Yoo Hoe Sung Writes Message To His Fans About Joining N.Flying

Yoo Hoe Sung Writes Message To His Fans About Joining N.Flying

After FNC Entertainment announced that former Produce 101 Season 2 contestant Yoo Hoe Sung would be joining the band N.Flying, Yoo Hoe Sung took to Facebook to voice his feelings about the news.

Hello, this is Yoo Hoe Sung, he wrote. I have joined N.Flyings family and will greet you all as an N.Flying member. I am feeling cautious because this news may come suddenly to the fans, but I have wanted this opportunity since I became a trainee and throughout my participation on Produce 101 Season 2. Rather than coming all of a sudden to me, I have worked with the N.Flying members before and they took care of me when I was nothing but a raw trainee and helped me mature so I could greet you all like this.

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He continued, Some people might be worried, some people might be happy, and some people might have various thoughts about this, but I am very happy to be a member of N.Flying. Thank you to the people who supported me and waited for me, as well as N.Fia [N.Flyings fan club], and I will work hard to show everyone good side of myself. I think I am standing at a new starting line. I am lacking in a lot of areas, and may be awkward at first, but I have confidence that I can show great things with the N.Flying members. Soon I will be able to show you this not only in words but through music. Thank you!

Meanwhile, FNC Entertainment announced on their official website that N.Flying would be making a comeback as five members in the second half of the year.