Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon And Makeup Artist Park Tae Yun To Host Attractiveness  Magnificence At SMTown

Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon And Makeup Artist Park Tae Yun To Host Attractiveness Magnificence At SMTown

Girls GenerationSNSD Hyoyeon Attends 2015 SMTOWN Screen Show in Seoul Girls' Generation member Hyoyeon will percentage her attractiveness and makeup guidelines in a personalmagnificence amongstenthusiasts in the remaining week of March.

Hyoyeon, who has hosted her own factprove Hyoyeon's 1,000,000 Likes which follows her lifestyles and finds her cosmeticand charm advice, will team up with makeup artist Park Tae Yun for the category to be held at the SMTOWN Theatre on March 26.

The duo will no longerbest share makeup classes and beauty tips, yet volition also discuss their non-publictaste philosophies, letting fans get to understand Hyoyeon just a little more.

Fans can buy tickets for Hyoyeon's personal makeup class thru Korean e-commerce website YES24 starting on March 3 at 8PM, reports The Korea Herald.

Hyoyeon and Park Tae Yun supplementeach and every other with their other viewpoints on style and beauty. The idol is an expanding number ofchanging intoreferred to as a fashion and fashion trendsetter, and has also written her own e book "Hyo Style," which used to be released last year, and contained 142 pages in addition a behind-the-scenes DVD. Meanwhile, the makeup artist has been regularly been featured on tv for his pro makeup expertise.

Along with her genre commitments, Hyoyeon continues to advertise with Girls' Generation. Last month, the ladyworkforce wowed more than 20,000 Thai fans in a two-day Girls' Generation 4th Excursion - Phantasia in Bangkokconcert held at the Have an effect on Arena.

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Dara And G-Dragon Featured On Matching Moonshot Makeup Boxes

Dara And G-Dragon Featured On Matching Moonshot Makeup Boxes

Dara and G-Dragon Moonshot(Photo : Dara Instagram) Do you wantto possess a little piece of 2NE1's Dara or Large Bang's G-Dragon? Then imagine grabbing a distinct box of Moonshot cosmetics, which carries pictures of either idols on special box packaging.

On March 2, Dara (Sandara Park) up to date her Instagram with a photo of the special Moonshot cosmetics boxes -- a white one that includes herself and a black one whofunctions G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong).

The symbolused to beadequate to send Daragon shippers - or fanatics that wish to see Dara and G-Dragon as a romantic couple - screaming in delight, even ifthere's a perfectly just rightcause of the pairing's appearance on Moonshot boxes: Both are authenticlogoitems appointed previous in January.

"As Moonshot is striving to grow as an internationalmakeup brand, we felt that we had to fortify its base,so we decided on the maximum influential artists in YG as representatives and chose G-Dragon and Sandara Park as the hot brand models," a YG representative reportedly acknowledged when the 2 idols were announced as Moonshot endorsers.

Fan reaction to Dara's photo and matching Moonshot boxes with G-Dragon ranged from product envy and amusement to frustration, especially among those who do now notneed the two related equally more than friends.

"Wow I would like that!" "She puts her lips more on GD's box" and "I know you and G-Dragon are friends. I just hate it when other folks lose their not unusual sense and get started spamming with 'Oh Daragon is real,'" said fans.

Will you be speeding to the shop for those Dara and G-Dragon makeup kits?

Mickey is a author and virtual content creator primarily based in Manila. He's a co-founder of ZAVI Appand editor of the small trade blog IndieMickey. He has also been bitten by way of the K-Pop typetrojan horse - apply him on Instagram @mickjami.

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Sulli foregoes makeup in her 'CeCi' photo shoot

Sulli foregoes makeup in her 'CeCi' photo shoot

Sulli never fails to wow - and she in particular impresses this time around by way of going barefaced for a shoot with 'CeCi' magazine!

The e-newsletter released photographs on March 2 of the former idol's shoot for the good looksemblem 'SK-II' in which she is dressed in no makeup - most effective products for skin care.  On most sensible of that, she had such best possible skin that there used to beno use for touching up the footage afterwards!

Check out her shoot in the March issue!

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FIESTAR's Jei and Cao Lu get you in a position for the very best spring makeup  glance with 'MISSHA'!

FIESTAR's Jei and Cao Lu get you in a position for the very best spring makeup glance with 'MISSHA'!

FIESTAR's Jei and Cao Lu have teamed up with 'MISSHA' to get you in a position for the very best leap make-up!

SEE ALSO: FIESTAR free up teaser photographs for 'A Subtle Sense' comeback

In the new pictorial, the women take on MISSHA's '2016 S/S Make-up look', Jei in stunningred and Cao Lu in tangy orange!

Check out their pictorial footage and photo shoot clips! Which makeupglance will you be dressed in this spring? Pink? Orange? Or both?


Lim Joo Eun pulls off ambitious and herbal makeup for 'Marie Claire'

Lim Joo Eun pulls off ambitious and herbal makeup for 'Marie Claire'

Lim Joo Eun is looking awfully sublime in her photoshoot for 'Marie Claire,' pulling off eitherambitious and herbal makeup styles. 

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Her complete lips truly stand out in this pictorial, accentuated with heavy contouring and thick coloring. Of course, the whole lot else may be on point, from her messed upcoiffure to her flawless skin. Loving the redcolour scheme, especially the actress's matching nails, lips and earrings. 

Check out the attention-grabbing pictorial for yourself below!


K-Drama Makeup Trends Will Take Middle  Level At K-Beauty Show

K-Drama Makeup Trends Will Take Middle Level At K-Beauty Show

(Photo : KDramaStars )Korean good looks products have made atypical inroads into the yankmarketplaceago two years.

The explosive reception of cutting edge cosmetics like BB Cream sparked hobby in the myriad pieces K-Beauty has to supplyadding anti-aging serums and face masks. K-Drama actresses Jun Ji Hyun and Park Shin Hye gas the developingpreference for the K-Beauty market, thru their use of social media and shocking lipstick sun shades on dramas like "My Love from the Star."

On Wednesday, March 9, The Korea Society will shine a focusin thisrising export with the K-Beauty Show.

Alicia Yoon of Peach Lily, a Flushing-based purveyor of sweetsstarting from snail essence creams to CC cushions, will seem on a panel of beauty experts.

Peach Lily originated as an internet market for curated imported products, earlier than opening a brick-and-mortar location in Macy's Flushing in overdue 2015.

"All the while, I kept dreaming of that offline retail shop where lets meet our buyers face-to-face and noticeprecisely what their skin sort and skin wishes are, supplyprompttoughen on how to tweak, completelytrade or upgrade a presentskin care routine, and show/demo products that mighttrulypaintings to develop into skin to a healthy radiant glow," stated Yoon, in a remarkin regards to the retail flagship.

She will joined through makeup artist Seong Hee Park.

Park is credited for makeup artistry in print advertisements, in additionmodel editorials. In 2015, she worked with fashion luminary, Alexander Wang, for his August W mag shoot.

Yoon and Park can be joined by a mag beauty editor, as smartly as, a YouTube personality.

Attendees will give you the optionto take part in one-on-one beauty consultations and giveaways, as well as the panel discussion.

Tickets for K-Beauty Display are priced at $10 for contributors and $20 for non-members. Explorers and Above can attend unfastened amongst RSVP. Additionaldetails about the K-Beauty Provemay also bediscoveredat the Korea Society website.


Makeup How-To: Glance every bit Killer As CL In Black And Gold

Makeup How-To: Glance every bit Killer As CL In Black And Gold

Another day, another CL glance to die for. The lady knows how to work. Just while you think you've gotobserved all you'll be ready to see out of her, she pops up to your Instagram feed with a black and gold appearance invoking Egyptian royalty and killer instinct.

Want to take a look at out this look out on yourself? Here is a breakdown of the way to get a an identical wait to CL, the usage ofone of the crucialeasiest products that Korea has to offer.

This segment give noticepractically write itself: if it is a K-pop star's photo shoot, you could bet that the outside is going to be sparkling and flawless. CL does not disappoint.

Beyond the flawlessness, CL doesn't play around with numerous contouring, bronzing, or blushing here. Instead, she makes the good move of letting the eyes and dramatic lighting fixtures of the shoot do the talking.

That manner you lottrulybestwant one product to get that glow: Sulwhasoo's Perfecting Cushion Foundation. Like many of Sulwhasoo's luxury products, it isat the pricier end, yet for just right reason. The policy is herbaltaking a look but still luminescent - the sort of product that makes strangers compliment you on your implausible skin. In addition, this formula packs in anti-aging essence and SPF 50.

Now let's get to the thrill stuff! There is a lot packed into this section, because manifestlymaximum of the point of interest in this photo is on CL's incredibly smoky eyes. She's were givena load more going on than just her signature cat eye - let's spoil information technology down:

First, let's get that deep, dark cat eye going here. You are goingto need a true black gel liner, one with a pen fine ampleto attractprecise lines but pigmented enough that you might fill in the ones lines with wealthy color. If you are a Korean cosmetics fan, you most likely already know which liner you areachieving for: the Clio Water resistant Pen Liner. It's constantly Korea's #1dealer for its ease of use, talentto stick on even via sweating or a late-night swim, and most of fascinated about its rich pigmentation.

You'll also understanda snappy swipe of green liner on CL's backside lids. The trace of colour is sophisticated but makes the entire difference, permitting her eyes to look a little greaterin opposition to her nose and dance around a little more. Clio also makes the product you will want for that rich color. CL's seems like the Gelpresso Linerin Jade Green, but snag this in all of the colours available, because it's a actually perfectsimple mode to upload a ton of lifestyles to your lids on differentlyuninteresting makeup days.

Now let's paintings on those most sensible lids a little. Rounding out the cat eye perfectly is a thick gold swipe of shimmery shadow. Or not it'sto take into accounta good reminder of how makeup can tie an entire face together: it brings in the gold from her outfit and jewelry, adds a royal glint to the cat eye that, whilst fabulous, is lovelyregimen for CL, and opens up her eyes even more, making them seem a little larger and more powerful. Moonshot's Jelly Pot Glitter is your go-to for that gold pop. The product is a good looks blogger favourite and may also be used to create anything else from a tiny flicker of color to a nice, thick line like CL has.

Let's end off with the lashes. In the perspective and lighting of the photo CL shared, the lashes are so mixed in with the dramatic cat eye that they almost get lose. But make no mistake: you have gotto head big, black, and ambitious alongside your lashes for this look. Take a glance at Laneige's Endless Volume Atmosphere Mascara. It is the holy grail of dramatic mascara: largeand increasing without getting flaky. It's a little much for an on a day by day basis look, but if combined with some glitz and cat eye, it's go large or go home.

CL has a fantastic cast going on with her brows, following the newfashion of bold, well-groomed brows. But she looks like she also filled those in a little to darken them up and add to the general theatrical parts of this look. A helpful toolfor additonalhighly spiced brows is the Dong Gong Minn Forehead Maker from Chosungah. A lip gloss-like applicator is helping naturally modern coloring material into brows, and a mascara-like brush supports comb strays into place.

Notice anything else going on with the brows? Those killer gold triangles add a fierce edge to the brows that takes this look to the following level. And yet, even supposingit is not a tasteyou spoteach day, they arenow not distracting or gaudy. They're tiny and, on account ofthe colour and shape, supplementthe remainder of the look so neatly that they almost look like they're at all times there, adding edge to CL's already edgy brows. You're almost definitelynot likelyto discover these in the aisles of your normal makeup store, but check online or at the local craft shop to get an identicalgenre like these Triangle Gems. Application is easy. Just peel off the back and stick appropriatedirectly to your face. If you're worried about the gems falling off, it's profitable to as well function a little false lash glue to add some further stick.

No ambitious matte lip or glimmer on these young children - again, the eyes are doing the speaking in this look. CL is going for a simple, mild and dewy gloss that istotallypossible with the Correct Combo Lip Gloss from Mizon. The coral orange shade is the nearest one to CL's look, but the alternative4to be hadalso are great each day colours that stay lips super hydrated.

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9 Idols Who’s Skin Was once Tragically Broken  By way of Makeup

9 Idols Who’s Skin Was once Tragically Broken By way of Makeup

11kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter K-Pop idols are practically never noticed without makeup, and the affects on their skin can also be terrible! Here are a couple of idols whos complexions have long gonevia some difficult times.

Wearing makeup day to day can indubitably take its toll in your skin, and those idols experienced it first hand and struggled with acne! With a little of luckthey'veampleruin time in-between promotions to let their skin breath and relax, product free.

4. Ladies Generation Taeyeon1344263158867

5. Ladies Generation Seohyun20120507231747_48_5_R

10. Girls Generation Sunnyxau-dep-cua-kieu-nu-han-khi-de-7718-3267-1414578784

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Wonder Girls Hyelim and Sunmi Blow their own horns New Makeup for Elle

Wonder Girls Hyelim and Sunmi Blow their own horns New Makeup for Elle

Wonder Girls’ Hyelim and Sunmi Sing their own praises New Makeup for “Elle”boxclub February 25, 2016 0 LINE it!Wonder Girls’ Hyelim and Sunmi Display Off New Makeup for “Elle” Hyelim and Sunmi from the Wonder Girls participated in an interview and pictorial for Elle mag every bit they close to 10 years since the sweetnessLadies debuted. They prove off the recent 2016 S/S key makeup looks in the pictorial and also chat about their makeup styles with the magazine.

In the lately released pictorial, you'll meet Hyelim and Sunmi show off a “cool” makeup glance amongst bright blue and yellow tones, in addition a more tropical appearance with lilac red and peach, green and sky blue tones. Their transparent skin gave even more attractiveness as they attemptedat thedifferentdiversity of colors.

Hyelim said, “I after alldiscovered the makeup styles that matched me and I worked trulychallenging to lose weight as well,” appearing her decision in keeping up a healthy lifestyle.

Sunmi, who is understood to be “motae” skinny, or thin since birth, shared that she at all times eats Nutrition C for her health, saying, “After a couple of days of dining it, I spotted that my skin tone brcame brighter and despite the truth that ane sleep late, I consistently feel brand new when I wake up,” revealing her secrets to staying healthy amidst a hectic schedule.

The fashioned idol workforce Wonder Ladiesgot here back final year with their completeperiod album “Reboot” and once back showed the alternativewomanteams their attractive and matured looks as a 4 membered group.

You can see more from their interview on the March edition of Elle magazine.

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Netizens Claim Lovelyz Has “WEIRD” Makeup In Photo Shoot With Marie Claire

Netizens Claim Lovelyz Has “WEIRD” Makeup In Photo Shoot With Marie Claire

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterWoollim Entertainment womancrew Lovelyz these days showed off their lovableyounger charms in their own Marie Claire photo shoot.

And whilst the pictorial, which featured members KeiSoo JungJisoo, and Ji Ae, has gained some compliment from fans, many netizens have criticized the girls styling for the photos. Despite the truth that the singers did glance youthful, many netizens criticized the makeup artists, claiming the women looked practically comedic.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this text below!

Koreaboo has accumulated reactions from Netizens who commented at thenormal article from our Korean source. The under comments are the maximumneatly liked comments at the time of this article being published.

120, -1 It looks as if Kei used to bestruggling with amongst the stylist and were given infront of the camera

 108, 1 Their makeup is trulybizarre

83, 39 Jisoo and Jiae are so gorgeousyet whats with the makeup

47, 22 This photoshoot changed into the best

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