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B2ST meet with 4,500 Taiwanese fans at their "Beautiful Show"

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B2ST meet with 4,500 Taiwanese fans at their

B2STperformed to a sold out crowd in Taiwan!

The boys were in Taiwan on the 6th for their Taiwanese leg of the "Beautiful Show". It"s their first time having a solo concert in the country in about three years, and they took over all their fans through 2 hours of amazing performances, starting from B2ST"s unique and powerful choreo to their own color of ballads.

The concert kicked off with "Good Luck" and also featured remix versions of "Shadow" and "Special". They performed songs like "Dance With You", "On a Rainy Day", "Midnight", and "12:30". Each member also had their solo stages as well. Since Dongwoon"s birthday was on the 6th, the members also had a special birthday party for the maknae.

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Park Shin Hye Makes Cameo Appearance in Taiwanese Remake of "You"re Beautiful"

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Park Shin Hye Makes Cameo Appearance in Taiwanese Remake of

Park Shin Hye made a cameo appearance in the Taiwanese remake of You′re Beautiful, delighting fans of the original Korean drama.

The actress appeared in the first episode of Fabulous Boys, the remake, which aired in Taiwan on May 12.

In the opening scene, Park Shin Hye is shown watching a performance by A.N.Jell in church. Gao Mei Nu (Cheng Yu Xi) tries to stop her from watching the performance and start praying, but instead ends up sending Park Shin Hye′s cellphone flying across the church aisle.

Just before the church was plunged into chaos at the flying cellphone, Park Shin Hye said, "This isn′t how You′re Beautiful is supposed to start!" she then added "Go, go, Gao Mei Nan!" showing support for the drama.

The SBS drama You′re Beautiful aired in 2009, and starred Park Shin Hye, Jang Keun Suk, CN Blue′s Jung Yong Hwa and FT Island′s Lee Hong Gi. It made issues across Asia, resulting in a Japanese remake in 2011 and a Taiwanese remake in 2013.

The Taiwanese version was filmed in advance. Park Shin Hye had flown to Taiwan to film her cameo scene.

Park Shin Hye will next return to the small screen in October with the drama The One Trying to Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight - The Heirs.

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Park Shin Hye makes a cameo appearance on Taiwanese version of “You’re Beautiful”

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Park Shin Hye makes a cameo appearance on Taiwanese version of “You’re Beautiful”

Actress Park Shin Hye recently made a cameo appearance on the Taiwanese version of the hit drama “You’re Beautiful” (Taiwanese title: “原來是美男”) in which the actress starred back in 2009.

In the pilot episode, Park Shin Hye will be acting as a girl watching the fictional band A.N.JELL through her portable video player.

Following the drama’s success in 2009, a Japanese version was also made in 2011 titled, “Ikemen desu ne.”

The Taiwanese version of “You’re Beautiful” with a total of 13 episodes is set to premiere next summer and will be aired on other Asian channels as well.

Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye recently concluded her filming for the movie “December 23” and will appear on the tvN drama “My Flower Boy Neighbor  in January, 2013.

Park Shinhye set to cameo in the Taiwanese version of "You're Beautiful"

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Park Shinhye set to cameo in the Taiwanese version of Youre BeautifulPark Shinhye is confirmed to have a cameo role in the Taiwanese version of "You're Beautiful." She flew to Taiwan today to participate in the filming. According to Park Shinhye's agency, 4HIM Entertainment, the actress will make a cameo appearance on the first episode of the drama.

Park Shinhye was revealed to play the role of a young fan who gets scolded by Go Minam after watching A.N.JELL's music video during a mass. She played the role of Go Minam in the original version of the drama which aired last 2009.

Meanwhile, Park Shinhye is preparing for her upcoming drama "Flower Boys Next Door" which is expected to start airing on January 7th, 2013.

Park Shin Hye to play a special role in Taiwanese remake of ‘You’re Beautiful’

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Park Shin Hye to play a special role in Taiwanese remake of ‘You’re Beautiful’

Park Shin Hye will play a small role in the Taiwanese version of ‘You’re Beautiful‘.

Park Shin Hye posted on her Twitter, “I am going to meet the ‘Go Mi Nam’ in Taiwan^-^ I’ll be back~~,”  relating to her leading role in the hit SBS drama.

The actress intends to stay in Taiwan from November 8th to the 10th to film the Taiwanese remake. She will have an appearance on the first episode, and it makes fans curious.

The ‘You’re Beautiful’ series finished  back in 2009 and was popular all over Asia. Taiwan is the next country to make a cover of the hit drama after it had been done in Japan.

In related news, Park Shin Hye has recently acted  for the upcoming drama, ‘Flower Boy Next Door‘, with actor Yoon Si Yoon.

Park Shin Hye makes a cameo appearance on the Taiwanese version of Youre Beautiful

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Park Shin Hye makes a cameo appearance on the Taiwanese version of Youre Beautiful Park Shin Hye will make a cameo appearance on the first episode of the Taiwanese version of the drama series Youre Beautiful.

Youre Beautiful, a drama series that stars Park, Jang Keun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa, and Lee Hong Ki and became a big hit in Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan in 2009, was remade into a Japanese drama series last year and will be remade into a Taiwan version this year.

Park will shoot a scene for the first episode of the series in Taiwan from November 8 to 10.

On November 8, 4HIM Entertainment, Parks agency said, Park Shin Hye is very happy to make a cameo appearance in the first episode of the Taiwanese version of Youre Beautiful.

Park uploaded a picture of herself at an airport on her Twitter account with the comment, Im going to see Go Mi Nam in Taiwan. Ill be back soon!

In the picture, Park looks innocent with long straight hair. She also left a cheering message to high school seniors who are taking the college entrance exam on the day, saying, You must be nervous, but I hope you do well!

Park has recently finished shooting the film December 23 and will appear in tvNs new drama series The Pretty Boy Next Door as a lead actress, working with Yoon Si Yoon. She plays the role of Go Dok Mi, a girl who tries to isolate herself from the world.

Taiwanese fans prepare a surprise birthday party for B2ST’s Kikwang during ‘Beautiful Show’

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Taiwanese fans prepare a surprise birthday party for B2ST’s Kikwang during ‘Beautiful Show’

B2ST member Lee Kikwang was moved to tears by a special birthday party thrown by his fans in his honor.

At B2STs 2012 BEAST WORLD TOUR BEAUTIFUL SHOW in Taiwan that took place at National University Gymnasium on March 31st, Kikwang was moved to tears when his fans shocked him with a surprise birthday party.

In the middle of the boys performance, a video message put together by the fans was revealed, unveiling footage of the members during different times in their career.

The fans also revealed a card that they prepared for the boys that said, I LOVE BEAST, as they shouted BEAST FIGHTING! in unison.

The B2ST members who were touched by their fans love and passion promised, We will work even harder to show you the best B2ST has to offer.

I had no idea our fans would prepare a birthday party, Kikwang remarked. I was so glad that we had fans who loved and cherished B2ST. I was touched.

In related news, the boys of B2ST who wrapped up performances in Taiwan will be preparing for their Thailand show to take place in May.

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Gary and Taiwanese Celebrity Peter Ho Could be Freeing a Collaboration Album

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Gary and Taiwanese Famous person Peter Ho Could beFreeing a Collaboration Albumck525 November 25, 2015 0 LINE it!Gary and Taiwanese Star Peter Ho Will Be Releasing a Collaboration Album Gary will be taking part alongside Taiwan’s maximumloved star Peter Ho.

According to a media insider on November 26, Gary will be releasing an album with Peter Ho early next year.

The unencumber date will perhaps exist January 5. Gary will rap whilst Peter Ho, who has made a call for himself as an actor and singer, will sing. It's miles assumed that the individuals of “Running Man” will sign up for in as well.

Gary and Peter Ho met after a assembly for a Taiwanese drama, produced via Peter Ho, used to be held in Korea. The 2 met in Seoul and agreed on a collaboration album, keento peer the synergy effect between the recognition of “Running Man” and Peter Ho.

“The two have determined to movie the track video around December 10. It'llscreen the sturdy bond of loyalty between the “Running Man” members,” a media insider said.

“Running Man” is recentlythe largest hit in China. Peter Ho, too, is Taiwan’s best star, and he recently filmed the drama “Beautiful Secret” with f(x)s Victoria.

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Shin Min Ah Stuns in a beautiful Black get dressed on “Oh My Venus”

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Shin Min Ah Stuns in a horny Black clothe on “Oh My Venus” Actress Shin Min Ah stuns every person in a sexy, black dress at the set of “Oh My Venus.”

Shin Min Ah seems on KBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Oh My Venus” portraying a beauty-turned-chubby attorney Kang Joo Eun. Shin Min Ah is tough herself to a step forward transformation as an actress via this role. She gained explosive responses from her enthusiasts with her portrayal of the stunning obese lawyer on the primary and 2nd episodes.

Spoiler In the approaching episode airing on November 23, Shin Min Ah presentations off her slim, fabulous figure dressed in a sexy, black dress. In the drama, Shin Min Ah imagines herself back to her slimmer self. She is going from the 77 kg (approximately 170 lbs) to 48 kg (approximately 105 lbs) in her imagination, appearing off her adorable figure.

The scene where Shin Min Ah appears dressed in the attractive black dress was once filmed at the recent KBS studio on November 8. She took off her chubby lighting tricks makeup. Shin Min Ah become excited to turn her genuine self. It’s stated that she paid special attention to the scene by picking out her outfit with the assistance of her stylist.

When Shin Min Ah makes her surprising front onto the set of “Stella Show” dressed in a sexy, black dress with her long immediately hair down, even the “Oh My Venus” staff contributors couldn’t take their eyes off her. It's miles said many exclaimed compliments saying, “How are we ready to now not love Shin Min Ah?” and “She can’t glance this just right this early on in the story.”

The comical scene displays her expressing her happiness at getting her hourglass figure back. She struts like a fashion optimistically with a wide smile and throws kisses to the audience.

The team of workers members commented, “Shin Min Ah is doing the entire thing imaginable to painting Kang Joo Eun the maximum productive way she can. On account of her hard work, a number of audience identify with her character. Please song in to look the fruit of her exertions as an actress.”

On the moment one episode of “Oh My Venus,” Kang Joo Eun broke up with her cheating boyfriend Im Woo Shik (Jung Gyu Woon) by throwing harsh verbal insults at him giving the viewers anything to cheer about. The 3rd episode of “Oh My Venus” will air on November 23 at 10 p.m. KST.

Sin Min-ah, still beautiful as always!

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Sin Min-ah, still beautiful as always!

Sin Min-ah posted a photo of herself on her non-public Instagram November 20th.

The published photo is a behind-the-scenes cut appearing Sin Min-ah in her overweight glance makeup for "Oh My Venus". Sin Min-ah"s passionate way against her personality and her unchanging stunning appeals have stuck our attention.

KBS 2TV"s "Oh My Venus" starring Sin Min-ah as Kang Joo-eun is broadcast at 10 PM each Monday & Tuesday.