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NS Yoon-G wants to be your "Wifey" in latest teaser

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NS Yoon-G wants to be your

Sexy singer NS Yoon-G is back with her teaser for the song "Wifey"!

She"ll be coming back with single album "Sincerely", and her hip hop title track will feature MC Mong. In her previously SNS post, she had written, "I love U! Sincerely, Ur wifey♡", which turned out to be a hint about her new title track!

Check out the teaser above and get ready for her comeback on the 20th!

Yoon Eun Hye is lovely in pink with "Samantha Thavasa"s latest "Croco" bag

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Yoon Eun Hye is lovely in pink with

Actress and designer Yoon Eun Hye is back for the cameras, posing with "Samantha Thavasa"s latest "Croco" bag!

In the pictures, Yoon Eun Hye pairs her beautiful wine-colored bag with baby pink pants and a black and white striped jacket hanging off her shoulders. Her look is elegant yet also casual, as she emits both a classy and cute aura about her.

What do you think of her look?

Yoon Jong Shin releases latest monthly project "Silence" with Jung Joon Il

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Yoon Jong Shin releases latest monthly project

Yoon Jong Shin is back with his latest monthly project, and this time it"s a beautiful melody called "Silence"! The singer and producer has brought in singer Jung Joon Il who is sure to stir emotions with his clear voice.

Although Yoon Jong Shin had thought to sing his new song himself, while monitoring his guide version, he decided someone with a more sorrowful tone to his voice would suit the song better. This led him to seek out Jung Joon Il, who accepted his offer.

Take a listen to it through the video above!

WINNER"s leader Kang Seung Yoon becomes magician in latest Fanta CF?

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WINNER"sleader Kang Seung Yoon dazzles the other members with his magic skills in the latest fun CF from "Fanta"!

The boys have been the brand model for "Fanta" since May. Earlier today, the brand released a new CF. Kang Seung Yoon "magically" introduces "Fanta" flavors to his members. The other boys are awed by Seung Yoon"s skills as evidenced by their mesmerized faces.

The new CF is just one of many happy-go-lucky clips the boys have filmed for the brand. Enjoy above!

Yoon Jong Shin Teams up with Younha for Latest “Monthly Project” Release

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Yoon Jong Shin Teams up with Younha for Latest “Monthly Project” Release

Veteran singer and music producer Yoon Jong Shin has revealed that solo star Younha will work on the latest in his series of collaborative monthly releases entitled Monthly Project Yoon Jong Shin.

July’s track will be entitled “Bat Girl,” and Yoon Jong Shin has taken to social network sites to promote the forthcoming release with a series of teaser images featuring both Younha and himself. No official date has yet been announced for the release.

The track comes on the back of June’s effort, “Somehow,” which featured the vocals of Canadian-Chinese musician Kelly.

Yoon Jong Shin has changed his Twitter profile photograph to a collage image that features the two stars posing with large, colorful lollipops, while photos were also uploaded to his Facebook page.

Accompanying the pictures was a caption, “Monthly Project Yoon Jong Shin with Younha for July is ‘Bat Girl.’ Please expect a lot!”

NS Yoon-G Exudes Sex Appeal In Latest Photo Shoot for Arena Homme Plus

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NS Yoon-G Exudes Sex Appeal In Latest Photo Shoot for Arena Homme Plus Soloist NS Yoon-G recently had a photo shoot with fashion magazine Arena Homme Plus, in which she showed off her sexy charms in various street wear.

NS Yoon-G, who recently finished promotions for her latest single “Yasisi,” transformed into a sexy “street girl” for the photo spread with men’s lifestyle magazine Arena Homme Plus.

According to the staff who were present at the photo shoot, NS Yoon G had a very chill personality, as she cheerfully participated in the shoot despite the hot weather and many people watching.

In the pictures released by Arena, NS Yoon-G poses in various outdoor locations in summery outfits.

The full photo shoot of NS Yoon-G for Arena Homme Plus can be found in the July issue of the magazine.

Yoon Jong Shin releases MV for his latest monthly ballad 'NEW YOU' with 2AM's Seulong

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Yoon Jong Shin releases MV for his latest monthly ballad 'NEW YOU' with 2AM's Seulong

Although many know him as more of a TV personality these days, Yoon Jong Shin continues to stay in touch with his roots as a musician with his latest monthly release featuring the voice of 2AM"s Seulong!

SEE ALSO: 2AM belatedly revealed to have expressed their pain regarding the ferry victims at Japanese concert

Seulong sang "NEW YOU", which is the next ballad for Yoon Jong Shin"s "Monthly Project" for May 2014, and showed that he is a triple threat with his talent in singing, acting, and visuals to boot in the cameo for the MV. "NEW YOU" expresses the longing to live in the moment and not thinking about anything else but loving that special someone.

Seulong and Son Eun Seo previously teamed up as ambassadors for the "2012 JIFF" ("Jeongju International Film Festival") so fans were also excited to see them together again.

Check out the song through the video above!

Actress Yoon Seung Ah’s Beauty Is in Full Bloom in Latest Pictorial

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Actress Yoon Seung Ah’s Beauty Is in Full Bloom in Latest Pictorial Actress Yoon Seung Ah’s Beauty Is in Full Bloom in Latest Pictorial In her recent February magazine pictorial, actress Yoon Seung Ah from cable channel tvN drama “I Need Romance Season 3” shows her cute and sexy charms to her fans. In this recent pictorial, Yoon Seung Ah wears a wedding veil and all white outfits. She mixes the innocence of a young girl with the mature yet sensual charm of a woman. She portrays a female who cradles the boundary between a young child and an adult.

Yoon Seung Ah, who is famously known for being a fashionista, actively participated in deciding the various photo shoot concepts for this pictorial.

During a beauty interview, Yoon Seung Ah revealed her secrets in keeping her youthful looks. She also revealed good cosmetic products and foods to eat to be more healthy. Yoon Seung Ah stated that for two meals a day, she eats only organic and homemade food. She also eats a lot of fruit and nuts. Yoon Seung Ah makes sure that she gets all the necessary vitamins that is needed to maintain health. To keep her body in shape, Yoon Seung Ah does pilates and lift weights.

Yoon Seung Ah’s interview and pictorials will be fully revealed in the February addition of “BEAUTY+”.

Yoon Eun Hye’s Latest Style Displays "Marry Him If You Dare" Na Mi Rae's Beautiful Transformation

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Yoon Eun Hye’s Latest Style Displays Marry Him If You Dare Na Mi Raes Beautiful TransformationForget the image of a frizzy hair, baggy clothes Na Mirae because actress Yoon Eun Hye’s character shows her new, lovely style.

With only two episodes left, KBS2TV’s “Marry Him If You Dare” revealed new images of Yoon Eun Hye’s character that showed her new appearance. Forget the confusing thoughts of who Na Mi Rae will marry because one thing for sure is that the once unfashionable young writer has transformed into a beautiful, elegant lady.

Yoon Eun Hye, who plays news writer Na Mi Rae, dispelled any doubts of her character’s beauty, as new photos show the actress wearing a stylish blue dress, styled with her short, wavy hairstyle. As the new drama stills show Na Mi Rae attending an event with broadcast station heir, Park Se Ju ( Jung Yong Hwa), Mi Rae does not seem to lack in class in her new look.

As many are curious about Mi Rae’s future choice, the beautiful transformation of the once clumsy looking character is an eye catcher that cannot be overlooked. Catch the last two episode of “Marry Him If You Dare” this Monday and Tuesday at 10PM (KST).

Yoon Eun Hye Is as "Energetic" as Her Hair in Latest Stills from "Future Choice"

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Yoon Eun Hye Is as Energetic as Her Hair in Latest Stills from Future ChoiceThis cant be avoided. All eyes are drawn to Yoon Eun Hyes hair in the latest stills of the actress from the upcoming KBS drama Future Choice.

These stills show Yoon Eun Hye emerged in her character, Na Mi Rae, a call-center contracted employee at a large company. She is described as a bright and energetic young woman who continuously strives toward her dream. In the stills, she is performing at a company talent show, hoping to win trip to a resort. Just like in the scene shown in the first set of stills released previously, Yoon Eun Hye filmed this scene without any NGs. 

Future Choice follows the life of Na Mi Rae who one day meets a person who claims to be her future self.  Na Mi Rae decides to follow the advice of her future self and forge a new path. It will premiere on Monday, October 14, and will air on Mondays and Tuesdays on KBS.