Yesung reveals Super Junior’s member actually aren’t close

Yesung reveals Super Junior’s member actually aren’t close

At Yesungs Spring Falling 2nd Mini Album Special Event in Taipei on June 2, a fan asked Yesung how the Super Junior members have stood by each other for over 12 years.

In response, Yesung revealed a shocking secret about Super Junior and its members.

The reason why SJ can stay as a group for such a long time is that we actually arent all close to each other. – Yesung

Actually, including the training period, we have already spent over 12 years together. I need to tell everyone a fun fact. – Yesung

Do you think the members look like they are close with each other? Do you think members of other idol groups all look close with each other? – Yesung

Probably not all of the groups get along well. – Yesung

There are groups that dont have good relationships; however, because they know each other so well, they try to understand each other. – Yesung

Actually, when its more than just two people, its impossible for everyone to have the same good relationship with one another. – Yesung

Did everyone get along with their classmates when they graduated? After time has passed, because you were classmates before, you would still welcome them.  – Yesung

I have spent an even longer time being with my members. No matter whether they have a good relationship or a bad relationship with me, I still have to be considerate.  – Yesung

Theyre my members and also my friends.  – Yesung

When asked who he doesnt get along with, he had nothing to hide. 

Actually, theres no one that I dont particularly get along with. Do you think theres someone that I dont get along with?  – Yesung

Since I cant win when we fight anyway, I dont really hate anyone.  – Yesung

Although the level of getting along is different with everyone, we need to use the same mindset to think about things because we are members of the same group why hate them?  – Yesung

There are affections and memories from being together. Even if someone betrays us and leaves the group, I would never hate them, but would rather wish them well.  – Yesung

Actually, everyone makes mistakes, so no matter whether it is a member with problems or a member without problems, other members need to be considerate.    – Yesung

This is why Super Junior has been able to stay together for so long, and why ELFs can go on for over 11 years.  – Yesung

Source: Liberty Times Net