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Super Junior Yesung’s Latest Selca Stirs Blackface Controversy

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Super Junior Yesung’s Latest Selca Stirs Blackface Controversy

Super Junior member Yesung tweeted a photo of himself on April 30 dressed up as X-Men’s Nick Fury, but fans’ reaction appears to be divided, someeven asserting it’s an issue of blackface.

The Super Junior members recently drew attention at the Incheon International Airport for dressing up as superheroes, but Yesung’s recent tweet of a photo, in which he is seen with his face painted brown, has been receiving criticism.

Yesung included with the photo, the message, “Everyone, congratulations on your return. Colonel Nick Fury (Yesung)…”

It appears Yesung, who was not with the other members, wanted to join in on the dress-up fun, as indicated by Eunhyuk’s tweet in response to the photo, writing, “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ah, hyung you needed to be there ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ,”

But some seem to think he took it too far.

While some fans have brushed off the photo as humorous, others have commented that the photo is offensive and racist.

Considering the fact that an Asian American fraternity (Lambda Theta Delta) recently came under fire nationwide for producing a blackface music video, Yesung′s photo is getting considerably less negative attention, perhaps because many Koreans are unaware of the history and negative connotation of blackface.

Did Yesung simply want to join in on Super Junior′s fun, or did he take it too far?

Photo credit: Yesung’s Twitter

Super Junior Donghae and Yesung Look Charismatic in Tuxedos for Latest Selca

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Super Junior Donghae and Yesung Look Charismatic in Tuxedos for Latest Selca super junior donghae yesungSuper Junior Donghae and Yesung snap a picture wearing tuxedoes, transforming into charismatic men.

Donghae on the 29th, tweeted the photo above and wrote "We are right now...Donghae, Yesung."

In the photo above, Donghae and Yesung are seen sporting a bow tie along with a suit looking like stylish young men. They are seen looking handsome like sculptures with a fierce gaze into the camera showing off their charismatic and sexy charm.

Internet users who saw the photo remarked, " Their masculinity," "Their gaze is melting me," and "The group that looks good in tuxedoes!"

Super Junior’s Yesung takes a selca with his good looking younger brother

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Super Junior’s Yesung takes a selca with his good looking younger brother

Super Juniors Yesung and his equally handsome little brother took a selca together, proving that good looks must run in the family.

On March 29th, Yesung uploaded the selca on Twitter, and wrote, I visited with my good looking (?) little brother Jong Jin, and then went to Heestory. Heechul hyung, I kept my loyalty [to you]. Fans were surprised at the similarity between the two brothers with some commenting that they could be twins.

Followers commented, Good looking brothers. Your parents must be proud, and Without his glasses, Yesung would look exactly like his brother.

SourcePhoto: Yesungs Twitter

Sulli and Donghae’s affectionate selca with Yesung’s surprise appearance

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Sulli and Donghae’s affectionate selca with Yesung’s surprise appearance

Sulli and Donghae took a selca together looking affectionate.

Super Junior member Donghae tweeted on January 2nd, December 31st with Sulli, Yesung hyung.. along with a picture.

In the picture that Donghae revealed, Donghae is posing affectionately with Sulli right next to him. Sulli and Donghae have put their heads together for the selca with slight smiles on their faces. Its funny that Super Junior band mate Yesung seems to be making an unscheduled surprise appearance in the back without even knowing.

Netizens commented, Sulli and Donghae really look like siblings, Its good to seem them so affectionate, and Yesungs surprise appearance!

Super Junior’s Yesung Can pay Donghae a Visit

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Super Junior’s Yesung Will pay Donghae a Visit Despite having taken a hiatus from the crowd to meet his vital army service, it more or less feels that thank you to the alternative individuals of Super Junior, we still get an opportunity to peer how Donghae is doing.

Fellow member Yesung posted a photo with Donghae to his Twitter on November 22. In the caption, Yesung wrote, “I got here for a visit~ It’s been a while, my brother #SuperJunior #YeDong.” In the photo, Donghae will also be noticed dressed in a police uniform.

Donghae was once transferred to Seoul following the finishing touch of his 3 weeks’ elementary training, and may serve the leisure of his militia tasks as a conscripted police officer.

It’s wonderful to see him secure and healthy!

Yesung lends his emotional voice to 'Awl' OST 'So Much Longing'

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Yesung lends his emotional voice to 'Awl' OST 'So Much Longing'

Yesung has released his gorgeous OST "So Much Longing" for his drama "Awl"!

His OST "So Much Longing" is a ballad song with an emotional melody. The song"s lyrics are about how his persona feels, which come with the scar of being betrayed through the individual you trusted, and emotions of loneliness and longing.

"Awl" is according to a webtoon, which is encouraged by a true tale where union employees were unfairly fired from a supermarket chain. It airs each and every Saturday and Sunday on JTBC.

take a glance at the song above!

Super Junior′s Yesung Says He Doesn′t would like to be an ′Idol Who Acts′ yet an Actor

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Super Junior′s Yesung Says He Doesn′t would like to be an ′Idol Who Acts′ yet an Actor

--> Super Junior′s Yesung displayed his pastime for acting.

At a newshounds roundtable held at the set of JTBC′s Drill in Namyangju on November 6, Yesung acknowledged of the favorable reception to his acting, "My area is crammed with DVDs. the explanation I started collecting DVDs is because I′ve at all times been hungry to act."

He continued, "Thank you for the favorable reception regardless of it being my first time acting. I told my corporate that I sought after to act more than one hundred times. in position of say that I′m an idol who is excellent at acting, I wish to be ′actor Yesung.′ I still feel like I′m lacking. I can continue to paintings tough in the future."

Yesung plays Hwang Jun Cheol, an worker in the seafood branch at Fourmis Mart.

Drill is according to a webtoon of the similar call written via Choi Gyu Seok. It's miles focused on an incident that takes place at Fourmis Mart and the workers it involves. It airs each and every Saturday and Sunday at 9:40 p.m. KST.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

Super Junior′s Yesung stocks candy circle of relatives Photo

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Super Junior′s Yesung stocks candy circle of relatives Photo

--> Super Junior′s Yesung shared a photo of his more youthful brother and father.

Yesung posted a photo on Instagram on November five with the caption, "The men in our circle of relatives whom I love. Yesung. Dad. Dongseng."

The photo captures Yesung and his young brother with their father, and their striking resemblance is undeniable.

Meanwhile, Yesung is recently starring in JTBC′s Drill as Hwang Jun Chul.

Photo credit: Yesung′s Instagram

Hyun Woo Has not anything yet compliment for Yesung and Park Si Hwan’s Acting in “Awl”

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Hyun Woo Has Nothing But Praise for Yesung and Park Si Hwan’s Acting in “Awl” Actor Hyun Woo has nothing but excellent things to mention about his co-stars from the JTBC drama “Awl,” Super Junior‘s Yesung and singer Park Si Hwan!

Hyun Woo plays one of the vital 3 “Flower Boys of Fourmis Mart” along Yesung and Park Si Hwan, who either are making their drama debuts via “Awl.” In an interview with OSEN, Hyun Woo praises his co-stars, pronouncing that they ready diligently and are actively engaged in the filming process.

“They’re all running very hard,” he said. “Since there’s now not a unmarried sloppy side about their acting I believe that folks will watch it and to find it an overly plausible and well-made drama.”

Hyun Woo also shared his mind at the production of “Awl,” because it takes position in the mid 2000s. “The PDs concept that the synchronization used to be the maximum important. They paid special attention to the hairstyles, the garments that they wore, and the kind of activities they would have done 10 years ago.” The PD had said at the production press convention that the drama would practice the webcomic that it's miles in line with exactly, as the objective of the drama is to painting the similar feelings as the usual work.

Meanwhile, “Awl” is set salary staff at a wide chain grocery shop who are unfairly laid off or fired. The primary character, played by Ji Hyun Woo, then recruits the relief of a exertions union to combat back opposed to the higher control of the grocery. “Awl” airs Saturdays and Sundays at 9:40 p.m. KST. take a glance at the preview for episode five below!

Super Junior’s Yesung Feels Lonely Doing Solo Activities

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Super Junior’s Yesung Feels Lonely Doing Solo Activities It turns out Super Junior‘s Yesung is feeling lonely lately!

On October 30, Yesung posted a photo of the complete of tremendous Junior (sans Shindong and Lee Sung Min) to his Twitter at the facet of the caption, “Now that I’m being used to doing schedules alone, I leave out doing staff schedules…” Even though the gang released the 2nd one part in their 10th Anniversary album in September, Super Junior did no longer do any promotion activities for “Magic” this time around.

Instead, individuals had been either that specialize in their own activities or gearing up to leave for their needed army service. Choi Siwon is the following member set to leave, following Donghae and Eunhyuk‘s departures previous this month.

Meanwhile, Yesung has been collaborating in his first ever acting role for JTBC‘s weekend drama “Awl.” The drama is set a produce manager at a wide chain grocery marketplace who defies an order to fireplace his workers, and stands up to the injustice by way of joining a hard work union. Yesung plays Hwang Joon Chul, some of the grocer’s seafood branch staff. The drama airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 9:40 p.m. KST.

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