YG's Newest Artist One Makes His Debut

YG's Newest Artist One Makes His Debut

ONE, YG Entertainment’s newest solo rap artist, has finally made his debut with two lead tracks. His songs “Heyahe” and “Gettin’ By” are already gaining mass attention.

“Heyahe” panders to the trends as it consists of the usual trap beats mixed with a chill, ethereal-influence. The song has similar elements to Drake’s music. Check out the MV below and get of taste of this solo artist’s new flavor.

“Gettin’ By” is another great rap track that has a more upbeat and carefree style. The song has similar aspects to K-Pop hits such as “Airplane” by iKON. Surprisingly, this song has recorded 200,000 less views despite having a summer theme that is more fit for this season. Check out the MV below and let us know which MV is the most captivating to you!

ONE is set to perform his debut tracks on shows this upcoming weekend. Many fans are already in love with the young rapper’s smooth voice and clean looks. It seems YG Entertainment has been dominating the K-Pop scene with each artist they release.