame and love for his charismatic character. Being pals since they were little, Duk Sun, played through Hyeri, and Jung Hwan are at all times observed arguing with each and every other like siblings. However, when the 2 hastily get stuck in an alleyway together, Jung Hwan starts to shape an adorable, one-sided overwhelm on his long-time friend Duk Sun and starts to look her as a lady for the primary time. at the episode that aired on November 14, many audience fell in love with Jung Hwan’s manly aspect when he secure Duk Sun from the entire other folks pushing her around on a moving bus. Viewers commented on the scene saying, “This is crazy,” “I am at a loss for words,” and “So romantic.” ranging from Jung Hwan and Duk Sun’s first awkward, lovable ‘skin-ship’ scene in the alleyway to the scene where Jung Hwan’s incredibly romantic and manly facet is shown on the bus, Ryu Joon Yeol has indubitably done the process of grabbing the eye of many feminine viewers.

Park Seo Joon from MBC’s “She used to be Pretty,” has also recently gained many of love for his absolute best representation of the nature Ji Sung Joon. Many women may now not assist yet fall in love with the vice president of ‘Most’ magazine, a persona who acts stern and strict in public but is in reality, an innocent, candy cutie. thru “She Changed into Pretty,” which recently got here to an end, Park Seo Joon was capable of upward push prime in his prestige as an actor after 4 years since his debut. He acquired a wonderful amount of popularity acting as the 1st love of Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) and as the chic, manly romanticist of Ji Sung Joon. The drama was a wide luck with a high viewers score of 16.7 percent. because of the huge fulfillment of his outdated drama “Kill Me Heal Me,” Park Seo Joon is now being called the ‘King of Romantic Comedies.”

Watch “She Was Pretty” here at Viki.

Lee Sang Yoon, who played Cha Hyun Suk, Ha No Ra’s high college classmate in addition her present faculty professor, in tvN’s “Twenty Again,” also gained much reputation from female fanatics by way of this drama. Cha Hyun Suk, who is terribly pro in his house of work, becomes an immature teen on each occasion he's with his first love, Ha No Ra (Choi Ji Woo). He acts mean and pissed off when Ha No Ra is around but is continually highly affectionate and worrying in opposition to her through small movements he does for her without her knowing. This romantic and comedic side to Cha Hyun Suk has made many viewers’ hearts melt. Lee Sang Yoon was already highly regarded as an actor because of the his super instructional background, just right looks, and tall height. However, throughout the drama “Twenty Again,” he was ready to also get keep of the title of ‘King of Romantic Comedy.’ In an interview, Lee Sang Yoon said, “I was able to turn viewers a more comedic, mild side of me through this drama. It was anything they have got not visible before.”

Lee Dong Wook from tvN’s new drama, “Bubble Gum,” may be currently receiving much of love for his romantic courting with Jung Ryeo Won in the drama. The two characters they play were visitors since they were little till they slowly start to sort a more romantic, blameless relationship. The drama is hence about a romance that paperwork between two top peers and Lee Dong Wook plays the very best boyfriend that everybody needs for. Especially on the episode that aired on November 17, Lee Dong Wook grabbed at fans’ heartstrings when he acknowledged to Jung Ryeo Won, “I am the happiest user when i'm with you,” appropriate sooner than he went in for a horny kiss.

After two years since his remaining drama, So Ji Sub has returned through the latest drama on the list, “Oh My Venus.” Only after two episodes, So Ji Sub was able to gain much attention and love through his character’s caring and cool charms. Acting as the sector noted fitness trainer, Kim Young Ho, So Ji Sub acts as the ideal guy as he incessantly is helping Kang Joo Eun, played by Shin Min Ah, in different sticky situations. Many fans were especially completely happy throughout a scene when Kim Young Ho supports out a surprised Kang Joo Eun, who had fallen to the ground after she came upon her boyfriend with every other woman at a hotel. In this actual scene, Kim Young Ho helps Kang Joo Eun up and grabs her by the waist, making many fans swoon.

Watch “Oh My Venus” here at Viki.

Who was your favourite male lead in a Korean drama this year?

Sean stocks pictures of trendy walk with Wife Jung Hye Young and Youngest Daughter

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Sean Shares Photos of elegant Stroll with Wife Jung Hye Young and Youngest Daughter Jinusean member Sean, actress Jung Hye Young, and their youngest daughter Hael look like a true fashionista circle of relatives in Burberry outfits whilst on an afternoon out together.

On November 17, Sean posted several photos of himself with his wife Jung Hye Young and daughter Hael to his Instagram, with the trio taking a look either chic and toasty warm in their trendy and complementary wintry weather outfits. On every photo, he comprises the hashtags “#burberry” and “#happiertoday” in addition his daughter’s name.

On an image of the trio walking down the street, he writes, “Family…” and on one choice of lovable photos of Jung Hye Young with Hael, he writes as the caption, “Hye Young and Little Hye Young’s date.”

Sean and Jung Hye Young turned into husband and wife in 2004, and feature 4 adorable kids together, with two sons and two daughters.

PSY Becomes the primary Male Solo Musician to Be at the Quilt of Elle Korea

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PSY Becomes the 1st Male Solo Musician to Be on the canopy of Elle Korea PSY of the “Gangnam Style” reputation might be the canopy style of the December factor of Elle magazine.

Elle currently published that they have worked with PSY to create 12 pages value of pictorials, interviews, and behind-the-scenes cuts. PSY is understood for incessantly acting on level with out a makeup, yet for this shoot, he attempted many alternative things, adding dressed in a wig for 5 hours, and letting gold liquid glide along his hair.

PSY is the first male solo musician to be featured on the conceal of Elle Korea. it roughly feels that Elle Korea made a just right choice, as he depicts his comical air of secrecy rather well in his signature sunglasses.

Meanwhile, PSY will be freeing his 7th complete album on December 1, 3 years and five months after his world good fortune with “Gangnam Style.”