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Signal Entertainment Looks For Talented Aspiring Idols 1st Global Audition In The U.S.

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Signal Entertainment Looks For Talented Aspiring Idols 1st Global Audition In The U.S.

(Photo : Facebook ) Another K-pop entertainment group is looking for talent stateside, and you could land an audition spot!

Signal Entertainment is looking for talented aspiring idols to debut in South Korea and China.

Signal Entertainment, which has a vested interest in Korean artists such as BTS, POTEN, and M.I.B"s Kangnam, will hold their first global audition in the United States.

The agency has developed a partnership with China"s top entertainment companies In Hi Media and Huace Media Group, and are now looking for aspiring idols.

Posted on Signal Entertainment"s official Facebookpage on Oct. 16, the agency will hold an audition at Rowland Heights Community Center in California on Thursday, Nov. 5. The agency is looking to develop a Chinese-Korean American group and is searching for talented individuals who were born between the years of 1993 and 2003.

Applicants who pass the audition, will be trained and produced by Signal Entertainment"s subsidiary labels in South Korea, Jungle Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment.

Interested applicants can visit their Facebook page and Signal Entertainment"s official website.

Are you able for JYP Entertainment's USA&CANADA audition?

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Are you able for JYP Entertainment's USA&CANADA audition?

JYP Entertainment"s "2015 USA&CANADA AUDITION" has in the end started!

According to representatives of JYP Entertainment, they are these days accepting packages thru their major audition page and are on the point of leave for Washington D.C. on September 26.

The audition places have also been set and could be held at the Korean Cultural middle in Washington D.C., TVK24 in Los Angeles, Pacific Academy in Vancouver, and eventually at Hansik Korea in Toronto. Audition times will be announced on a later date.

Audition Date & Locations:

September 26 (Saturday) - Washington DC - Korean Cultural Center (2370 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, D.C. 20008)

October four (Sunday) - Los Angeles - TVK24 (3435 Wilshire Blvd. 19th ground Los Angeles, CA 90010)

October 10 (Saturday) - Vancouver - Pacific Academy (10238 168 Street, Surrey, BC V4N1Z4)

October 17 (Saturday) - Toronto - Hansik Korea (1101 Finch Ave W. Unit 4&5 Toronto, ON M3J2C9)

In efforts to advertise the approaching auditions, Jae from DAY6 wrote on his reliable Instagram page, "I used to be able to reach my dreams throughout the auditions. You'll also be for the explanation that opportunity."

Meanwhile, you'll be able to still practice to the auditions by way of online by visiting their official audition page here! decided on finalists from this audition will be given the opportunity to be trained below the JYPE education program.


Vocal: First verse of song of selection (without instrumental)

Dance: Track CD or MP3 and 1~3 mins of dancing

Acting: 1~2 minutes of impromptu or ready acting

Model: Posing and cat walking

APPLY HERE Best of success to each person who will be collaborating in this audition!

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AOA’s Choa Reveals She Failed SM Entertainment’s Audition 15 Times

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AOA’s Choa Reveals She Failed SM Entertainment’s Audition 15 Times

AOA member Choa revealed on the latest episode of late-night talk show Radio Star that she has failed the SM Entertainment trainee audition 15 times.

She was a featured guest on the May 20 broadcast of Radio Star, along with Kang Su Ji, Lim Soo Hyang, and Kim Sae Rom.

On the show, the idol star revealed, I tried out for the SM auditions when Girls Generation members were trainees, because I was so envious, adding, I tried 15 times but never made it. I also tried out for JYP auditions, but didnt make the cut at the final round.

She further commented, Before my debut, my family was really against it, so I went to auditions by myself. I was also working part-time as a salesperson for IPTVs. I came number one in the sales team for that month, so I made 5 million won (approximately $5000 USD).

 When the impressed MCs asked her what her trick was, she answered, You have to have a sense of humor, and also be sensible. However, she also added, But making a lot of money didnt equate to happiness.

A Cube Entertainment's Global Audition Seeks Talent In Los Angeles

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A Cube Entertainment's Global Audition Seeks Talent In Los Angeles

The record label home of K-pop girl group A Pink and ballad crooner Huh Gak is looking for fresh, young talent in Los Angeles.

South Korean entertainment agency A Cube Entertainment (a subsidiary of the larger CUBE Entertainment) is holding their global auditions and you could be the next Hallyu star!

The company is actively looking for singers, actors and actresses, models, and dancers to audition in the L.A. area. Do you think you have what it takes?

There are three rounds to the audition: 1. Online application 2. In-person audition in L.A. 3. Final Confirmation

Today (April 22) is the last day to apply for the first round online audition. To enter, you must be between 11 and 20 years old (2003-1994), but anyone can enter regardless of nationality or gender.

Simply visit the A Cube official website and download the application. Fill it out and send it in to [email protected] with the subject line detailing your [Name/Age/Sex] along with a head shot and any relevant audition materials (videos, recordings, photos, and so forth).

A Cube will then contact only those applicants who passed the first round with details for the in-person audition in L.A.

1st Audition (Online Audition)

Application: Fill out the application and send in e-mail

Information to be included within the E-mail : ApplicationAttachment (Photo, Recording, Video, etc.)

E-mail :[email protected]

*The title of E-mail MUST be [Name/Age/Sex]

2nd Audition (LA Audition)

Company will contact individually for those who passed the online audition ONLY

IU"s invitation for "2015 LOEN & STARSHIP Entertainment Global Audition"

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IU invites everyone to join the "2015 LOENSTARSHIP Entertainment Global Audition."

The audition will be held on March 28 in Los Angeles, U.S. and on April 4 in Toronto, Canada. Participants can be from different ethnicity and nationalities, between the ages of 12-25. You can apply via email for positions of vocalist, dancer, rapper, actor or songwriter/lyricist.

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Heechul was late for SM Entertainment audition, gets in anyway because of his good looks

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Heechul was late for SM Entertainment audition, gets in anyway because of his good looks

You know the rumors that SM Entertainment picks its artists based on looks? Well, that might have some basis in fact, especially considering Heechul pretty much brags about it in the latest recording of "Happy Together 3"--although who can blame him? That face. Good decision, SM. Pat on the back.

While the episode will air tomorrow, a snippet of what he said on the show was revealed earlier today. He talks about first coming to Seoul, saying, "At first, I was scared of people in Seoul. I first came for an SM audition when I was twenty and toured Seoul. At first, I went to the place called Gangnam and wandered the streets. Then, the friend next to me said, "Hey, you can"t do a U-Turn in Seoul. If you do a U-Turn, you"re thought of as a bumpkin," so, because of those words, we were unable to find a nearby street and just went around in circles.

After wandering like this for a long time, I was late to the audition, but they just looked at my face and chose me immediately. I sang the Korean national anthem, but they still chose me. This story is legendary among SM auditions."

"2015 Jellyfish Audition" New Music Talent Search Launched By Jellyfish Entertainment

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Jellyfish Entertainment, the cradle of big stars such as VIXX, Seo In Guk, Park Hyo Shin and Sung Shi Kyung, has announced to launch the “2015 Jellyfish Audition” to search for more musical talents.

The ‘2015 Jellyfish Audition’ will be launched from January 11th to 25th in Busan, Seoul and Gwangju. As for Seoul audition, it will be held on January 22 and 23 at Baekseok Arts University.

‘2015 Jellyfish Audition’ is looking for anyone who is good at singing, dancing and acting with no limits of nationality, sex, and age. A representative of Jellyfish said, "We are looking forward to many people’s apply and participation in the 2nd Jellyfish Audition."

Those who want to join the audition can send an e-mail or visit their official website.

SM Entertainment To Roll Out '2015 S.M.Global Audition' in 9 Countries

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SM Entertainment To Roll Out '2015 S.M.Global Audition' in 9 Countries

SM Entertainment announced that their upcoming ‘2105 SM Global Audition’ will be taking place in 28 cities in 9 countries,  including Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan,Canada, Korea, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Thailand .

The audition will start from January 9, 2015 to May in Korea, Russia, Mongolia, the Republic of Kazakhstan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Canada to seek for talented candidates in terms of vocal, dance, acting, model (fashion/CF) and composing – total of five fields. It is open for all nationalities, sex or ages. Chances to sign a contract with SM will be given to outstanding participants among all.

In the past, "SM Global Audition" discovered many talented people such as Super Junior M’s Henry, f(x) Amber, Red Velvet"s Joy and Wendy,... Last year, over 80,000 people applied for the "2014 SM Global Audition", so the agency’s manager said 2015 audition will be very competitive.

Meanwhile, further information will be available on the agency’s website.

JYP Entertainment to hold "2014 JYP US Tour Audition" in Los Angeles and Toronto

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JYP Entertainment to hold

JYP Entertainment will hold their tour audition in the U.S next month.

On October 8th, the agency annouced that they will hold "2014 JYP US Tour Audition" in Los Angeles on November 8th and Toronto on the 11th, starting theirglobal talent excavation.

The applicants can apply through the online page(http://audition.jype.com/2014usaudition) which was opened on October 1st. Anyone who borns from 1993 to 2003, regardless of and nationality or gender can apply for the audition through various categories such as vocal, dance, acting, model, MC, VJ.

JYP Entertainment said,"Following the audition in Korea last August, we will proceed with the U.S tour audition in November. We are expecting to meet with a lot of talents from this upcoming U.S audition".

Calling all dancers! CUBE Entertainment to hold Cube Dancers Audition for Hyuna’s solo comeback

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Calling all dancers! CUBE Entertainment to hold Cube Dancers Audition for Hyuna’s solo comeback

Following the recent news of another solo comeback from Hyuna, CUBE Entertainment has also uploaded a poster on their official Facebook page calling all of those to audition and try being a part of Hyuna’s dance crew.

The date of the audition is Sunday, July 6th, at Apgukyeong Yaehol. Those who wish to audition are to sign up at the spot, and perform in hopes of getting in. Dance could be any genre, and there are no race, age, job, or gender limitations.

The only requirement is that, upon getting accepted, one will fully participate in all of Hyuna’s promotional performances onstage willingly. He or she will not be allowed to go against the schedule, which is a fair warning considering any comeback requires much strength and motivation.

However, those who are dedicated and love to dance are welcome to try out to be a part of a celebrity’s dance crew, and partake in a rare experience onstage in the K-Pop scene.

Will you be trying out to be one of Hyuna’s upcoming back-dancers?

Source: UNITED CUBE Facebook