Nana Responds To Certain  Stories Of Her Acting In “The Just right Wife”

Nana Responds To Certain Stories Of Her Acting In “The Just right Wife”

Nana Responds To SureReports Of Her Acting In The great Wifeehk38 July 14, 2016 0 Nana Responds To Positive Reviews Of Her Acting In The coolest Wife After Faculties Nana, who is making her first foray into performing on tvNs new Friday-Saturday drama The Just right Wife, stocks her mindat the positive comments she has been receiving for her acting.

Nana first expresses gratitude for the positive viewer response. I'm so thankful to the variousaudience who are taking a look kindly on my acting, even supposing Im sure Im missing in numerousfacets since here's my first try at acting domestically.

She continues, There are moments when I believe dazed, yetup to Ive been receiving positive reviews, I canmanner my acting with a feeling of responsibility. I'm going to give my all, learn aboutthe nature Kim Dan, and paintingschallengingin order thatI'm able todisplay yous an even largeredition of myself.

In The Smart Wife, which is a remake of the yankeetv series of the similar name, Nana plays the role of Kim Dan, an investigator running for a law firm.

The Perfect Wife airs each Saturday at 8:30 p.m. KST on tvN.

Are you playing Nanas acting in this drama?

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Dongho Explains Why He Denied Reports About Wife’s Pre-Marital Pregnancy

Dongho Explains Why He Denied Reports About Wife’s Pre-Marital Pregnancy

Dongho Explains Why He Denied Reports About Wifes Pre-Marital Pregnancysoojji July 13, 2016 0 Dongho Explains Why He Denied Reports About Wifes Pre-Marital Pregnancy At the July thirteen episode of MBCs Radio Star, former U-KISS member Dongho reveals, My son is 42 days old.

After commenting on Donghos marriage ultimate November and having his son this beyond May, MC Kyuhyun addresses the elephant in the room: You denied ago that it used to beno longer a pre-marital pregnancy. What become going on?

Dongho explains, It is going toappear to be an excuse, yet nosotros were in realitygetting ready to get married this year. However, in the route of preparing, we learned of my wifes pregnancy. My wife sought after to get married when she was her prettiest, so we moved the marriage forward. We told folksjust about us about the pregnancy. I had no selection but to disclaim information technology to the public as a result of the negativity she would have received.

Watch the clip of the episode below!

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The Just right Wife, Episodes 1-2: A Remake Done Right

The Just right Wife, Episodes 1-2: A Remake Done Right

20160711_seoulbeats_thegoodwife_jeondoyeonThe great Wife, Episodes 1-2: A Remake Done AppropriateWritten by skill of Laverne On July 12, 201620160711_seoulbeats_thegoodwifeSouth Korean remakes of yankdisplays takeat all times come beneath intense scrutiny by globalfanatics and The Excellent Wife is not any exception. Fans of the normal were worried about the total lot from casting to plot, wondering how the Korean edition would deal with things. Which arcs would be omitted? Would the Kalinda identical retain her bisexuality? How would the tale of Alicia Florrick be remodeled by its new context of Korean society?

Its the closingquerythis isin particularappealing and it will also be argued that framing the tale of Alicia Florrick Kim Hye-kyung, played by Jeon Do-yeon in a Korean context makes the story even more compelling. In a society which emphasizes long paintings hours and seniority, how can a lady who has been out of the work force for over a decade compete? Especially when she is older than the colleagues she is in direct pageant with. Of course, things are even extracomplex by the well known sexual and political scandal of her husband and the chance of being a unmarriedmom to two teenage children.

While the primary two episodes of The Sensible Wife observethe yank version moderately closely, the series mightstart to diverge later on, especially as the writers should condense seven seasons value of subject matter into 16 episodes (with lately no plans for further seasons).

Please note the the subsequent review is according to having watched the yankee version of The Nice Wife in its entirety. As such, there is also spoilers.

Our heroine, Kim Hye-kyung, is a housewife who is thrust into the personnel after her husband is embroiled in a sexual scandal. Jeon Do-yeon is fantastic as Hye-kyung, portraying her with a degree of complexity no longerceaselesslyobserved in K-dramas. She balances Hye-kyungs being crushed amongst a sophisticated assertiveness that starts to grow to be more forceful as the episodes progress. This assertiveness is vital every bit Hye-kyung navigates either tricky prisonscenariosand private vendettas by those thatwant to manipulate her. Even though Hye-kyung knows the law, so as to live to inform the talethose shark infested waters, she would have towas adept at the games played by other attorneys.

20160711_seoulbeats_thegoodwife_yoonkyesangSeo Joong-won (Yoon Kye-sang) and Search engine marketing Myung-hee (Kim Seo-hyung)  Will Gardner and Diane Lockheart are siblings who run a company founded by their father. Both actors galvanizeand simplyembrace their characters; Joong-won and Myung-hee are right away identifiable as their respective opposite numbersprior to the displayofficially introduces them.  Myung-hees commanding presence and intelligence shine viathank you to Kim Seo-hyung and contrasts with Joong-wons easy-going yet sharply intuitive character.

Joong-wons naturalness with Hye-kyung is refreshing especially as he'sthe nearest thing Hye-kyung has to a confidante. Her vulnerability in the elevator was onceanything that may justsimplesttake place with him and it is going to exist intriguing to look how The Good Wife handles their approaching affair. . . or if the affair will occur at all.

Speaking of affairs, Hye-kyungs cheating husband, Lee Tae-joon (Yoo Ji-tae), rounds out the majorforged as a a success prosecutor who faces corruption fees after videos of his sexual infidelity spreads. His ambiguity is provocative as the viewer doesnt know where he stands. He admits to the infidelity but refutes the corruption charges. Yet it's fardifficult to agree with Tae-joon isn'tresponsible when he continues to orchestrate occasions from prison, even going so some distance asto drag strings to lend a hand Hye-kyung get her consumer some semblance of justice.

Which begs the question, what are Hye-kyungs morals? She obviously has no preferenceto damage the law, but has no trouble with her husband bending it when it matches her. This uncertainty is what made the original Alicia an engaging character, especially when she defended customers that glaringly had committed the serious crimes they were accused of. Will Hye-kyung pass down the similartrail or navigate things differently?

20160711_seoulbeats_thegoodwife_yoojitaeThe last two characters of importance in these first two episodes are David Lee (Cha Soon-bae) and Kim Dan (Nana). David Lee was by chance hilarious in the original as a pessimistic divorce attorney who excelled at his job. Whilst he gained only quick of screen-time in the 1st two episodes, the displays nod in opposition to the original prove with Soon-bae literally dressed as the satan was comical and entertaining.

Of larger importance, though, is Kim Dan, the corporations investigator. Nana, in her first drama role, was strangelyrelaxing as the mysterious investigator and played neatly off Do-yeons Hye-kyung. Dans maximum interesting scene, however, was one without Hye-kyung in which The Good Wife all but showed Dans non-heterosexuality.

As discussed earlier, Dans American counterpart, Kalinda, is bisexual. Many fans werent certain that the show would leave this facet of her identity in. Of course, Dan may additionally turn out to be a lesbian as a substitute of bisexual, but it form of feels The Good Wife needsto stick true to the original, creating a bisexual Dan a lot more likely.

The first two episodes of The nice Wife remain very similar to the original show but this doesnt mean that the remainder of the series will continue to do so. Already, it sounds as if husband Tae-joon is taking a far more active role. And with a condensed quantity of episodes, the plot will must be rushed along. What other demanding situations volition Hye-kyung face? Will she finally finish up in an affair with Joong-won? And how will the parties of The Good Wife be reinterpreted in a context that suits Korean society?

Whichever direction the show comes to a decision to go, something is for sure: with tvN at the back of this remake, anything of The Good Wife will certainly be worth watching.

How did audience of the original The Good Wife like these initial episodes? How did emblem new viewers feel about it? Ensure youlet us know in the comments below!


Drama Review 'The Excellent Wife' Episode 2

Drama Review 'The Excellent Wife' Episode 2

We have every other event involving girls in episode two of"The Just right Wife"and this time the crime is rape. Hye-kyeong's emotional bonding to her first consumer served her well, yet she falters when she will have toprotectany individual who makes her uncomfortable. Our empathetic heroine's principles are challenged, the power starts affecting her and we be told that she will havea gloomy secret to answer to for. To make subjects worse, her husband helps to keep interfering with her work.

Both instancesto this point are non-public to Hye-kyeong (Jeon Do-yeon) for other reasons. She felt empathy for the wife of an untrue husband who dragged her into his mess, because she herself is shamed for Tae-joon (Yoo Ji-tae). This time the victim lands at thecontraryaspect of the spectrum. Like the lady Tae-joon cheated with, the buyer is a sex employee who might accept likewise been hired through him at some point. Hye-kyeong struggles with this, which is the maximum importanta phase of her persona development.

AdvertisementIt could also bean excellent cautionary tale about the glorification of emotionally invested felony representatives. Fiction steadilyitems lawyers who bond with prospects as champions of justice, but bias is a flaw in genuine life. Hye-kyeong handiest hesitates momentarily, but it still influences her religion in her client. The rape case is used for treasured social commentary. Rape culture assures the prospective victim's observe is at all times undervalued and the preconceptions on sex employees makes their combat even harder.

Coming back to the primary story, we get a neaterglance how the scandal affects Hye-kyeong's family. I to find ITappealingthat we have gotnow notobserved any of her buddiesexcept Joong-won (Yoon Kye-sang). She feels remoted and her meltdown is understandable. Joong-won obviously has a weigh down on her, but I wonder how he would react to a imaginable rejection or persisted disobedience by her at work. He's success-driven and I'm actually notcertain about his character yet.

As I mention earlier, Hye-kyeong gets some much wanted characterization here. I appreciate the primary episode's center of attention on her existingscenario and actions, but her thoughts, emotions and expansion as a character are vital in her own story. I'm hopingto look more of what she keeps inside ofand notice her morality challenged. Apart fromthe present scandal, the writing suggests that Hye-kyeong is the wrongdoer to successful and run which Tae-joon shielded her from.

This tournament explains why Tae-joon feels entitled to interfere with her work. More importantly, the reality that Hye-kyeong accepts his assistback feels a little like creating acare for the satan twice. Preferencemay finally finish up in corruption and i'minterested by Hye-kyeong's choices. The writing is still shaky on the procedural part, but here's a Korean drama so I assume aneought tosettle for this and cross on.

"The Sensible Wife"is directed byLee Jeong-hyo, written byHan Sang-woonand featuresJeon Do-yeon,Yoo Ji-tae,Yoon Kye-sangandKim Seo-hyeong.

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Drama Review 'The Just right Wife' Episode 1

Drama Review 'The Just right Wife' Episode 1

"The Excellent Wife"starts with a focal pointat theprovide and offers us handiest the naked essentials of the past. Episode one establishes the scandal and we flash aheadto some extent where our heroine has a husband in jail, not anythingyet her telephone contract to her call and a circle of relatives to support. We are presentedto a couple key characters and our lead gets her first court case. This may also be a packed, easyand trendy premiere for the drama.

Kim Hye-kyeong's (Jeon Do-yeon) function is dire, but instead ofthat specialize in her handling of her husband's scandal, we get to look her just as she startsto dance back. Here isa sensibleresolutionin relation to pacing, because we get to the joysa section of her paintings equally a attorneycorrect away. It could also bea lot more realistic. A lady amongsta large mess on her hands and teenyoungsters who want her has little time to type her emotions out.

AdvertisementThis is a premise which is able to flourish in the context of South Korean culture. Hye-kyeong is the middle of attention and now not in an even way. The disgrace of her husband's scandal is used to humiliate her, her position as an older runninggirl is used to workoutvitality on her. All of this is encouraged by way of a gadget of strict social and administrative center hierarchy. Even so, Hye-kyeong doesn'tpermit this habit from just somebody and she does not settle forthe speculation that her husband's shame is her family's.

The series presentationssymptoms of a revolutionaryway with its characters. Excluding Hye-kyeong's unapologetically fair reaction to the force she receives, we would have a lesbian or bisexual persona in Kim Dan (Nana), which is crucialbreakthrough for Korean television. The drama turns out fitting for social commentary, but it does not fail to rememberthe worth of nice humor in presenting it. The truth that Hye-kyeong uses the theme from "Jaws" as the ringtone for her sweetheart's mother is brilliant.

The premiere episode most commonly sets the tone, major conflicts and the initial ethical alignment of its major characters. Hye-kyeong is just, selfless and caring. Her husband, Lee Tae-joon (Yoo Ji-tae) is entitled, controlling and unfaithful. Hye-kyeong's friend and boss, SEO Joong-won (Yoon Kye-sang) is a mystery and so is her first partner, the aforementioned Dan. The firm's co-CEO, Seo Myeong-hee (Kim Seo-hyeong) is prickly, but she knows good work when she sees it.

My good first impressions notwithstanding, I'm skeptical on some things. The oversight in regards to the CCTV photos is convenient, but can evidence realistically be bypassed so easily? Hye-kyeong's specialise in her husband's cloth cabinet is intriguing, but a little vague. Is she spotting clues or are we to remember that she has been conditioned to generally tend to his image? Regardless, as someone who has not watched the yankee serialI think episode one is a forged start.

"The Good Wife"is directed byLee Jeong-hyo, written byHan Sang-woonand featuresJeon Do-yeon,Yoo Ji-tae,Yoon Kye-sangandKim Seo-hyeong.

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Former U-KISS Member Dongho And Wife Expose  Little one  Photographs  In their Newborn

Former U-KISS Member Dongho And Wife Expose Little one Photographs In their Newborn

Former U-KISS Member Dongho And Wife Reveal Baby Pictures For The 1st Time(Photo : Dongho)Dongho, former member of U-KISS, has in any casepublishedthe latest member of his circle of relatives to the world.

On July 10, Dongho uploaded pictures of his adorable newborn son, named Asher Kim, on his Facebook account, making them public so everyonemay just see.

Some of the photographs have Dongho, his wife Lee Sehee, and the little one snuggling together, whilst others are just of the baby alone. In any case, it seems likethe 3 are a phase of a glad family.

AdvertisementBack in Nov. 2015, the 20-year-old Dongho married his girlfriend, who is 365 days older than him, and become the youngest K-pop idol to ever get married.

© Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Nana Impresses Audience With Performing on tvN’s “The Excellent Wife”

Nana Impresses Audience With Performing on tvN’s “The Excellent Wife”

Nana Impresses Audience alongsidePerforming on tvNs The nice Wifejun2yng July 9, 2016 0 Nana Impresses Viewers With Acting On tvNs The Just right Wife After School’s Nana has, overall, inspired viewers with her herbal acting on tvN’s new Friday-Saturday “The Good Wife,” especially taking into accountit's miles her first for foray into acting — along veteran actors like Jeon Do Yeon and Yoo Ji Tae. With her transparent pronunciation to her expressive eyes, Nana left a perfect start impression.

In this remake of the yankee series of the similar name, which aired its first two episodes on July 8 and 9, Nana plays Kim Dan, an investigator who works as an investigator for a law firm. Kim Dan is a persona known for her beauty, connections, sense, and talent to play on each side of felonyobstacles in her look for the truth.

We see Kim Dan pair up with attorney Kim Hye Kyung (Jeon Do Yeon) in the outlet episodes, assisting her with a case. The Kim Dan-Kim Hye Kyung pair is expounded to bring to take into accounta good dynamic to the drama, and viewers are excited to look more of Nana’s — and Jeon Do Yeon’s — acting.

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Former U-KISS Member Dongho Stocks  Gorgeous  Footage With Wife And New Son

Former U-KISS Member Dongho Stocks Gorgeous Footage With Wife And New Son

Former U-KISS Member Dongho StocksGorgeousFootage alongside Wife And New Sonilmare42 July 9, 2016 0 Former U-KISS Member Dongho Shares Gorgeous Photos With Wife And New Son U-KISS’s former member Dongho has shared some surprising photos with his new family.

On July 10, Dongho posted a sequence of photos to his legit Facebook page of himself and his wife and newborn son, Asher Shin, with lyrics from Yoon Jong Shin’s song “Oh My Toddler as the caption.

His son’s birth was once reported at the finish of closing month, after Dongho tied the knot with his non-celebrity wife in November of last year.

In the pictures, little Asher wears quite so much oflovable outfits and seems like a sweetheart. The recent trio takes some pretty photos together, and Dongho leans in for a touching shot with his new son.

Dongho debuted in 2008 as a member of U-KISS, and left the entertainment industry in 2013.

Congratulations in thisexquisite new addition on your family, Dongho!

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"The Excellent Wife" Jeon Do-yeon and Nana, 'girl crush'

Jeon Do-yeon and Nana are the hotwoman crushes.

"The Just right Wife" is the tale of a girl (Jeon Do-yeon) who returns to her post as a legal professional for the primary time since she were given married after her a success husband Lee Tae-joon (Yoo Ji-tae) gets booked for corruption and scandals.

"The Smart Wife" is Jeon Do-yeon's first drama in 11 years and her first lawyer role in her 26 years of acting. Nana is starring in her first Korean drama.

Jeon Do-yeon is a law company lawyer whilst Nana is Kim Dan who is helping her with cases. Jeon Do-yeon is the icon of a sturdyoccupation woman. Nana is an exceptionalparticular person who adjustments her appearances to get knowledge she wishes legally and infrequently illegally. If Jeon Do-yeon makes the case turn out favorably, Nana breaks it down extra and unearths more evidence.

In the stills of the 2 released above, Jeon Do-yeon is dressed in a blank and neat suit while Nana is normally wearing informal pants, a blouse and a jacket.

Jeon Do-yeon acknowledged close to Nana, "She's doing well. I most effectivethought about the lovely and attractivesymbol she has from Orange Caramel yet she's considerate and warm. She provides me numerouspower and I do notwish to give her any advice".

"I have had hassle amongstthe volume of lines I need to memorize and the criminal terms, but it is adifficulty and I am making it via one by one. I'm besides very instinctive and touchy and I relate to my personalityseeking to balance out her paintings and circle of relatives life".

Nana said, "Jeon Do-yeon supports me so muchat the set".

Meanwhile, "The Excellent Wife", which is a remake of the noted American drama, stars Jeon Do-yeon, Yoo Ji-tae, Yoon Kye-sang, Nana, Kim Seo-hyeong, Lee Won-geun and more. The 1st episode can also beobserved on July 8th at 8:30PM.

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Actress Shin Hye Sun To Play Byun Yo Han’s Wife In New Film

Actress Shin Hye Sun To Play Byun Yo Han’s Wife In New Film

Actress Shin Hye Sun To Play Byun Yo Hans Wife In New Movie JiwonYu July 6, 2016 0 Actress Shin Hye Sun To Play Byun Yo Hans Wife In New Film On July 5, actress Shin Hye Suns firm stated, Shin Hye Sun has been showedto look in the film Haru (working title).

Haru is readya guy who time and again lives the similar day over and over, and that particular day occurs to be the day that his daughter died in an accident. As the father lives an analogous day repeatedly, he tries to discoverthe fact of what trulytook place and save his daughter from death.

Actor Kim Myung Min plays the father named Joon Young, and actor Byun Yo Han plays an ambulance driving force named Min Chul, who tries to assist the father solve the case.

Actress Shin Hye Sun could begambling Byun Yo Hans wife named Mi Kyung, who will also relief in solving the case.

Shin Hye Sun relayed her mindin this film, saying, I'm very commemorated to be acting with Kim Myung Min and Byun Yo Han. I cantake a glance at my absolute best to make this film a success.

Haru began filming on June 29.

What are your thoughts on this casting news?

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