Yoo In Na declines questions about IU at a press conference in Taiwan?

Yoo In Na declines questions about IU at a press conference in Taiwan?

This past August 30, actress Yoo In Na held her first ever press conference in Taiwan!

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After being greeted by fans at the airport, Yoo In Na sat down for a brief press conference with Taiwanese media outlets, but according to reports, staff from Yoo In Na’s label present at the conference declined several of the media’s questions, causing an awkward silence to fall on the site of the press conference. 

Among the questions declined were topics about dating, IU, Chilseok or the Qiqiao Festival (the annual meeting of the cowherd and weaver girl in Asian mythology), the Taiwanese ghost month, and more. While the actress may have declined questions about traditional festivals and observations because she was unfamiliar with Taiwanese culture, onlookers are wondering why she also chose to refrain from answering questions about her well-known best friend, IU. 

On this day, Yoo In Na told Taiwanese media outlets, “I was incredibly happy because fans greeted me warmly at the airport. I was envious of Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook because they had fan meetings in Taiwan. I’ve always wanted to visit if I had the chance.” 

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