Yoo Sang Moo Undergoes Sucessful Surgery, Revealed Koen Stars On Monday

Yoo Sang Moo Undergoes Sucessful Surgery, Revealed Koen Stars On Monday

Koen Stars has just updated the public regarding comedian Yoo Sang Moo’s current condition after being diagnosed with colorectal cancer. The comedian recently underwent surgery, which went very well.

Koen Stars, comedian Yoo Sang Moo’s management agency, released a statement on April 10 regarding the comedian’s recent status. Yoo Sang Mo underwent surgery on the same day.

According to Soompi, Koen Stars revealed in their statement that Yoo Sang Moo underwent a 4-hour surgery. The surgery fortunately went well for the comedian.

Yoo Sang Moo will now start receiving chemotherapy, as well as other follow-up treatments that depends on his progress. Koen Stars also thanked the fans for their continuing support and concerns for the comedian.

The agency also promised to monitor Yoo Sang Moo’s recovery process. Koen Stars also stated that Yoo Sang Moo plans on engaging further treatment.

Yoo Sang Moo’s best friend and fellow comedian, Yoo Se Yoon, also made an update regarding the comedian’s status. According to All Kpop, Yoo Se Yoon uploaded a video of Yoo Sang Mo in his Instagram account.

“Thanksto all your encouragement, the surgery went well,” said Yoo Se Yoon in his caption. “Since managing [Yoo Sang Moo’s] health from here on is even more important, he will do his best with the remainder of his treatment.”

Yoo Se Yoon also added that he will now start working out with Yoo Sang Moo. They have been considering jujitsu or boxing to be their workout sport.

Yoo Sang Moo was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer on Friday, April 7. The comedian then immediately reached out to the fans via his Facebook account.

In his post, Yoo Sang Moo apologized for making his fans worry, and that he became a comedian to amuse people, not to give distress. Yoo Sang Moo promised everyone to be back as soon as he’s recovered to make the fans laugh again.