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Lee Seung Gi Will Release His First Album Since 2012

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Lee Seung Gi Will Release His First Album Since 2012

(Photo : ) On May 21, Hook Entertainment announced the June 4 release of new music from solo vocalist and actor, Lee Seung Gi. In a report published by Star News, a representative from Hook Entertainment provided a statement for the upcoming release.

"Lee Seung Gi will release a new album on June 4," said the representative. "It will be his first album since "Forest," in 2012."

In a statement published by eNews, the representative provided clarification about the upcoming release. "This isn"t the 10-year anniversary album," said a representative from Hook Entertainment.

The report when on to detail Lee"s dedication to his sixth album. June 4 marks 11 years since Lee delivered his debut performance of "Because You"re My Girl." The consummate actor, singer, variety show performer and emcee debuted when he was 17-years-old. In 2004, he was the recipient of the Best New Male Artist award at the Mnet KM Music Festival, a ceremony which is currently known as the Mnet Asian Music Awards. His debut was also applauded with accolades from including the SBS and Seoul Music Awards.

He maintained a successful variety show run, appearing as an on-going member on KBS" "2 Days, 1 Night" from 2007 through 2012, before serving as the emcee of "Strong Heart."

Korean drama fans have grown accustomed to his unique performance style. In 2009, he delivered an award-winning performance in the weekend series, "Brilliant Legacy," opposite Moon Chae Won and Han Hyo Joo. He followed the success of "Brilliant Legacy" with his starring role in the 2010 drama "My Girlfriend Is A Nine Tailed Fox." Lee continued his successful K-Drama run with MBC"s "The King 2 Hearts," followed by "Gu Family Book." In 2014, he returned to television with his starring role in the police drama "You"re All Surrounded."

Lee appeared at KCON 2014 but served as an emcee and did not deliver a K-pop performance. According to the report published by Star News, his highly anticipated return to music will reflect his trademark musical style.


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Roy Kim, Son Seung Yeon and Loco, to Perform Together in the "2012 Mnet Super Voice Show"

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Roy Kim, Son Seung Yeon and Loco, to Perform Together in the

Roy Kim, Son Seung Yeon and Loco, the winners of the audition shows Superstar K4, Voice of Korea and Show Me the Money, will be performing together in a special performance.

On December 14, the three winners will perform at the 2012 Mnet Super Voice Show, which will take place at the CJ EM Studio in Sangam.

Producer Song Sang Yeop of CJ EM, who will be producing the show, told enews on December 13, "In order to repay the viewers who showed such great love toward Mnet this year, we′ve prepared a show where they′ll be able to see the main players in the channel′s most representative shows at once. The musical harmony between the three singers will provide a new type of entertainment and it will be fun to watch each contestant talk about what went on behind the scenes at their auditions."

Roy Kim, Son Seung Yeon and Loco will even perform in collaboration performances with each other that won′t be seen anywhere else, and they will also be joined by the main issue-making figures from their shows to perform again their most popular performances together.

Each winner will also speak up in a talk session for the show. They will compare the programs, and dig into each other′s characters. Audiences at the scene that day will be able to send in requests, stories and songs to be put onstage.

Son Seung Yeon said, "I was very interested in Roy Kim, as he′s the same age as I, and I′m honored I′ll also be joined by Loco oppa (big brother) onstage. We′ll have many surprise performances other than our collaborations in store so please look forward to them."

How 4minute"s Hyuna and B2ST"s Jang Hyun Seung Made Trouble at "2012 MAMA"

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How 4minute

4minute′s Hyuna and B2ST′s Jang Hyun Seung set the stage of the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2012 MAMA) on fire with their performance as Trouble Maker, and made their performance one of the most memorable ones of the day.

The December 6 broadcast of Mnet′s Wide Entertainment News will be going behind the scenes to find out what went on the day the splendid performance aired.

The day′s episode, titled ′MAMA X-Files′, will venture backstage and reveal how Trouble Maker prepared for the collaboration.

A few preview photos show the two together just before going onstage. They′re shown holding hands or sharing a bottle of water together, proving their big performance came from their great teamwork and close relations.

Though they seemed nervous at first, the two successfully put on a shocking performance that didn′t fall behind the kiss performance they put on last year.

Super Junior Shown Greeting Yoo Seung Jun Heartily at "2012 MAMA"

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Super Junior Shown Greeting Yoo Seung Jun Heartily at

Yoo Seung Jun was happy to be among his fellow Korean singers for the first time in 10 years, and the experience was made even more meaningful thanks to the welcomes from Super Junior.

On December 1, Yoo Seung Jun uploaded a series of photos from the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2012 MAMA) held on November 30.

Attached to the photos was a caption reading, "I′m very thankful toward Super Junior. They welcomed me and loved me. I hope to see them again."

In the photos, Eunhyuk and the other Super Junior members are shown talking with Yoo Seung Jun after greeting him with a bow. One of the photos even shows the group hugging him with a warm air.

Yoo Seung Jun drew attention for appearing at 2012 MAMA, which was held in Hong Kong. His appearance marked his first appearance in front of the Korean public in 10 years, and also sparked new controversies regarding his military duties.

Even though the debates continue, Yoo Seung Jun has continued to upload photos he took with Psy and Super Junior, showing his love toward his juniors and Korea.

Yoo Seung Jun said, "I was able to meet my fans in Korea for the first time in a long time because Jackie Chan hyungnim (big brother) took me to MAMA. I′m so grateful."

Photo credit: Yoo Seung Jun′s Weibo

Yoo Seung Jun takes a friendly photo with PSY at 2012 MAMA

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Yoo Seung Jun takes a friendly photo with PSY at 2012 MAMA

Singer Yoo Seung Jun, who had to leave Korea due to the controversy regarding his mandatory military duty in 2002, recently revealed a photo of himself alongside world star PSY, drawing a lot of attention.

The two artists both participated in the “2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards” in Hong Kong.

During a quick interview with Korean reporters at 2012 MAMA, Yoo Seung Jun introduced himself as “singer Yoo Seung Jun” and shared, “Today, I came as an actor, and I didn’t expect this much attention. I am very nervous right now. I have always wanted to perform in front of my fans again, but as for current, I am happy with my family.”

4Minutes Hyun Ah performs with B2STs Hyun Seung at 2012 MAMA

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4Minutes Hyun Ah performs with B2STs Hyun Seung at 2012 MAMA 4Minutes Hyun Ah will perform at the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

On November 26, Cube Entertainment, Hyun Ahs agency, reported, Hyun Ah will perform Troublemaker with B2STs Hyun Seung at the 2012 MAMA, which will be held in Hong Kong on November 30.

Hyun Ah and Hyun Seung attracted a lot of attention with their kissing performance at the 2011 MAMA.

Hyun Ah is currently receiving a lot of attention with her new song, Ice Cream, a track from her second EP, Melting. She also received a lot of attention with her appearance in the music video of Psys Gangnam Style.

Psy will also attend the awards this year. Regarding whether or not Psy and Hyun Ah would perform together at the awards, Cube Entertainment says, The performance of Hyun Ah and Hyun Seung has only been confirmed. We havent planned other performances, yet.

Hyun Ah was also offered to have a meeting with Scooter Braun, Psys manager in the U.S.

Lee Seung Gi to set fan signing event for ’2012 World Hunger Relief’

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Lee Seung Gi to set fan signing event for ’2012 World Hunger Relief’

For the ‘2012 World Hunger Relief‘, Lee Seung Gi set a fan signing event at a Pizza Hut in Seoul on October 28th.

This day, Lee Seung Gi made an appearance by chance and greeted fans in a gentle and kind manner. He smiled brightly and shook fans hands first.

On top of this, he geared up an event where one lucky fan was chosen and to win shoes that were showcased in the Pizza Hut commercial, and snapped photo with the winner.

Lee Seung Gi shared his thoughts, saying, “Through this campaign, I was happy to be able to spend time with my fans even though it was for a short amount of time.” He continued, “Throughout the rest of the campaign period, I will work hard to set an example to get people interested on relieving world hunger.

In addition, Lee Seung Gi has stated that he would play a role in the upcoming drama ‘Ancient Medical Book‘, making it his first historical drama.

SourceImage: TV Daily via Nate

Lee Seung-hwan Let's Live Kindly 2012 Concert

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Lee Seung-hwan Let's Live Kindly 2012 ConcertDate : Saturday, October 6, 2012Sunday, October 7, 2012 (Early Outdoor Preconcert at 3 PM, Actual concert a 6:30 PM) Place : Interpark Art CenterLee Seung-hwan Let's Live Kindly 2012 ConcertTickets : 77,000-99,000 won

The month of October: not too hot, not too cold. The perfect month to do good deeds and live kindly. Amusement parks? Festivals? Concerts? The king of live concerts, the icon of showing music fans a good time, the legend of party shows. Lee Seung-hwan hopes to deliver a performance in the pleasant month of October for people to become heroes and be rewarded for their efforts. There will be a superhero vs. villain dress code with prizes on the line. Also, keep in mind there will be a preconcert to get the night warmed up! All profits will go to charity to help young children with leukemia.

Lee Seung Gi takes part in Pizza Hut’s “2012 World Hunger Relief Campaign”

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Lee Seung Gi takes part in Pizza Hut’s “2012 World Hunger Relief Campaign”

Though he may be largely out of the spotlight for now, Lee Seung Gi is still keeping busy doing good things.

On September 26 at Seoul’s Apgujeong-dong’s Pizza Hut store, Lee Seung Gi took part in the 2012 World Hunger Relief Campaign proclamation ceremony.

Lee Seung Gi joined CEO of Pizza Hut Korea, Lee Seung Il and the United Nations World Food Programme Korean Office Chief, Im Hyung Joon in an effort to deliver the news of world hunger to stir up interest and help.

Starting from the ceremony and through the end of October, Lee Seung Gi will hold a variety of activities and events for the campaign including autograph sessions, advertising the donation campaign and more.

Lee Seung Gi, who has been the Korean Pizza Hut model for 3 years, shared, “I’m happy to be participating in an event that’s meant to help starving children. Through this campaign, I’m going to lead by example so many people can begin sharing / donating in their everyday lives.”

The campaign is in its sixth year this year and is in partnership with Pizza Hut’s parent company, YUM! Brands and the U.N.’s World food Programme.

During this year’s campaign season, Pizza Hut stores in Korea will also release a limited edition appetizer sampler platter, the ‘WHR Sampler‘, with part of its profits going towards the campaign.

G by GUESS’s 2012 F/W ‘Lollipop‘ catalogue with IU and Yoo Seung Ho

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G by GUESS’s 2012 F/W ‘Lollipop‘ catalogue with IU and Yoo Seung Ho

IU has teamed up with Yoo Seung Ho once again to be the models for casual apparel line G by GUESS in their 2012 F/WLollipop‘ catalogue.

The “nation’s little brother and sister” showed off their good looks and charm for the newest pictorial of G by GUESS.

This is the third times IU and Yoo Seung Ho have been selected by the famous clothes brand. They displayed more confident in their photo shoots with a lovable image as well as a more mature look.

The ‘Lollipop Denim’ spread for this year’s F/W season has a collection of apparel design with modern style, but also natural and ethnic styles. It attract a lot of attention to the roll-up denim look, in addition to colorful outfits and it emphasizes the trendy G by GUESS outfits.

While shooting IU and Yoo Seung Ho were widely praised by the staff as cheerful and funny personalities which have brightened the atmosphere of the shooting set, giving staff an extra energy boost to the successful completion of the shooting to its conclusion.

Meanwhile, G by GUESS will be holding a special event: giving complimentary ‘Lollipop’ socks for customers who spend over 150,000 KRW (about 135 USD).

Source + Image: Star Today, Hankook Ilbo via Nate