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Oh Joo-wan dyes hair caramel colour for a unmarried scene

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Oh Joo-wan dyes hair caramel colour for a unmarried scene

Actor On Joo-wan went beneath a mass transformation.

Still cuts of On Joo-wan with caramel-colored hair were released at the 23rd. He"s starring in the recent SBS drama special "The Village: Achiara"s Secret". Even if he has to turn back to commonplace hair after now not even one episode, On Joo-wan remodeled his hair to play the phase well.

On Joo-wan said, "I think it"s been 10 years since I dyed my hair this bright. In the drama, whilst Ki-hyeon is in the united states he could have his freedom yet not in Korea. I must care about the ones around me and my circle of relatives too, so I have to switch back to decent form".

Seo Ki-hyeon is Search engine marketing Chang-kwon"s (Jeong Seong-mo) son in "The Village: Achiara"s Secret". he's excellent having a look and warm hearted. He has wonderful affection for his household and plays a large role in the case that happens in the drama.

On Joo-wan said, "This personality has just a little of Jekyll and Hyde. He returns house for the primary time in 2 years to stand a case involving a dead body".

Apparently, everybody used to be shocked to peer On Joo-wan with bright hair. everybody felt his sincerity when he stated he sought after to play the component well. He"s a well-behaved and remarkable actor consistent with the workforce members.

Meanwhile, "The Village: Achiara"s Secret" is written via Do Hyeon-jeong and directed by Lee Yong Suk. the 1st episode can also be observed on the 7th of October.

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Yoona reveals her new dyed hair, preparing for comeback?

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Yoona reveals her new dyed hair, preparing for comeback?

SNSD's Yoona has changed her hair color to black, raising assumptions that it's a hint for their comeback.

On February 5, Yoona attended the after party of their successful drama 'Prime MinisterI' in Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. In the event, Yoona revealed her new hair color. Fans assumed that it's part of the preparation for their pending comeback.

On the 4th, SM representative revealed, "Yoona finished all the last shooting on 3rd and after the last episode on 5th, she is going to focus on SNSD's upcoming album."

Are you anticipating their comeback? Meanwhile, how does she look in black hair? Check out the photos below:

Girls' Generation Yoona, Apple Hair Self-Camera

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Girls Generation Yoona, Apple Hair Self-CameraGirl group Girls' Generation's member Yoona revealed her apple hair. (Photo : ufo town)Girl group Girls' Generation's member Yoona revealed her apple hair.

Today, Yoona changed her UFO Town account's profile picture, showing a new self-camera photo.

In the picture, Yoona had her bangs up in the 'apple hair' style and was smiling for the camera. She was also holding a big fluffy stuffed cat.

Internet users who saw this commented, "So cute," "How lovely," etc.

Yoona is currently coming out in the KBS 2TV drama "The Prime Minister and I."

Phto Credit: Yoona UFO Town

Girls' Generation Yoona, Cute 'Apple Hair' 'It's Raining But Cheer Up'

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yoona, girls generation

Girls' Generation Yoona, Cute 'Apple Hair' 'It's Raining But Cheer Up' yoona apple hair self-cameraGirl group Girls' Generation's member Yoona revealed an 'apple hair' picture, catching much attention.

Today, Yoona posted on Girls' Generation's Facebook, "It's raining every day so it's a bit depressing but let's cheer up! Listen to 'LOVEGIRLS' released in Korea recently~ Listen to Taeyeon's 'Mister Go' OST~ Fighting" along with a picture.

In the picture, Yoona tied up her hair, making a V at the camera.

Photo Credit: Girls' Generation Facebook

Orange Caramel’s Lizzy unveils her new hair colour

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Orange Caramel’s Lizzy unveils her new hair colour

After School‘s Lizzy has revealed to fans that she recently dyed her light blonde hair back to black.

She posted the picture of her new hair on Twitter along with the caption  “I died my hair from blonde to black ,”. With this she caught fans attention and made them question whether there would be something new for the group.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and YoonA blow their own horns Their Aegyo

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and YoonA display Off Their Aegyo Girls’ Generation individuals Taeyeon and YoonA have proved once back their stunning appeal.

On November 21, leader Taeyeon uploaded an image on her private Instagram, writing, “It’s D-day, see you soon.” The caption refers to Girls’ Generation’s fourth solo concert in Korea happening today.

In the picture, YoonA and Taeyeon pose cutely for the camera, their bright smiles and mild attractiveness creating a excellent combination. also they are dressed for the Christmas season in bright red sweaters and skirts with green ribbon striking from the ceiling. Other Girls’ Generation members have also been uploading Christmas-themed posts in the days leading up to their concert.

Girls’ Generation will be performing their solo concert “Phantasia” from November 21 to 22 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

Yoona Is A Cosmopolitan Beauty In New H:Connect Photos

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Yoona Is A Cosmopolitan Beauty In New H:Connect Photos

Girls" Generation"s Yoona was recently appointed as the new exclusive model for the SPA brand H:Connect. According to a representative, the beauty was chosen to star in the new Fall/Winter 2015 lookbook because of her "feminine, innocent charm" and "cosmopolitan image," which allow her to appeal to different age groups of consumers.

In the newly released lookbook photos, Yoona modeled all kinds of styles that ranged from modern ripped jeans to luxurious fur mufflers. Her pieces included fur-hood coats, fun print cardigans, fringe-trim capes, trapper hats, knee-high socks, and leather boots. However, her best accessory was undoubtedly a funky beret that she tipped to the side.

For one of her looks, Yoona coupled a striped top and short-shorts with the "Buffett Court" coat. The wool-blend item has notched lapels, clean-finished cuffs and flapped pockets. The piece features a duster silhouette and displays "modern yet chic sensibility." The coat can be yours HERE and can be seen below in the two available colors.

To check out the first batch of released lookbook pictures, click here!

In other fashion news, Yoona is also the face of Casio"s Baby-G watch collection and LOVCAT Bijoux luxury bag line. Her last magazine pictorial was in the November issue of Marie Claire.

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For Your Viewing Pleasure: Pop of Colour

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20151116_seoulbeats_parkboram For Your Viewing Pleasure: Pop of Colour Written by Hania On November 18, 2015 Welcome back to For Your Viewing Pleasure, where we take the time out of the week to share some of the most recent fashion-forward photos tied to the K-pop landscape.

Sometimes all you need in an outfit is a pop of colour, some sort of highlight that stands out against the grey walls all around us. In this weeks segment, we get to see how the idols choose to do this, whether its through makeup, an accessory or a piece of clothing.

Park Bo-ram | Sorry (above)

Binnie (Oh My Girl) | Closer

TOP (BigBang) | DazedConfused

(YG Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, LOEN Entertainment, Grazia, Allure, Elle, Dazed, High Cut, Ize)

Yoona joins Hyeon Bin in film 'Cooperation'

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Yoona joins Hyeon Bin in film 'Cooperation'

Actress Hyeon Bin and Girls" Generation member Yoona will co-star in film "Cooperation".

According to an insider in motion picture industry on November 16th, Yoona has been showed to big name in "Cooperation" recently. Yoona will play Park Minyeong, who is a sister-in-law to the Korean detective in the movie. Here is her screen comeback in two years since her Chinese movie, "Goodbye Ani".

"Cooperation" already drew much attention when Hyeon Bin chose the movie as his screen comeback after his two year smash from films. "Cooperation" is a tale about an unofficial and primary cooperation in investigation between South Korea and North Korea. The movie is a blockbuster with its production budget of 10 billion won. Hyeon Bin plays Im Cheol-ryeong, a North Korean detective. he's expected to give prime point action acting and talks in North Korean accent. The filming is to get started out firstly of next year.

Meanwhile, Yoo Hae-jin has been contacted for the role as the brother-in-law for Yoona"s character, Park Minyeong. Yoo Hae-jin"s firm Sim Entertainment told television Report, ""Cooperation" is one of the crucial projects he is having a look into positively".

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