YG Entertainment responds to T.O.Ps marijuana use scandal

YG Entertainment responds to T.O.Ps marijuana use scandal

YG Entertainment has officially responded to T.O.Ps marijuana smoking scandal and police reports.

First, we would like to convey our deepest sincerest apologies. After confirming details, Choi Seung Hyun [T.O.P] was in fact summoned for an investigation, under suspicion of smoking marijuana before his military enlistment.

He has complied with the investigation and has admitted to most of his crimes and is deeply regretting his actions. We are sorry to worry so many people.

Police have also released a report and further details  about the investigation.

“T.O.P was summoned and questioned by the police but since his charges were not proven the fact that he is serving his enlistment in the police department has not been affected. This may change depending on the case.”

— Seoul Police Marketing Department

Police reports also stated that a friend of T.O.P was the one to first leak that he smoked marijuana.

“I smoked marijuana with Choi Seung Hyun [T.O.P].”