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BEAST’s Yoseob captures fan love as he gets ditched on level through members

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BEAST’s Yoseob captures fan love as he gets ditched on level  through members

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterA compilation of cuts from one of BEASTs residesongdisplay stages has gotten moderatelythe eye from enthusiasts new and old.

The thread on a well-likedweb forum Instiz main points the hilarity that ensues as the participants of BEAST appear to play a trick on Yoseob. On what seems to be the level of KBS Music Bank, the lead vocalist whispers his plans to his fellow members.

While leader Doojoon motions his understanding, Yoseob finally ends up running out onto the stage by way of himself. In the background, Doojoon and Hyunseung can notregulate their laughter.

Meanwhile, the crowd has been expanding their activities in Japan with the unlockin theirnewest track Saigono Hitokoto.

Check out the clips here:

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So lovable ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋThis ㅋㅋㅋㅋ is knownThis used to be so embarrassing I cringed for himRun to You ㅋㅋㅋㅋYoseob stated he couldnt accept as true withsomeone after thisSo cringey ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Source: Instiz

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B2ST's Yoseob also reaches one million fans on Instagram!

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B2ST's Yoseob also reaches one million fans on Instagram!

Junhyung isn"t the best real B2ST member to prevail in a million followers on Instagram. So has cutie Yoseob!

It"s beautiful amazing that now not one yet two B2ST individuals have develop into social media millionaires at the similar time, isn"t it? Yoseob steadily posts selcas of his adorable face in addition numerous videos. And who can face up to that?

You can apply him @yysbeast if you aren"t already. Congrats to either Yoseob and Junhyung on their Instagram achievement!

BEAST’s Yoseob Kindly Asks Sasaeng Lovers to Recognize His Privacy

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BEAST’s Yoseob Kindly Asks Sasaeng Fans to Respect His Privacy BEAST‘s Yoseob has a couple of words for some of his more intrusive fans.

On September 26, the idol addressed his sasaeng fans through a kind but company Twitter post. This comes just a month after his previous public remark regarding sasaeng fans.

He wrote, “I’m traveling to Japan to look a UFC match. It’s a slightly private matter, right? Haha. It’s now not simple for me to bring this up. Recently, somebody hacked the calendar of our manager’s mobile phone and were given dangle of our schedule. This consumer has been promoting it, and I’ve heard folks are paying large cash to shop for it… If you use such shady tactics to see us all through own travels or non-public events, i can be in a position to not be at liberty to see you, not satisfied at all. That’s just a a phase of what sasaeng fans do. i love my fans, yet not sasaengs. A fandom is something truly stunning and honorable, but simplest if done properly.”

Referring to the fans who knew about his Japan shuttle and got here to see him at the airport, he added, “Those who came to see me today, i am hoping that I will meet you as fans in the future. Not sasaengs!” and ended the post with a more cheerful tone, “Go house safely and I am going to have a laugh on my personal trip. Bye!!”

Yoseob has since up to date his personal Instagram with many footage from his trip, letting fans know that he's taking component in his time alone in Japan.

Musical Princes Yoseob & Ken kiss their 'Cinderella'

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Musical Princes Yoseob & Ken kiss their 'Cinderella'

The press convention for musical "Cinderella" is held as of late at Chungmu Art corridor Theatre in Seoul.

In atttendance are talented musical actors and actress similar to Ahn Si Ha, Search engine marketing Hyun Jin, Younha, Baek Ah Yeon, Um Ki Joon, Beast"s Yang Yoseob, B1A4"s Sandeul, VIXX"s Ken, Seo Ji Young, Hong Ji Min, Kahi, Kim Buplae and more.

The grand musical production is boasting extravagant costumes and props in addition the impressive performances from the actors. Underneath are the pictures taken from the presscon appearing the major solid and their passionate acts.

The musical "Cinderella" will run till November 8.

BEAST’s Yoseob Hasa kind Request for Sasaeng Fans

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BEAST’s Yoseob Hasb a type /bRequest for Sasaeng Fans On August 7, BEAST with the exception of member Kikwang were visitors on KBS Cool FM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show.”

DJ Park Myung Soo opened up a discussion about saesang fans. Dongwoon commented, “I’m thankful for fans who come to schedules and take pictures whilst cheering us on. We don’tin reality havenumerous sasaeng fans who practice us privately.”

Yoseob cautiously added, “If I were to mention something to sasaengs, i might tell them that their own privacy is vital and recommend making their own lives more fabulous. Since their lives aretough too…” Yoseob’s comments about short of sasaengs to like their own liveshad been commended for being wise and type at the similar time.

Meanwhile, BEAST is selling their 8th mini-album “Ordinary” and receivingplenty of love for their songs “YeY” and “GottaGo to Work.”

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B2ST's Yoseob talks about his ideal kind + Doojoon grew to become down a blind date?

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B2ST's Yoseob talks about his ideal kind + Doojoon grew to become down a blind date?

the first episode of tvN"s "Let"s devour with My Friend" aired on August five where B2ST"s Yoseob mentioned his ideal sort!

He mentioned, " i love a lady with long, herbal hair," yet then persevered, "in truth, I don"t think I"m at the age anymore to have a great sort. I much like someone who is a great consumer."

as well, anything about his interview at the episode triggered fellow forged member search engine optimization Hyun Jin to mention, "your complete staff setting should be like that. Doojoon is like that, too," then elaborated, "I told him I"d introduce him to a ladyfriend, yet he told me that each one of his fanatics were his womanfriend."

Taken aback, Yoseob responded, "That"s true," then acknowledged toward the camera, "All of you," causing laughter.

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VIXX’s Ken, BEAST’s Yoseob, B1A4′s Sandeul, Baek Ah Yeon, and More cast in “Cinderella” Musical

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VIXX’s Ken, BEAST’s Yoseob, B1A4′s Sandeul, Baek Ah Yeon, and More forged in “Cinderella” Musical the cast for the primary Korean production of < robust>Rodgers and Hammerstein‘s musical “< robust>Cinderella” has been finalized, to the squeals of more than one fandoms.

On August five, the nature trailer for “Cinderella” turned into once released, featuring < robust>BEAST‘s < robust>Yang Yoseob,< robust> VIXX‘s < robust>Ken, < robust>B1A4‘s < robust>Sandeul, and < robust>Uhm Ki Joon in the role of < robust>Prince Christopher, and < robust>Younha, < robust>Baek Ah Yeon, < robust>Ahn Si Ha, and < robust>search engine marketing Hyun Jin as Cinderella. < robust>Kahi and< robust> Jung Dan Young will play stepsister Gabrielle, and < robust>Park Jin Woo will play Jean-Michel, the renegade with whom Gabrielle falls in love.

< robust>Im Eun Young will play the alternative stepsister Charlotte, and < robust>Lee Kyung Mi will take on stepmother Madame.

Musical actors < robust>Kim Beob Rae and < robust>Jang Dae Woong will depict Sebastian, and < robust>Hwang Lee Gun will grace the degree as Lord Pinkleton.

Watch the nature trailer under, and proportion with us your mind at the cast! Whom are you maximum taking a look ahead to seeing in “Cinderella”?

Yoseob thank you B2ST's noona enthusiasts for their enhance

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Yoseob thank you B2ST's noona enthusiasts for their enhance

B2ST"s Yoseob showed his gratitude for B2UTIES" ideafulness.

the opposite day, the gang"s noona fanatics highestowed the lads alongside A coffee truck to give you the lads alongside power correct through their "YeY" promotions. So candy, correct? Yoseob definitely idea in order he posted photographs onto his Twitter And wrote his thank you, Announcing he become once touched And beloved them so much, so much.

Fans" generosity never ceases to Amaze! Now B2ST must accept all of the vigor wanted for their "YeY" cycle.

고맙습니다.. percent.twitter.com/AHPN9pT52Q

— 양요 (@all4b2uty) July xxx, 2015

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Younha, Baek Ah Yeon, Yoseob, Ken, and more prepare for musical 'Cinderella'

News via allkpop.com
Younha, Baek Ah Yeon, Yoseob, Ken, and more prepare for musical 'Cinderella'

whenever you lot"re in Korea whilst this musical is out, you lot no doubt accept to take a look at "Cinderella"! Some of you lotr favourite singers are going to exist in IT - some great talented ones at that.

On July 31, more than one reps proveed that singers Younha, Baek Ah Yeon, B2ST"s Yoseob, VIXX"s Ken, and actor Uhm Ki Joon could exist performing in "Cinderella" amongst B1A4"s Sandeul.

Ken"s firm proveed this and published the idol turned into once lately immersed in prepare for the display. he's going to exist gambling Prince Christopher amongst Uhm Ki Joon and Sandeul.

Baek Ah Yeon turned into once proveed by way of JYP Entertainment to exist starring every bit the lead, Cinderella, along side Younha.

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BEAST’s Yang Yoseob unearths Why He Went on vacation by myself to Saipan

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BEAST’s Yang Yoseob reveals Why He Went on vacationAlone to Saipan at the July 27 episode of KBS2‘s “ break out Crisis issue i,” BEAST seemed equally visitors equally a section of the holiday exceptional. Yang Yoseob also stocks close to the explanation why he went onA shuttle to SaipanAlone.

all through the display, Yoon DoojoonAnd Son Dongwoon say, “We went to Hawaii alongside YongjoonAnd another friend.” Yang Yoseob reveals that he didn’t sign up for them for the shuttle,Announcing, “I couldn’t cross alongside them onAccount of my musical schedules.” He then explains, “ i used to be then jealous that they went to Hawaii that I went to Saipan by means of myself.”

When the forged expresses their disbelief, Yoon Doojoon testifies, “He in reality did crossAlone.” Yang Yoseob pronounces, “IAte foodsAloneAnd the entirety,” inciting laughter.

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