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SM to hold ’2012 Global Auditions’ in five countries!

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SM to hold ’2012 Global Auditions’ in five countries!

SM Entertainment has just revealed to allkpop that theyll be holding their SM Global Auditions in five different countries this year!

SM is famous for producing many of Koreas top K-Pop stars, such as BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls Generation, SHINee, and f(x). A few of those stars were discovered through the SM Global Auditions, such as Super Junior-Ms Henry, a finalist of the 2006 Global Auditions, and f(x)s Amber, who participated in the 2007 U.S. auditions.

For this year, SM will be holding auditions in South Korea, Japan, China, Canada, and the United States. The American audition dates and locations are as follows:

- Saturday, February 18th: New York, New York

- Monday, February 20th: Chicago, Illinois

- Sunday, February 26th: San Francisco, California

- Saturday, March 3rd: Los Angeles, California

Auditions are open to anyone and there is no application fee.

Applications can be sent via e-mail to: [email protected], [email protected], or YouTube (www.youtube.com/audition)

Finalists will be given the opportunity to sign an exclusive contract with SM Entertainment. This contract will cover all initial costs in launching a musical career.

For more details and information, please check the SMTOWN official website.

Good luck to all applicants!

Korea-China Global Auditions, '2012 Tune Star Contest'

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auditions, tune star contest

Korea-China Global Auditions, '2012 Tune Star Contest' Korea-China Global Auditions, 2012 Tune Star ContestGlobal Korea-China Auditions, 'Tune Star Contest' (Cover Star in Korea) has started.

Korea's Tune CC (www.tunecc.com) and China's popular magazine (www.color.cc) have partnered together to hold the '2012 Tune Star Contest (Cover Star in Korea)'.

'2012 Tune Star Contest' will be a contest for people in Korea and China who would have the potential to become a Hallyu star. Applications will be accepted starting in July and for contestants who make it to the final round on August 26 will be able to attend the 'Cover Star' finals in China.

To enter, you must select a category and post a profile and picture onto the homepage. Also, a video of your talent would be uploaded as well. On August 26, the contestants who make it to the final round in Korea will go on to China for the finals.

The judges for this audition will be popular hip-hop duo Sunnyside, tvN "Opera Star" mentor Cho Yong Gap, choreographer Kim Ho Joon and producer Park Il Suk.

SM Entertainment to embark on ?2012 SM Youth Star Auditions? around seven countries

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SM Entertainment to embark on ?2012 SM Youth Star Auditions? around seven countries

SM is famous for producing many of Korea’s top K-Pop stars, such as BoATVXQSuper JuniorGirls’ GenerationSHINee, and f(x). A few of those stars were discovered through the SM Global Auditions, such as Super Junior-M‘s Henry, a finalist of the 2006 Global Auditions, and f(x)‘sAmber, who participated in the 2007 U.S. auditions, and more.

For this year, SM will be holding a new audition catered towards the youth of the world in their Youth Star Audition for those ranging from 8 to 20 years old. The auditions will take place in seven countries including South KoreaJapanChinaCanadaAustralia, New Zealand, and the United States, and is open to all nationalities and genders.

Check out more details at the official Youth Star Audition site here, and check below for the list of the North American dates and locations!

July 29thLos Angeles, CA, USA

August 4thNew Jersey, USA

August 28th/29thToronto, Canada

September 1stVancouver, Canada

The agency has also unveiled a few promotional videos for the upcoming auditions, so check them out below if you didnt catch them before!

SM to hang Global Auditions in 6 Countries

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SM to hang Global Auditions in 6 Countries

--> SM Entertainment, who has found out and produced most sensible stars like BoA, TVXQ, tremendous Junior, Girls′ Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO, Red Velvet, Move Ara, Lee Yeon Hee and more can be maintaining global auditions back this year.

The 2016 SM Global Auditions will be happening over five months, from December 18 of this year to April 19, 2016, starting in China sooner than traveling to Korea, the U.S. Japan, Australia, New Zealand and more, making stops in a general of 29 towns in six countries all through the Americas, Asia and Oceania. The auditions are expected to attract an enthusiastic reaction from aspiring stars all over the world.

Super Junior-M′s Henry, f(x)′s Amber, Red Velvet′s Joy and Wendy, in particular, were found in the process the SM Global Auditions, which is attracting attention as a gateway for undiscovered stars.

Every year, the auditions draw applicants from varied countries, and with more than 200,000 packages from 36 countries gained at the 2015 SM Global Audition, the approaching global auditions are expected to draw giant numbers as well.

The Korea auditions will be held in six cities, adding Seoul, Daegu, Jeonju, Busan, Gwangju and Daejeon, and the Seoul audition will be held at the SMTOWN Coex Artium in Samseong-dong for 3 days on January 9, January 30 and 31.

The 2016 SM Global Audition will be accepting applicants in five categories, from singing, dancing, acting, modeling (fashion/CF) and songwriting/composing, and there aren't any country, gender or age restrictions. The head applicant will be given the opportunity to signal an exclusive contract with SM.

Those who are inquisitive about applying will have to take a glance at SMTOWN′s respectable web page or SM′s application everysing for more information.

Meanwhile, SM released a place video for the 2016 SM Global Audition on SMTOWN′s YouTube channel and Facebook page on October 29.

SM Entertainment to hang Global Auditions back This Year

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SM Entertainment to carry Global Auditions Again This Year SM Entertainment, which produced most sensible stars adding BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO, Red Velvet, Go Ara, and Lee Yeon Hee, could be maintaining every other global audition this year!

The 2016 “SM Global Audition” will take position over five months, from December 18 to April 19. They're going to start in China and go to Korea, the United States, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand for a general of six countries and 29 cities.

Stars including Large Junior M‘s Henry, f(x)’s Amber, Red Velvet’s Joy and Wendy were forged via SM global auditions.

In the “2015 SM Global Auditions,” over 200,000 applicants auditioned from 36 regions around the globe.

The “2016 SM Global Auditions” will have five categories, including singing, dancing, acting, modeling, and song-writing. Any individual can follow irrespective of nationality, gender, and age. The winners of the auditions have the ability to signal an exclusive contract with SM Entertainment.

Applicants can apply via SMTOWN’s authentic site in addition SM’s cellular app everysing.

SG Wannabe’s Kim Jin Ho used to be removed From Auditions On account of Looks

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SG Wannabe’s Kim Jin Ho Became Eliminated From Auditions thanks to Looks On the October 10 episode of JTBC’s “Hidden Singer 4,” SG Wannabe’s Kim Jin Ho gave the impression as the long-established singer and printed why the ballad staff first of all declined to look on track displays or in their own music videos.

The song for the primary circular was his debut song, “Timeless.” Kim Jin Ho explained that SG Wannabe was at the start planned to be a duet neighborhood and he was recruited last. “When I went to the audition i used to be told that I wouldn’t make it because of my looks,” he said. “The corporate introduced to give me plastic surgery.”

Kim Jin Ho refused and left. “Two days later, the guests contacted me,” he went on. “But i suspect I was the explanation that the gang was called the singers without faces.”

HanCinema's movie Review Korean Weekend Box Administrative center 2012.06.01 ~ 2012.06.03

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HanCinema's movie Review Korean Weekend Box Administrative center 2012.06.01 ~ 2012.06.03

Min Gyoo-dong"s comedy drama "Everything about my Wife" remains at number two and has narrowed the space at the Mr. Smith"s newest effort. Sin Tae-ra"s "Runway Cop" follows suit with 334,120 as it makes it access into the charts. This comedy stars Kang Ji-hwan, Seong Yoo-ri and Lee Soo-hyeok as an oddball detective takes up the guise of a fashion to catch the bad guys. At 4 is any other new Korean entry; Kim Tae-kyeong brings us the primary horror of the summer with "Don"t Click", a movie that has been getting combined studies from critics forward of its opening weekend.

Another "Madagascar" turns out to were made; this time the hilarity takes position in Europe. Animations are typically neatly won in Korea, yet "Madagascar 3: Europe"s maximum Wanted" handiest controlled to come into the sport with 39,712. That number, and the film"s position, would possibly well inflate, as Wednesday is a public holiday here in Korea so the children may have more to mention on what the head motion pictures will be. At nine is Moon Hyeon-seong"s "As One" with just 19,613, followed through the japanese animation "Inazuma 11 pass The Movie" with 10,843.

Korean Box Place of job - Admissions for the Week-end 2012.06.01 - 2012.06.03 (www.kobis.or.kr)

# Films Release date Week-end Total 1 "Men in Black III"   533 134 2 454 900 2 "Everything about my Wife" (내 아내의 모든 것) 2012/05/17 474 268 2 784 668 3 "Runway Cop" (차형사) 2012/05/30 334 120 453 436 4 "Don"t Click" (미확인 동영상 : 절대클릭금지 ) 2012/05/30 295 579 352 880 5 "Snow White and the Huntsman"   261 366 452 397 6 "Marvel"s The Avengers"   96 651 6 996 882 7 "The flavor of Money" (돈의 맛) 2012/05/17 50 301 1 131 102 8 "Madagascar 3: Europe"s Most Wanted"   39 712 40 886 9 "As One" (코리아) 2012/05/03 19 613 1 856 831 10 "Inazuma Eleven Go The Movie" (劇場版イナズマイレブンGO 究極の絆 グリフォン)   10 843 81 727 Korean videos only     "In some other Country" (다른 나라에서) 2012/05/31 6 588 9 271   "Architecture 101" (건축학개론) 2012/03/22 1 983 4 101 409   "Spring, Snow" (봄, 눈) 2012/04/26 1 508 19 958   "A Muse" (은교) 2012/04/25 1 329 1 342 899   "Hello!" (안녕,하세요!) 2012/05/24 539 3 729   "Talking Architect" (말하는 건축가) 2012/03/08 254 37 193   "Kids From Heaven" (천국의 아이들) 2012/05/24 242 1 065   "Dangerously Excited" (나는 공무원이다) 2012/07 226 297   "Our Movie" (2012, 우리가 만든 영화)   166 166   "See You Tomorrow" (2011, 애드벌룬)   166 166

HanCinema's Drama Review 'Hero - Drama - 2012'

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HanCinema's Drama Review 'Hero - Drama - 2012'

While he does feel sympathy and a feeling of justice after he's taking at the cases, acknowledged situations also roughly land onto his lap and the truth that they all just take place to be attached to the key plot feels contrived as well.

There are many fantastic parts about "Hero - Drama - 2012" and the characters are fun, yet it's totally challenging to glue to them on a more than superficial point at this point. so much is dependent on whether they are going to make any other season, for the explanation that thing here is, OCN isn't that fab with intensity of tale and while they are attempting to move for a more US tv form of format, their storytelling strategies are that of Korean drama. The plot feels too stretched out so as to hide many episodes and regardless of its exciting presentation, it feels slow on the improvement side.

This manner that the drama sounds like an introductory season and then the "real" thing will start. The query is, will it? This may also be a series value finding out for all of the excellent things it does, but it does no longer feel like one that will be a standalone drama. If OCN has some other season planned, then this is able to just be great. For now, there is attainable no longer yet realized.

Written by: Orion from "Orion"s Ramblings"

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HanCinema's Box place of business Review Korean Weekend Box workplace 2012.06.15 ~ 2012.06.17

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HanCinema's Box place of business Review Korean Weekend Box workplace 2012.06.15 ~ 2012.06.17

Sin Tae-ra"s "Runway Cop" jumps one spot from closing weekend, regardless of handiest having attracted 145,126 moviegoers, and "Men in Black III" follows whith 135,530. "Men in Black III" recently has 3,231,892 tickets sold and is on the topic of overtaking the preferred Korean movie "Unbowed" as the 6th best grossing film in 2012. "Unbowed" earned 3,416,621 admissions right through its run yet its role will continue to be challenged as the summer hits stay coming it. "Prometheus" can have been a highly expected film in the U.S, but its functionality to this point in Korea has been a vulnerable one. "Prometheus", at the aspect of the recent "Batman" film, was once flagged as probably the most peak movies to pop out of 2012. Korean audiences, however, have now not reflected that enthusiasm, granting it just 801,540 admissions in two weeks.

HanCinema's movie Review Korean Weekend Box Workplace 2012.02.17 ~ 2012.02.19

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HanCinema's movie Review Korean Weekend Box Workplace 2012.02.17 ~ 2012.02.19

"Nameless Gangster" is still up at the pinnacle with 499,713. Yoon Jong-bin"s crime drama now sits with a general of 3,395,022 admissions, positioning it just in the back of this week"s number 3 "Dancing Queen" as the 2nd one absolute best grossing Korean movie of 2012. "Dancing Queen" has been a gigantic luck in cinemas and stars Hwang Jeong-min and Uhm Jung-hwa. "Legends of Valhalla: Thor" follows those three giant Korean blockbusters with 154,545 admissions to assert fourth.

At the ground now and Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage graces the displays back with "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance". here's the moment film in the preferred comedian ebook series "Ghost Rider". James Watkin"s horror/thriller "The Girl in Black" is at nine and stars Daniel Radcliffer, Janet McTeer and Ciaran Hinds. And at number ten we to find "Papa - Moive" down 4 puts and struggling with for function with 24,351 and a whole of just of half-a-million admissions. A disgrace yet with such enormous Korean film"s making waves, the contest has been tough.

Korean Box Workplace - Admissions for the Week-end 2012.02.17 - 2012.02.19 (www.kobis.or.kr)

# Films Release date Week-end Total 1 "Howling" (하울링) 2012/02/16 530,774 638,368 2 "Nameless Gangster" (범죄와의 전쟁 : 나쁜놈들 전성시대) 2012/02/02 499,713 3,395,022 3 "Dancing Queen" (댄싱퀸) 2012/01/18 178,528 3,555,465 4 "Legends of Valhalla: Thor"   154,545 410,431 5 "The Grey"   152,243 184,703 6 "Unbowed" (부러진 화살) 2012/01/18 96,759 3,321,628 7 "Tarbosaurus 3D" (점박이: 한반도의 공룡 3D) 2012/01/26 71,716 892,819 8 "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance"   65,773 78,895 9 "The Lady in Black "   53,839 70,531 10 "Papa - Movie" (파파) 2012/02/01 24,351 558,256 Korean videos only     "A Coachman" (1961, 마부) - Re-release   1,580 1,580   "2 Lines" (두 개의 선) 2012/02/09 290 807   "Bleak Night" (파수꾼) 2011/03/03 258 22,647   "Punch" (완득이) 2011/10/20 183 5,310,510   "The Outback" (코알라 키드: 영웅의 탄생) 2012/01/12 132 201,530   "The global Without a Mother" (1977, 엄마 없는 하늘 아래) - Re-release   113 767   "Pacemaker" (페이스메이커) 2012/01/18 97 463,283   "Late Autumn - 2010" (만추 - 晚秋) 2011/02/17 92 847,146   "Wonderful Radio" (원더풀 라디오) 2012/01/05 62 951,919   "Eighteen and Nineteen" (열여덟,열아홉) 2012/03/01 32 32