'World IT Show 2013': Your imagination finally came in real life

'World IT Show 2013': Your imagination finally came in real life

'World IT Show 2013': Your imagination finally came in real life

I. World IT Show 2013

The World IT Show 2013 was officially held in Seoul at Coex from May 21st to 24th. Hosted by the 'Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning' and 'Ministry of Trade, IndustryEnergy', the World IT Show exhibited numerous products containing outstanding technology and ideas with the slogan "Smart Life, Simple IT". The World IT Show has been introducing the worlds advanced IT every year since 2008.

The exhibition consisted of about 630 leading companies and universities from 22 countries that will lead the future IT industry. The 'World IT Show' presented various types of IT products:

Mobile / Communications / Broadcasting

Smart Phone, Tablet PC, Smart TV, LTE, HSPA+, WIBRO, 3D TV, Camera, Speaker, etc. Cloud Computing / Big Data / IT Services

Cloud-based Computer, SaaS, User Platform, 3D Printer, Security Services, RFID, etc Software / Digital Contents

OS, UX/UI, E-Learning Software, App Store, SNS, Security Solutions, FTTH Solutions, etc.

IT Convergence

Car (Auto-Driving, Smart Cruise Control), Smart Grid, Robots, U-City Network, etc. Industrial Electronics

Flexible Display, Semiconductor, Embedded Hardware, LED, Secondary Battery, etc.

The exhibition ended in success. The four-day exhibition gathered about 169,000 visitors, 290 business consultations and contracts valued at a total value of $31million and consultations valued at a total value $178million were generated.

'World IT Show 2013': Your imagination finally came in real life

'World IT Show 2013': Your imagination finally came in real life

Several events held within the exhibition grabbed the attentions of many attendees.

II. Outstanding products that will lead to our 'Smart Life'!

All of the products exhibited in the World IT Show were unique and creative. 3 products that stood out to us will be introduced. The link or the QR code can be followed to see more details about other products that were displayed at the World IT Show.

"Can a robot host a show on stage?!"Isan Solution's intelligent robot, 'RoboThespian'

'World IT Show 2013': Your imagination finally came in real life

'RoboThespian' communicating with the audience

Have you seen a robot acting or hosting a show on stage? 'RoboThespian' can do all that and more. This robot, invented by ISAN Solution Inc. of Korea, can express emotions, execute presentations and act just like an actor. In fact, 'RoboThespian' previously played triple roles and hosted the musicals. 'RoboThespian' can communicate with people and execute actions according to its surrounding environment. With the built-in technology called AA(Always Alive), the movements made by 'RoboThespian" could flow naturally and lively. We should look forward to seeing how this robot will be applied in the future.

You can find more details about 'RoboThespian' here: http://www.isans.co.kr/eng/

See what you wrote on papers on screen!NeoLab Convergence's 'Neo.1 Pen'

Watch what you write on paper appear on a smartphone or a computer monitor simultaneously. Anything written on a coded paper with the 'Neo.1 Pen' will be simultaneously displayed on your smartphone or computer via Bluetooth. Everything written will automatically be saved as an image or a PDF file. The convenient 'Neo.1 Pen' recognizes the speed at which it is used and has its own mapping/editing tools. The 'Neo.1 Pen' can be utilized with any papers with dot codes and is widely used in the field of education. Look forward to seeing the application of 'Neo.1 Pen' expand.

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For more details about 'Neo.1 Pen', click: http://www.neolab.kr/?lang=enpage=#!/page_

The smallest 3D printer in the world!Hephzibah's 'MIICRAFT'

=cERllFq2VEg" frameborder="0" width="560" height="315"

Haphzibah Incorporate of Korea displayed 'MIICRAFT', the world's smallest 3D printer, in the 'World IT Show'. The statue of liberty, a ball and the Eiffel Tower are some of the models printed by 'MIICRAFT'. The MIICRAFT 3D printer is 205mm(W) x 208mm(L) x 335mm(H), and the maximum size of the model it can print is 43mm(W) x 27mm(L) x 180mm(H). MIICRAFT has a built-in Stereo-lithography and Digital Light Processing (DLP) so that it can print detailed models. The model is printed in plastic and is very soft when it is just printed. The hardness of the model can be adjusted by the level of ultraviolet rays. This technology will be improved to print out models with different colors, sizes and materials, and applied in different fields of industries.

For more details about MIICRAFT, click:http://www.miicraft.com/

III. The Next 'World IT Show'

'World IT Show 2013': Your imagination finally came in real life

A big banner at the exit displayed the location of the next 'World IT Show'. The World IT Show 2014 will be held between October 20th and 23rd at Bexco in Busan. It will be a great opportunity to see and experience advanced IT technologies! Don't miss your chance.

'World IT Show 2013': Your imagination finally came in real life

"World IT Show" homepage:



"Incomplete Life" author Jeong Yoon-jeong to write "Bride of the Water God 2017"

Writer Jeong Yoon-jeong who created a syndrome with "Incomplete Life" is coming back with "Bride of the Water God 2017".

"Bride of the Water God 2017" is a spin off edition of the comedian "Bride of the Water God". 'Spin off' method a deviated version from the original, so the vintagedelusion and characters might be modernized and moved by potential of time and location to Seoul today.

The long-established "Bride of the Water God" used to be published serially for 10 years and become published in Russia, Hungary and other countries in e bookshape for the primary time in Korean comic history.

Number 3Imagessaid that Jeong Yoon-jeong has finished up to 4 episodes and the filming will start later this year. The drama will be pre-produced to extend the quality of it and the free up date is decided for 2017.

#Jeong Yoon-jeong #Bride of the Water God 2017 #Incomplete Life #news

Spoiler 'Mirror of the Witch' Yoon Si-yoon is brought back to life, Kim Sae-ron hones sword of revenge

Spoiler 'Mirror of the Witch' Yoon Si-yoon is brought back to life, Kim Sae-ron hones sword of revenge

On "Mirror of the Witch" episode 5, people who had to stand death regained their strength one through one.

Crown Prince (Yeo Hoi-hyeon), and Poong-yeon (Kwak Si-yang) spread out their eyes. Heo Joon (Yoon Si-yoon) also experienced a unusualcurative that got rid of the arrow wound from his body. However, Heo Joon had lost his mom (Kim Hee-jeong) as a result of his evil half-brother Heo Adequate (Jo Dal-hwan).

As Queen (Jang Hee-jin) asked Hong-joo (Yeom Jeong-ah) if the black wonder magic might be ready to have brought about the unhealthystate of affairs to Crown Prince, Hong-joo overtly answered, "What would you do if the black marvel magic would possibly have caused this? You don't appear to be the just one who gave birth to Crown Prince. My magic also gave birth to him".

Although Crown Prince recovered his consciousness, he all of surprising lost his life. It used to be Hong-joo's terrible revenge opposed to Queen, who changed intoseeking to have a regulate over her.

Heo Joon returned house after he discovered out his half-brother Heo K had killed his mother. However, Heo Ok did now not feel to blame at all about what he had done. He in its place held his own birthday party. Heo Joon hiding his anger told Heo Ok, "I wish you excellentfitness and longevity".

After this, Heo Joon's lifestylesbecameutterly different. He chose to are living a life of idle and purposeless gentry. Yet the more pathetic Heo Joon's life became, the happier Heo Ok felt about it. However, it was all Heo Joon's plan to arrangeregularly to take revenge for his mother's death.

Yeon-hee (Kim Sae-ron) also was alive. However, Yeon-hee lived below a new name, Seo-ri. This was the sole way she may just survive. She at all times lit a candle. When she had best8 candles left, Seo-ri promised herself, "I'll unravel the curse regardless of what and offer coverage to the ones I love".


QUIZ: Those Real-Life Couples Discovered Love at the Set of Which Drama

QUIZ: Those Real-Life Couples Discovered Love at the Set of Which Drama

QUIZ: Those Real-Life Couples Discovered dearestat the fix of Which Drama?blacksesame88 March 11, 2016 0 LINE it!QUIZ: These Real-Life Couples Found Love on the Set of Which Drama? Ever wish the OTP of your favourite drama would date in real life as a result of their amazing onscreen chemistry? Every now and then that chemistry develops off-screen and thats when we see couples cross from reel to real! There are so much of couples who found love on the drama set and a few even in the endwere given married—one noted example is married couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young. Take this quiz to determine what dramas these real-life couples found love on set!

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MAMAMOO vs. Yoon Mi Rae vs. Chen x Punch for #1 on real-time charts!

MAMAMOO vs. Yoon Mi Rae vs. Chen x Punch for #1 on real-time charts!

It seems like MAMAMOO, Yoon Mi Rae, and Chen x Punch are going face to face for the number 1 place on real-time charts!

SEE ALSO: Fan witnessed Chen on an day out with D.O. and Jo In Sung?

MAMAMOO's new identify song "You're the Best" has hit #1 on Mnet, Genie, Naver Music, Bugs, and Monkey3!

SM Station's 3rd assignment with Yoon Mi Rae, titled "Because of You", has clenched the #1 spot on Olleh Music!

Lastly, the #1 spot on Melon's real-time charts has been currently claimed by skill of Chen x Punch's duet for 'Descendants of the Sun' OST Phase 2, "Everytime"!

The combat for the #1 spot is fierce! But, what a treat it's mileswith the purpose toexperiencesuch so much of amazing new songs at once!


Ailee's Ex-Boyfriend Daniel Lee And His Process At Allkpop Parent Corporate  Disregarded Of Radiolab Podcast On Her 2013 Nude Photo Scandal

Ailee's Ex-Boyfriend Daniel Lee And His Process At Allkpop Parent Corporate Disregarded Of Radiolab Podcast On Her 2013 Nude Photo Scandal

K-Pop Crossover: NBC News Highlights Korean-American Artists Like Teddy Park And Ailee(Photo : Facebook)6Theory Media Vice President of Content Eun Duk “Daniel” Lee become not stated in the Radiolab report Radiolab co-hosts Jad Abumrad (right) and Robert Krulwich(Photo : courtesy of Radiolab's authentic Facebook page)It was the tale that shook Hallyu culture down to its foundations.

Back in 2013, 6Theory Media Vice President of Content Eun Duk "Daniel" Lee, the ex-boyfriend of K-pop star Ailee, reportedly attempted to sell nude footage of the vocalist to the South Korean tabloid Dispatch. When the photographsseemedin a while thereafter at the Korean entertainment news web page allkpop, enthusiasts were furious.

"It was our Watergate," Soompi editor AJ Park told the nationally broadcast WNYC program Radiolab, in a work released on Wednesday. "It was our K-popgate. It replaced everything."

But it was the revelation that Lee's corporate 6Theory Media owns allkpop that truly threw gas on the flame for lots of fans.

Though any connection with Ailee's ex throughcall or his connection to allkpop was conspicuously omitted of the Radiolab report, which testedthe hotupward thrust of paparazzi in Korea. The importance of the liked radio display and podcast, respected for it is in-depth and outside-the-box reporting, omitting such severemain points wasn't lost on Beyond Hallyu editor Lizzie Parker.

In a seething op-ed published on the UK-based K-pop-themed site on Wednesday, Paker, who declined to be interviewed for this article, laid into Radiolab for presenting an incomplete view of the story.

"It's bizarre that this podcast never mentioned that he was Ailee's ex-boyfriend," Parker wrote. "It's weird that they never mentioned that he admitted to looking to sell Dispatch the photos (even if he says he didn't leak them to allkpop)."

Though Lee gave the affect to admit in an on-air telephone outcry to the Seoul Broadcasting Gadget programme "One Evening of Television Entertainment" that he did if fact exist told inquire about promoting the nude photos to Dispatch, he claimed he was the truth iswanting to lend a hand Ailee she was allegedly tricked into posing nude for what she was told was a modeling audition.

"Because we had a tip from other folks alongside that more or lessfunction to sell Ailee's nude photos to the tabloid in mind, I just trulysought afterto peer if it was conceivable and I innocently asked. I had no other intention," Lee acknowledged in the 2013 interview.

The allkpop executive maintains he didn'tsupply his employers with the disclosing images.

"A false impressiontook place and I may bein a position tobestmake an apology more or less it," Lee said. "But what I would like to say is that I did not leak the photos."

For an allkpop reader commenting in a 2013 forum on the web contentbeneath the name Krevice, Lee's admission provoked more questions than answers.

"I too wonder about...this newest news that Daniel Lee made that phone call to Dispatch News, faking an be offering of the Ailee nude pics for money," Krevice wrote in a forum post on the website from quickly subsequently the incident.

"I wonder whetherany individualrunning at allkpop knew that Daniel Lee was going to make that phone call? Were there any discussions between allkpop staffas to if this was an okconceptahead of Daniel Lee doing that?"

The user has since been banned from commenting on the allkpop website, but the questions Krevice raised did obtain a reaction from a commenter named Ace, claiming to be a former allkpop moderator.

"From what I been told by ex-allkpop team of workers is that allkpop has not lied referring to being the leaker," Ace wrote. "They also have evidence for all in their claims. It was a dumb go by Daniel though to check the evidence out. However, all and sundry makes mistakes."

Following the incident, 6Theory rushed to factor a remarksaying Lee's innocence, putting forward that it whomever posted the X-rated pictureswerethe use of a Canadian IP cope with and that Ailee's checklist label YMC Entertainment was unfairly jumping to conclusions when they accused the site of misconduct.

"For complete disclosure, our employee, Daniel Lee did date Ailee in the past, however he did not post the photos in question," the statement read. "Not knowing whom the real culprit was, YMC grew to become the blame to the perfect target.

According to the court of public opinion though, it wasn't adequate according to the Radiolab piece, entitled "K-poparazzi."

"Really, their recognition merely tanks. It was a caution to them from K-pop fans 'don't mess with us.'" Park said in the podcast, concerning allkpop's backlash for publishing the nude photos of Ailee. "I mean I have not really followed them in a while, but they haven't recovered since then."

For Beyond Hallyu's editor, the irony of having Park remark on the legitimacy of her biggest competitor as a US-based Korean entertainment site that generated the Radiolab report's biggest credibility gap.

"The maximumfantastic moment was when a substantialbite of the tale about the backlash opposed to allkpop was told by the editor of Soompi, as though she had no stake in sharing the story of the site's intended downfall," Parker wrote.

"And the most frustrating phase is it isn't true. Up to 1 hate to mention it, allkpop has most commonly recovered."

Allkpop is lately the fourth result that looks in a Google seek of the term "kpop."

Radiolab's manufacturers and allkpop's editorial body of workersmay not straight away be reached for comment.

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Spoiler 'Six Flying Dragons' Yoon Gyoon-sang's undaunted bloody combat saves Yoo Ah-in's life

Spoiler 'Six Flying Dragons' Yoon Gyoon-sang's undaunted bloody combat saves Yoo Ah-in's life

On the 42nd episode of SBS Monday Tuesday drama, 'Six Flying Dragons', Moo-hyul (Yoon Gyoon-sang) stored Yi Bang-won (Yoo Ah-in)'s existence later on he fought in the bloody battle.

When Moo-hyul's life was once at stake after he aimed his sword at Joo-che (Moon Jong-won) to be offeringcoverage to Yi Bang-won, Yi Bang-won attempted to save Moo-hyul. Yet it did notpaintings alongside Joo-che. Yi Bang-won asked Joo-che, "This lad is a warrior. Give him an opportunity to die fighting".

Yi Bang-won becameagainst Moo-hyul and instructed him, "I would now not have any energy to give defense to him. The sole thing I willprovide you withis an opportunity to fight. Let's survive. You mustlive on so I survive". Hong Dae-hong (Lee Joon-hyeok-I) recommended Moo-hyul, "The East Dual Dragon 25 talents aneadvancedmust always work".

Moo-hyul had a mortal struggle with Joo-che's guard squaddies who had failed to protect Joo-che. When Moo-hyul's sword and defend were destroyed, he throttled the enemies and kept scuffling with with naked hands. Even supposing Joo-che told him to stop, he did no longer stop. When Yi Bang-won ordered Moo-hyul to stop, he in the end ceased his fight.

Joo-che announced, "It's your victory. Tell me your wish". Moo-hyul said, "I heard your guard soldiers could becompletedon account of the combat today. Please let them live". Joo-che asked why and Moo-hyul said, "We, people, who tried to guardanything or someone, have commonplace ground. I agree withthey're going to existgreater at protective from now on".


Hyoyeon remarks on being called a 'real-life goddess'

Hyoyeon remarks on being called a 'real-life goddess'

Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon guested at the February 3 airing of OnStyle's 'Get It Beauty,' addressing the remark of being a 'real-life goddess'--as in she looks in point of factjust right in person.

When any person told her that she is a 'real-life goddess,' Hyeoyeon remained modest, saying, "I pay attentionso muchthat i am cute. I believeit is because I do herbal makeup that aligns my eye shape."

SEE ALSO: Hyoyeon reported to register for the beauty display 'Get It Beauty'

What do you take into consideration the statement toward Hyoyeon? She undoubtedly has grown into her glanceago couple years!


Signal Starts With A Real-Life Love Triangle

Signal Starts With A Real-Life Love Triangle

At the start of the time commute detective mystery "Signal," Lee Je Hoon is making an attempt to make a little moneyat the side. As a policeman he will have tono longerin point of fact exist digging via other people's trash yet he digs so he can sell superstarknowledge to the tabloids.

Lee's persona Lt. Park Hae Young is excellent at profiling criminals so working out what celebrities are doing is easy. One note from him and the tabloid newshounds know where and when to snap the celebs desperately lookingup to now in secret.

But, here's the funny part. When he's passing on his celebrity news, he names genuine actors and uses their headshots. First, he tells the reporters that Im Si Wan, Kang So Ra and Byun Yo Han are in a love triangle. In real life, none of those actors are dating every other, but they did all seemin combination in the cable hit "Misaeng."

Then he talks about a couple he is certain are dating. It is Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung, who in real existence are married. There isn't any word yet on what Lee and Ji feel about the fictitious allegations that they're dating, but these actors almost certainly all think its funny.

The comic storyslightly lingers there prior to the plot moves at lightning speed directly to the crimes that can be its focus. A detective from the past, played by Jo Jin Woong, is aiding Park Hae Young, a detective from the existing day to solve crimes that experience since grow to bebloodless cases. But it isn't entirely a one-way walkie-talkie communication. No longerbest does Park Hae Young discover who the killers truly were but also the clues he supplies to the beyondlend a handsave you murders from happening.

The aggregate of in fact being on the scene and today's forensic generation is a winning one.

The police branch where Lt. Park Hae Young works has not replaced much in the decades since Jo Jin Young's character Lee Jae Han worked there. As then there are a lot ofsorts of police officers. There are the officials who like to let snoozing dogs die and there are the officers who pursue the realityregardless of what it prices them.

Once Park Hae Young starts receiving communications from the past, he ends his sideline celebrity detective paintings and becomes eager about his work as a police officer.

The drama also stars Kim Hye Soo as Cha Soo Hyun and Jung Hae Kyun as Kim Bum Soo, either Park's awesome officers.


SHINEE’s Taemin is a real-life Howl Jenkins Pendragon

SHINEE’s Taemin is a real-life Howl Jenkins Pendragon

33kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter A fan-made blog post compares SHINEE member Taemin and Howl Jenkins Pendragon from Howls Moving Castle.

A blog post that used to be created through a fan compares SHINEE member Taemin and the nature Howl Jenkins Pendragon from the film Howls Moving Castle. Howl Jenkins Pendragon is an impressive wizard personathis is especially popular amongfanatics of the movie, basically for his charm and personality. Even if his appearance is with herbal bluish black hair, he also seems as a blonde with blue eyes.

SHINEE member Taemin at the other hand could also be known to be eithergood-looking and charming. Pulling off quite so much of hair styles and colors, Taemin is known for his originalmodel and style.

Here are photographsunderneath that compare Taemin and Howl Jenkins Pendragon:

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