YoonA teases ‘You Are My Star’ for ‘SM Station’

YoonA teases ‘You Are My Star’ for ‘SM Station’

‘SM Station’ has dropped the teaser for YoonA’s upcoming track “You Are My Star”.

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In the below teaser, she says the next station is YoonA’s “You Are My Star”, and it’s a perfect match for the weather that’s cooled down just a bit. You can hear an acoustic guitar melody in the background as a slight wind blows by her.

The Girls’ Generationmember’s new solo song “You Are My Star” willbe the 23rd in the project, and it will be released in both Korean and Chinese. This is her second ‘SM Station’ track following”Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway” feat. 10cm.

YoonA’s “You Are My Star” is due out on September 8 at 6PM KST.

[#STATION] #YOONA #YouAreMyStar 2017.09.08 6PM(KST)#GirlsGeneration(@GirlsGeneration) pic.twitter.com/YNKFvkUKPB