Yoon Son Ha under fire for her son beating another student with a bat

Yoon Son Ha under fire for her son beating another student with a bat

Actress Yoon Son Ha has recently voiced her opinions on her position in regards to the articles about her son’s bullying incident.

An official from CLN Company released a statement saying, “It’s difficult for us to keep a close eye on this situation and all the reports that have been released in regards to the issue. We want to discuss about Yoon Son Ha’s position and get the facts in order as well as the progression of the actual problem. The fact that SBS Press released the initial report of several third-grade students purposefully targeting a single classmate and trapping that student in a blanket then resulting to beating said student is different from what happened in reality. The bat that the student used, was not a baseball bat, but rather a toy. A toy bat made out of styrofoam. Because of the material, the bat was made out of it wouldn’t have caused much harm or damage.”

Furthermore, the official stated, “The incident with forcefully feeding the classmate the banana milk shaped body wash has not been confirmed. The fact that SBS Press released these kindsof reports without consulting both parties, and instead only listened to the parents of the student that was allegedly attacked is wrong. The teacher who consulted with this parent has had to have edited the clip of the accident and broadcast it, it is unforgiving.”

Additionally, the actress is to have relayed the following message, “There is not one moment where I think of this incident as just child’s play. I do not intend to use my career as a celebrity to forcefully have this incident play out in my favor. I will try my utmost best as a child’s mother to make sure this kind of accident does not happen again.”

Currently, Yoon Son Ha plays the role of Hong Bong Hee in ‘The Best Hit’.

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