Young man gets smacked for blowing his nose too much in public at a restaurant

Young man gets smacked for blowing his nose too much in public at a restaurant

On August 7, a post titled ‘Fought over an etiquette issue at a restaurant’ was trending on an online community board.

The post was written by a middle-aged man known as ‘A’ who entered a restaurant to eat when he came across a customer who continuously blew his nose in public.

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When ‘A’ had gone inside the restaurant, he noticed three men in their mid-20s sitting together at a table.  

The problem began after A received his order and was enjoying his meal.  One of the young men known as ‘B’ sitting nearby began blowing his nose.

‘A’ mentioned, “I got really fed up since ‘B’ was blowing his nose so loudly. After about ten minutes, he started blowing his nose again and I had lost my appetite by then.”

As a result, ‘A’ told ‘B’, “Either blow your nose quietly or do it outside.”

However, ‘B’ ignored his comment and blew his nose yet again after 5 minutes.

Upset while trying to enjoy his meal, ‘A’ was unable to control his anger and ended up smacking ‘B’ across the back of his head.

‘A’ explained, “‘B’ gave me that look as if he were blowing his nose in front of me on purpose.  So I smacked the back of his head.”

The other customers at the restaurant, commented, “Isn’t that a bit harsh”, and ridiculed ‘A’s actions.  On the flip side, others mentioned, “‘B’ did go a bit overboard.”

Taking things to the next level at the police station, ‘A’ had to give $953 USD to ‘B’ as a fine.  Netizens left comments saying it was wrong for ‘A’ to act violently however stated that ‘B’ also had no manners.  “It’s true ‘A’ was 100% wrong in using violence but I wouldn’t like it either if someone like ‘B’ constantly blew his nose while eating,” “Did ‘B’ get criticized for just trying to clear up his runny nose.”

In Korean culture, it is a sign of disrespect to blow one’s nose in public, especially in front of food.