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The K-Drama Do-Over: Which Stars Did And Should Reunite


Two new dramas are reuniting actors with proven onscreen chemistry. "Hotel King" reunited Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae, who previously starred together in "My Girl."

The upcoming "Joseon Shooter" will reunite Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi, who co-starred in "The Time Between Dog and Wolf."

It won"t be the first time two actors had more than one chance to charm audiences. For example, So E Hyun and her fiancé In Kyo Jin were in two dramas together before they moved beyond friendship and into love.

Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin were tragic first loves in "Shark" but the actors got to have a more fun relationship playing comrades in the film "Pirates."

And how about Bae Soo Bin and Han Hyo Joo. They appeared together in "Shining Inheritance" and "Dong Yi

K-Drama Actors Who Wanted To Quit Acting But We’re Glad They Didn’t


Acting is not easy. Besides the long hours and hard work, actors must face criticism from the press and drama fans.

It requires a certain amount of self-confidence just to succeed, even when you are gifted with good looks and charm. So it"s not surprising that some successful k-drama actors have considered quitting

Choi Jin Hyuk has been outspoken about how dramatically his career has turned around in the last year. He went through a period of depression and anxiety that made him consider whether he ought to quit acting.

"I felt like I was being pushed off the cliff," he said. But things began to change after I took the role "Gu Family Book."

His remarkable portrayal of the mountain spirit Wol Ryung led to his getting another role in the hit "The Heirs" with Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye

So Ji Sub shows his manly charm for “High Cut”

So Ji Sub updated fans on his plans for his next production as well as what he thinks about his rapping skills and fashion sense in an interview with “High Cut” magazine.

The actor shared, “Whether it”s a film or drama, if it”s a good production then I want to do it right away… Summer might be too soon, but I think I will enter filming around fall or winter if I do… I hope that I meet friends my age who I can come to an understanding with in a big or small production… Whoever is the lead actor, it would be okay for me to be the supporting actor, and I would like to try working that way.”

When asked if he”s ever imagined himself appearing on an audition program for singers, So Ji Sub, who has released albums in the past, answered, “No way. I would 100% fail… I don”t have the courage and confidence to go on, and most importantly, I don”t have the skills

So Ji Sub Says Yoo Seung Ho Has Become a Man in His High Cut Pictorial

In the April 3 publication of style magazine High Cut, So Ji Sub reveals his plans for his next acting role, as well as news of ‘little So Ji Sub’ Yoo Seung Ho, who is currently in the middle of military service.

He said, “Film or drama, if it’s a good piece, I want to do one right away. I think it’ll be difficult to do one by summer, and if I do get one soon, it’ll be by fall or winter.” He also said that he really wants to work with some peer actors, whether it be in a large or small work, adding that he doesn’t care if his character is a lead or not.

So Ji Sub also has done work as a hip-hop artist, and when asked if he has imagined going out on an audition program, he said, “I could never. I would 100% not make it. I don’t have the guts to go out, I don’t have the confidence, and most importantly, I don’t have the skill

Korean celebrities prepare for enlistment

Every South Korean male has to do the military service. It’s mandatory. The ages in which they can enlist is from 18 to 35 and they have to serve for 2 years. It’s not like they’re going to be fighting. Most likely some people will work around the borders, office, ect.

Several Korean celebrities are preparing for their enlistments.

For example, Kim Soo Hyun (age 26) from hit drama “You Who Came From The Stars” passed his physical exam in 2012. However, he hasn’t decided his enlisting date yet.

Choi Jin Hyuk of “The Heirs” and “Emergency Couple,” passed the exams required to serve his military duty as a conscripted policeman in the 47th Seoul Police Promotional Unit of the police corps. He plans to work for another year or two before enlisting

Top Flight Actors Heading To The Army – Who’s Left?

(Photo : Donga, Sports Donga, Key East)

All the top flight actors are heading to the army - so who"s left to be the stars of K-Dramas and K-Movies?

Many Korean actors in their late 20"s are getting ready to go serve their country in the army. Korea"s mandatory army duty spans 20-30 months, so many of the top actors and actresses that we are accustomed to seeing on TV may suddenly be gone.

Yoo Ah In, Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi, Jang Keun Suk, and Kim Soo Hyun are all heading to the army very soon, and many other actors in the same age group are ready to follow. Korean army law dictates that this year, male adults born from 1985 to 1987 are to be summoned for army service.

While it is a shame that many of these stars are leaving for service during the peak of their fame, many Korean fans are supporting them for not evading the mandatory army service as some have attempted in the past

9 Preppy K-Pop Stars

Yoona is a pretty prep, ain"t she?

Quirky Boyfriend preps!

Preppy Park!

Nine preppy beauties in a row!

EXO cleans up pretty and preppy!

Goo Hara is so pretty, especially in her prep look!

Seven Infinite preps? How hot do they look?

Lee Teuk isn"t the cutest prep, but he does pull the look off!

Yoo Seung Ho went all out preppy and I"m so distracted by all the preppy adorableness!

Yoo Seung Ho Films Video Advertisement with Korean War Veteran

The episode of SBS "Good Morning - Entertainment Live" aired on the 17th featured actor Yoo Seung Ho filming a video advertisement for the military.

In the revealed clip, Yoo Seung Ho pushed war veteran Han Dong Soo"s wheelchair, conversing with him and maintaining eye contact.

Yoo Seung Ho"s growth from a boy to a man, revealed in the video advertisement, will be released on the 24th.

Yoo Seung Ho joined the army last March 5th, stationed at the battalion as an instructor. Yoo Seung Ho"s release is set for December 4th of this year.

Internet users responded: "Yoo Seung Ho is out soon", "Yoo Seung Ho is a man now!"

Yoo Seung Ho Features in a Military Promotional Video

When Yoo Seung Ho had decided to enlist in the army last year, many fans had to bid farewell to the actor for two years. Thankfully, a recent military ad has shown how the actor has been progressing during his time in the military.

On March 17, SBS’ “Good Morning – Live Entertainment Special” aired a military advertisement that Yoo Seung Ho had filmed. In the promotional video, the actor is seen paying his respects to fallen soldiers while accompanying a war veteran. In the video, Yoo Seung Ho showed his healthy face, along with a bulkier body, displaying how the actor has worked diligently in his military unit.

As the actor had secretly enlisted back in March 2013, Yoo Seung Ho is set to be discharged in December of this year. We salute Yoo Seung Ho and all the soldiers of the Republic of Korea who are serving the country

Most Likely to Bring Home to Mom and Dad: Male Edition

Lee Min Ho is one of the most beloved actors at the moment and not for no reason. The actor has got this sophisticated quality that I"m sure your father would love in his future son-in-law.

Lee Seung Gi is sweet, adorable, and incredibly likeable. He"s got manners and from what we see on variety shows, very respectable around elders.

Yoo Seung Ho would someone your father would adore. Why? Because he"s greatly respected because of his decision to just be an ordinary solider during his army training instead of a celebrity soldier. Doesn"t that speak volumes?

Yoo Jae Suk is the most beloved MC of all time and he is dare I say the most loved entertainer of all time? Why wouldn"t anyone want to bring YJS home?

Big Bang"s Taeyang is a dedicated man