Yoon Si Yoon to make a special appearance on ‘Music Bank’!

Yoon Si Yoon to make a special appearance on ‘Music Bank’!

Actor Yoon Si Yoon will be making a surprise appearance on KBS2’s ‘Music Bank’!

A press conference was held on May 30 featuring the cast of new drama ‘The Best Shot’, including Yoon Si Yoon.

The actor addressed the news of his ‘Music Bank’ appearance during the conference, saying, “People have to be cautious when they are drinking. I was having a drink with Cha Tae Hyun and who would’ve thought my words would have a butterfly effect.”

Co-star Cha Tae Hyun mentioned, “There is a group called J-2 from the script in which Hong Kyung Min wrote their song himself. Since Hong Kyung Min and Yoon Si Yoon will be working together, I thought why not ‘Music Bank’?”

Yoon Si Yoon added on, “I would like to give an apology to the ‘Music Bank’ director. I will do my best to not fool around and practice a lot.”

Meanwhile, ‘The Best Shot’ is an entertainment drama airing on June 2 about a top star, whom everyone mistakes for dead, returns from being missing. 

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