Yoochun’s marriage news affects his military service + fiancee’s SNS posts get negative attention

Yoochun’s marriage news affects his military service + fiancee’s SNS posts get negative attention

The news of JYJmember Yoochun’s impending marriage has caused quite a stir among fans and reporters, and it’s affecting his military service.

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On April 13, reporters caught Yoochun leaving his duties as a public service employee in Seoul earlier than expected with some media outlets alleging he came and went within 5 seconds. A rep from the borough office, where Yoochun is fulfilling his military duties, called for the withdrawal of media from the location, stating, “It’s a place where employees work, and it’s causing discomfort. Yoochun and the other employees need to use the restroom, but it’s uncomfortable as there are so many reporters.”

In the midst of all this, Yoochun’s fiancee is getting negative attention for her social media posts. In a now-deleted Instagram post, his fiancee Hwang Hana wrote, “Please don’t do this. It’s not like that,” causing many to speculate that the marriage announcement by C-JeS Entertainmentwas in fact incorrect. Some netizens questioned why Ms. Hwang seems to be denying the marriage news, while Yoochun’s agency has already confirmed it. However, it seems Ms. Hwang was referring to the rumors circulating the upcoming wedding rather than the marriage itself.

Ms. Hwang, granddaughter ofNamyang Dairy Products Company’s CEO Hong, is also receiving backlash for an Instagram post she made on April 13. She posted an image of Disney characters along with the message, “I miss my mom and dad. On a day like this, I don’t have my dad or my younger sibling or my mom. I just don’t want my family to be negatively affected by this. It’s okay if you insult me. I’m really sorry, and I apologize.”

Netizens responded, “Why is she talking like that? She seems immature and childish”, “Is she very young? She’s been educated in a chaebol household, but she can’t even write”, “Lol. Minnie Mouse. This is hilarious”, and more.

More details about their relationship have also hit headlines. One media outlet stated, “Hwang Hana was there for Yoochun when he was going through a difficult time after his controversy,” referring to past allegations that Yoochun had sexually assaulted adult bar employees and other women in bathrooms. Reports continued, “That’s how they naturally started a romantic relationship and decided to marry. Yoochun and Hwang Hana have not been dating for long. However, Hwang Hana has always been a fan of Yoochun, and Yoochun has also fallen in love with her. He currently has no desire to pursue a career as a celebrity. Honestly, he’s even considering officially retiring from entertainment. However, he can re-start whenever he’d like, so it’s difficult to call it a retirement. For now, he won’t be active as a celebrity.”

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