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Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Warns Sasaeng Fan: “Stop Following Me”

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny has recenly left a warning message to what seems like a sasaeng fan.

On January 15, Sunny tweeted, “I was driving to my parent’s house to eat some food at home. I’m not very experienced in driving so I can’t do things like shake off a closely following tail. But me being scared and nervous comes second. Others may get into an accident because of the way you drive. There is nothing for you to take today so please don’t follow me.”

At around 8AM, Sunny was heading toward her parent’s home in her car when it seems like sasaeng fan was chasing after her. It is known that Sunny was driving alone without her manager so she was a bit flustered at the dangerous driving, which is what led her to tweet that message.

In other news, Sunny delighted fans with a snapshot of her and bandmate YoonA after a concert in Thailand

How Many Kids Do These K-Pop Stars Want?

Yunho is not planning to marry until he is in his 30"s, but isn"t shy about admitting that he wants kids. “I really hope to have a son who looks exactly like me, and wear the same outfits, performing on the same stage. I believe TVXQ will be even popular by then and thus it would be best to give birth to a bunch of kids to accompany me on stage.”

I hope Yoona is hearing this one because in an interview Lee Seung Gi said, "I"m thinking of having more than three children. At first I thought two would be enough. But I have a younger sister and now that I"m older, I think the more siblings the better. Families with three or four siblings look happier." Gear up Yoona!

In an interview f(x)"s Amber said she wanted two kids

Five Singer-Actor Couples That Strike The Right Note

K-drama actors may be more likely to marry other actors and even occasionally muggles who don"t work in show business. But some of the more successful couples around are k-drama actors who fell in love with k-pop idols.

While it can be difficult to balance two demanding schedules, it also makes sense that you would want to date someone who understands the pressure involved in being a public figure.

So, who falls into that actor-singer couple category? Check out these celebrity duos:

Lee Seung Gi starred in "Gu Family Book" with singer-turned actress Suzy Bae. Viewers thought their onscreen characters made the perfect couple. But the actor, who also sings, had a serious crush on singer-actress Yoona. The couple made it a memorable New Year"s Eve last year by going public with their relationship

Who Believes in Marriage and Who Thinks It’s a Sham: K-Pop Stars’ Thoughts on Marriage

Big Bang"s Taeyang revealed in an interview with OSEN that while he is "negative about marriage," he"s definitely open to it if he finds a woman that changes his view. He continued to say, "I think it"s because I never found the apple of my eye. If I find my love who can shake my world, I will dare to marry tomorrow. My first love was like that. I think it is hard for me to date because my first love was so strong.” Can you imagine being the woman Taeyang falls in love with?

At a press conference for the film "Marriage Blue," Taec said, "it might be too early to think about marriage right now, but I"m also at an age when I should be thinking about marriage a lot." He continued to say that if he had a girl he dated for seven years, he would definitely wife her up!

In an interview f(x)"s leader, Victoria says she doesn"t know if she could ever get married

Sunny Spills on How SNSD Has Changed Over the Years

How has Girls’ Generation (SNSD) changed over the years?

Recently dubbing animated film Rio 2, SNSD’s Sunny mentioned her SNSD members in an interview saying, “We have become something other than family to each other. We cheer for one another no matter where we are and what we are doing. I realized that even our individual activities are part of SNSD. I always support them.”

There are nine of them. They dreamed their dreams together, made their debut and grew. It would be a lie to say there were no conflicts along the way. All nine could not receive the spotlight evenly all the time.

Sunny agreed and said, “When we were younger, there was a time when all nine of us had more greed for individual benefits. I think we wanted to stand out among the other members.”

She continued, “We all had different thoughts, such as ‘I can do this well, I want to do this, I want to sing alone, I want to act…’ But there came a moment when we started understanding each other and got to know more about one another

K-Pop Fashion Hot List: Yuri, Seohyun, Jo Yoon Hee

The KpopStarz Fashion Hot List features Girls Generation member Yuri, Girls Generation member Seohyun, Jo Yoon Hee, and more! Actresses kept it chic and casual in skinny jeans and structured jackets.

On March 22, Jo Yoon Hee attended a "Doshirak" fan-signing event. The actress, famous for her role in 2012 KBS drama "You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly" (also known as "My Husband Got a Family"), gave her casual outfit, a white T-shirt and distressed jeans, a touch of chic with a white, structured jacket.

On March 22, Krystal was photographed at Incheon International Airport leaving for the Arirang "Simply K-Pop" event in Shanghai, China. Krystal paired an oversized tweed jacket with dark-wash skinny jeans

Korean Music Industry Insiders Suggest The Reign Of Girls’ Generation May Soon Be Over

(Photo : SM Entertainment)

In a Korea Times feature about the current state of Girls" Generation, some Korean music industry insiders suggest that the famed girl group is nearing disbandment.

Despite being regarded as the most popular K-Pop girl group with dedicated fans around the globe, is Girls" Generation on the way out? That is was some Korean music industry professionals seem to think.

In a piece published in the Korea Times last week, it was suggested that the recently revealed relationships and scandals surrounding a few of the band"s members provide evidence that the nine-member K-Pop group is running out of steam.

Girls" Generation is managed by big-time Korean entertainment agency SM Entertainment, a record label notorious for keeping its artists on a tight leash

Airport Fashion Spotlight: Yoona’s Hearty Feminine Look to Vietnam


Yoona was spotted, together with fellow group members of Girls" Generation, in the airport as they were headed to Vietnam for the 2014 HEC Korea Festival.

The lovely Yoona was seen wearing a beige, A-lined skirt that complimented with her Isabel Marant Etoile Kandisa Quilted Denim Jacket priced at $640; underneath the jacket was a Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Heart Cardigan retailed at $449. She also accessorized her look with a Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Camouflage Sneakers at $380 and was from Christian Dior"s Cruise 2014 collection, a Dior Evening Graded Clutch in pink and white.

Yoona seemed to show her feminism with her A-line skirt, making it given as she is the member of the most popular girl group in Korea

‘Secret Love Affair” And “Yoona’s Street” The Second Han Suk Kyu, Choi Min Shik,Chae Shi Rah

(Photo : JTBC)

The new JTBC Monday/Tuesday drama "Yoona" Street" to follow "Secret Love Affair" is known as the modern day "Seoul"s Moon" and people are interested to see who the next Han Suk Kyu, Choi Min Shik and Chae Shi Ra will be.

"Yoona"s Street" that is scheduled to be first broadcast in May features veteran middle-aged actors that give faith to the piece with experienced acting that is flawless and actors Lee Hee Joon, Kim Ok Bin, Shin So Yul, and Kang Shin Hyo that have been recognized for their acting skills through various pieces and have been loved have confirmed to be in the drama.

In addition, the drama "Seoul"s Moon" that was broadcast in 1994 brought Han Suk Kyu, Choi Min Shik and Chae Shi Ra to stardom and these stars are still loved to the present day. Viewers are also in big support for the actors that will take on the Baton from these actors

YoonGi Beats Khunfany

Last week, two of K-Pop′s current ′It′ couples went head to head in our Battle, and we′re ready to declare which pair came out on top.

Although the competition was nailbitingly close when the poll opened, the YoonGi couple, made up of SNSD′s Yoona and Lee Seung Gi, surged ahead to beat out the Khunfany couple, made up of 2PM′s Nichkhun and SNSD′s Tiffany.

The YoonGi couple managed to snatch up 59 percent of votes, taking a significant lead over the Khunfany couple, who earned 41 percent of readers′ votes.

Be sure to check out our latest Battle, featuring two of today′s kitschiest girl groups.