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Girls Generation Yoona's Affair Scandal with 'Gangnam Style' Star Psy? 'Sorry to His Wife'

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Girls Generation, SNSD, Yoona, Psy

Girls Generation Yoona's Affair Scandal with 'Gangnam Style' Star Psy? 'Sorry to His Wife' yoona affair with psyGirls' Generation's Yoona clarified the affair rumors with Psy.

In KBS 2TV "Happy Together" aired today, Yoona revealed that she was shocked by affair scandals with Psy.

She said, "It was shocking. I was even sorry to Psy's wife. I would've understood a little more if it was a scandal, but it was an affair rumor with someone who already has a family."

She said, "When filming for SBS 'Running Man,' the camera director who said I look like Psy took a picture of us together, and that picture was published as if we have an affair. In my opinion, we don't look alike."

She also said, "If I knew his number I would've texted him... I heard about it in Japan the next day and there were reporters at the airport waiting for me, so I was thinking of doing the horse dance on my way out of the airport. But I held it in because I thought that would make the rumors even worse," arousing laughter.

Girls' Generation(SNSD) Yoona, Seohyun, and Yuri's Bermuda Triangle By the Gangnam Station

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Girls Generation, SNSD, Yuri, Seohyun, Yoona

Girls' Generation(SNSD) Yoona, Seohyun, and Yuri's Bermuda Triangle By the Gangnam Station Girls' Generation(SNSD) Yoona, Seohyun, and Yuri's Bermuda TriangleRecently on an online forum, a post titled "Girls' GenerationBermuda Triangle" was uploaded.

Currently, Girls' Generation's Yoona is the face of Innisfree, Seohyun of the Face Shop, and Yuri is the model of Aritaum. These three popular cosmetic stores are all located near Gangnam Station in Seoul, thus the label 'Bermuda Triangle'.

Most of individual members of Girls' Generation have been modeling for the top companies. Nevertheless, it is not a common sight to see over two stores they are modeling for in such close proximity. It is especially interesting to see the Girls' Generation members compete in one of Seoul's most populated areas.

Internet users who saw the photo wrote, "With the addition of Aritaum, the Bermuda Triangle is official," "I knew there was a reason why I couldn't just pass by this place; the girls are here!" "I'm proud of these girls- they single-handedly took over Gangnam," and "I've seen companies of two members side by side before but this is the first time seeing three."

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and YoonA blow their own horns Their Aegyo

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and YoonA display Off Their Aegyo Girls’ Generation individuals Taeyeon and YoonA have proved once back their stunning appeal.

On November 21, leader Taeyeon uploaded an image on her private Instagram, writing, “It’s D-day, see you soon.” The caption refers to Girls’ Generation’s fourth solo concert in Korea happening today.

In the picture, YoonA and Taeyeon pose cutely for the camera, their bright smiles and mild attractiveness creating a excellent combination. also they are dressed for the Christmas season in bright red sweaters and skirts with green ribbon striking from the ceiling. Other Girls’ Generation members have also been uploading Christmas-themed posts in the days leading up to their concert.

Girls’ Generation will be performing their solo concert “Phantasia” from November 21 to 22 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

'Gangnam Blues' Lee Min-ho receives Highest New Actor Award at 52th Daejong movie Awards

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'Gangnam Blues' Lee Min-ho receives Highest New Actor Award at 52th Daejong movie Awards

"Gangnam Blues" Lee Min-ho gained very best New Actor Award at the 52nd Daejong movie Award, which came about in KBS corridor in Yeouido on November 20th.

In the film "Gangnam Blues" depicting the lifestyles of the young generation at the time, who lived all through the advance technology of Ganganam in 1970s, Lee Min-ho played Jong-dae, a good-for-nothing, who used to be a rag picker. Lee Min-ho has grabbed his first Best New Actor Award since he debuted.

The nominees for Best New Actor Awards on these days also integrated "Chronicles of Evil" Park Seo-joon, "Northern restrict Line" Lee Hyun-woo, "Twenty" Kang Ha-neul, and "Shoot Me in the Heart" Yeo Jin-goo.

Yoona Is A Cosmopolitan Beauty In New H:Connect Photos

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Yoona Is A Cosmopolitan Beauty In New H:Connect Photos

Girls" Generation"s Yoona was recently appointed as the new exclusive model for the SPA brand H:Connect. According to a representative, the beauty was chosen to star in the new Fall/Winter 2015 lookbook because of her "feminine, innocent charm" and "cosmopolitan image," which allow her to appeal to different age groups of consumers.

In the newly released lookbook photos, Yoona modeled all kinds of styles that ranged from modern ripped jeans to luxurious fur mufflers. Her pieces included fur-hood coats, fun print cardigans, fringe-trim capes, trapper hats, knee-high socks, and leather boots. However, her best accessory was undoubtedly a funky beret that she tipped to the side.

For one of her looks, Yoona coupled a striped top and short-shorts with the "Buffett Court" coat. The wool-blend item has notched lapels, clean-finished cuffs and flapped pockets. The piece features a duster silhouette and displays "modern yet chic sensibility." The coat can be yours HERE and can be seen below in the two available colors.

To check out the first batch of released lookbook pictures, click here!

In other fashion news, Yoona is also the face of Casio"s Baby-G watch collection and LOVCAT Bijoux luxury bag line. Her last magazine pictorial was in the November issue of Marie Claire.

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Yoona joins Hyeon Bin in film 'Cooperation'

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Yoona joins Hyeon Bin in film 'Cooperation'

Actress Hyeon Bin and Girls" Generation member Yoona will co-star in film "Cooperation".

According to an insider in motion picture industry on November 16th, Yoona has been showed to big name in "Cooperation" recently. Yoona will play Park Minyeong, who is a sister-in-law to the Korean detective in the movie. Here is her screen comeback in two years since her Chinese movie, "Goodbye Ani".

"Cooperation" already drew much attention when Hyeon Bin chose the movie as his screen comeback after his two year smash from films. "Cooperation" is a tale about an unofficial and primary cooperation in investigation between South Korea and North Korea. The movie is a blockbuster with its production budget of 10 billion won. Hyeon Bin plays Im Cheol-ryeong, a North Korean detective. he's expected to give prime point action acting and talks in North Korean accent. The filming is to get started out firstly of next year.

Meanwhile, Yoo Hae-jin has been contacted for the role as the brother-in-law for Yoona"s character, Park Minyeong. Yoo Hae-jin"s firm Sim Entertainment told television Report, ""Cooperation" is one of the crucial projects he is having a look into positively".

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Girls' Generations's Yoona casted in film 'Cooperation' along Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae Jin

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Girls' Generations's Yoona casted in film 'Cooperation' along Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae Jin

Girls" Generation"s Yoona might be making her large screen debut in upcoming film "Cooperation".

The motion picture is seemed as a blockbuster with a production payment worths 10 billion won, specializing in the joint investigation between North and South Korea.

Hyun Bin and Yoo Hae Jin also are showed for this movie. Yoona is expounded to take the role of the more youthful sister-in-law of Yoo Hae Jin"s character.

"Cooperation" will start its filming in 2016.

YoonA can be making her Korean large screen debut?

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YoonA can be making her Korean large screen debut?

According to fresh reports, YoonA will be joining Hyun Bin in film "Cooperation"!

On November 16, SM Entertainment showed YoonA"s casting in the motion picture "Cooperation" as the more youthful sister of a Korean detective"s wife. Her call will be Park Min Young and this will likely mark her debut at the big screen in Korea. In the meantime, that very detective, her elder brother-in-law, may neatly be played by ability of Yoo Hae Jin. Hyun Bin is decided to play a North Korean detective named Lim Chul Ryung, marking this as his first big screen comeback in two years.

The movie, directed by Kim Sung Hoon, will start filming early 2016.

Yoona Joins Hyun Bin In His New Action Thriller

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Yoona Joins Hyun Bin In His New Action Thriller

Actress and Girls Generation member Im Yoona will join actor Hyun Bin in his new action film, tentatively titled "Cooperation." It"s a film about an unprecedented joint investigation conducted by both North and South Korean detectives. And due to its highly sensitive nature, the investigation is being conducted in secret.

Hyun Bin plays the North Korean detective Lim Chul Ryong and Yoona will play Park Min Young, the younger sister of the South Korean detective. Actor Yoo Hae Jin plays the South Korean detective. Yoona"s role has been described as a supporting role.

Yoona is best known for her roles in the dramas "Love Rain" with Jang Geun Suk and "The Prime Minister and I" with Lee Bum Soo. She appeared in the Chinese drama "Wu Shen Zhao Zi Long" and the Korean-Chinese film "Goodbye Ani." She also has a cameo role in the web drama "Because It"s The First Time."

Hyun Bin confirmed his role in September and has been training for the film"s intense action stunts since then. The action thriller will be his third project since returning from his two year mandatory military duty in December 2012. He played the fearful King Jeongjo in the film "Fatal Encounter" and a man with a split personality in the drama "Hyde, Jekyll and I." Hyun Bin is best known for his roles in the romantic dramas "Secret Garden" and "My Lovely Kim Sam Soon," as well as the films "Late Autumn" and "Come Rain, Come Shine."

Director Yoon Jae Kyoon and his company JK Film Production will produce the film with a budget of $8,500,000. The company produced two hit films, the 2009 disaster film "Haeundae" and the 2014 film "Ode To My Father." "Ode To My Father sold 14.2 million tickets. And he is no stranger to spy films, having produced the 2011 film "Sector 7."

Filming is set to begin early in 2016.

YoonA Joins Solid of Upcoming Blockbuster movie Project

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YoonA Joins Cast of Upcoming Blockbuster Film Project Girl’s Generation member YoonA is determined to register for Hyun Bin in a new blockbuster film titled “Cooperation” (working title).

The film is a 10 billon won (approximately $8.5 million) project that centers around a joint North-South Korean investigation. YoonA will play the role of Park Min Young, the more youthful sister-in-law to a South Korean detective who is played by capacity of Yoo Hae Jin. The project can be YoonA’s first film in two years, since her role in the Korea-China joint film “It’s now not Goodbye.”

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin has been cast as the North Korean detective, and is expounded to be doing his own stunts. Filming is set to get started out in 2016.