Yoo Joon-sang in a Dandy Suit, a Sensual Gentleman

Yoo Joon-sang in a Dandy Suit, a Sensual Gentleman

Actor Yoo Joon-sang’s photoshoots were released.

Actor Yoo Joon-sang recently took a photoshoot along with an interview for South Korea’s male fashion magazine, Esquire. This veteran actor has been getting a lot of cheers for his new drama, “Falsify”. In the drama, he is perfectly portraying the character, Lee Seok-min, a reporter with a good moral standard.

In the photoshoot, he is wearing series of stylish, fitted suit and showing his gentlemanly charm. The concept of the shoot seems as if his character Lee Seok-min is enjoying his solitude after a long, exhausting day. Just by his face expressions, you can tell the depth of his acting.

Actor Yoo Joon-sang managed to maintain his trademark: gentle charm, even though the concept could have been completely dark and noire.

It is quite famous that this actor keeps a daily journal. During the interview, when he was asked about the reasoning behind it, he answered, “This is a record of my heart and emotions. When I check on my past self and the thoughts I had back then, I can reflect on my present self. I’m always careful not to stray from my path or be selfish. So, I’m discipling myself to become a better person. Also, thinking of ways to share good thoughts with others while being mindful of not hurting someone’s feeling and not getting mine hurt”.