Yoochun’s wedding location relocated due to fans

Yoochun’s wedding location relocated due to fans

According to an exclusive news report by TV Report on May 2, it appears JYJ member Yoochun and fiancee Hwang Hana’s wedding location has been changed. The wedding ceremony was to be held on September 10 at Seoul’s ‘S’ Hotel.

However, the appointment was canceled towards the end of last month and relocated to a wedding hall in the Gangnam District instead. The date of the wedding is still the same.

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It appears the reason for the abrupt switch up was due to numerous fans’ setting appointments to reserve a seat at the idol star’s wedding following the unveiling of the official location. The couple wished for a small, private ceremony, hence the sudden change in location.

Meanwhile, surprising the masses with his wedding news, Yoochun will be tying the knot with Hwang Hana after he gets discharged from the military in August.

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