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Super Junior’s Yesung Finds Siwon Gave Him Pro Recommendations on Acting For His First Drama

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Super Junior’s Yesung shows Siwon Gave Him Pro Tips about Acting For His First Drama Super Junior’s Yesung published Siwon lent a aiding hand throughout filming for his first drama.

On October 21, Director Kim Suk Yoon, actors Ji Hyun Woo, Ahn Nae Sang, Kim Hee Won, Kim Ga Eun, Hyun Woo, Yesung, and Park Si Hwan attended the production presentation of “Awl.”

“I gained numerous lend a hand from people because this was once my first time acting,” Yesung said.

In the drama Yesung, plays Hwang Joon Chul, the pinnacle of the seafood corner Purumi Mart. Despite the reality that Hwang Joon Chul is making ready a marriage with his girlfriend, he's unfairly fired from his process and faces a crisis.

“Siwon, who is these days popular on account of the drama ‘She Was Pretty,’ supplies me so much of telephone calls,” he said. “ He asks about me much and coaches me, saying, ‘How is filming going,’ and ‘You sought after to act; thank god you were given the role.’”

“With the assistance of my fellow tremendous Junior individuals and company, i'm currently running tough at learning,” he said.

“Awl” tells the tale of the staff from Purumi Mart who are unfairly fired. It’s first episode can be aired on October 24 at 9:40 p.m.

Super Junior′s Yesung Talks About Acting for First Time and thank you Choi Siwon

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Super Junior′s Yesung Talks About Acting for First Time and thank you Choi Siwon

--> Super Junior′s Yesung unfolded about acting for the primary time.

Yesung, who attended a production presentation for JTBC′s Drill, held at the Banyan Tree Club & Spa in Seoul on October 21, stated of acting for the 1st time in his 10-year making a song career, "I in reality sought after to act for a long time."

He spoke about the difficulties he faced, pronouncing "I learned so much from the director ahead of we went into filming. I thought, ′It′s conceivable to be scolded this much in life.′"

He also expressed gratitude to Choi Siwon, who is active as an actor. Yesung said, "Choi Siwon, who is changing into the maximum sought after user in the industry thru drama She used to be Pretty, calls me a lot. He asks what the ambience is like on set, if I′m doing ok in addition teaches and is helping me relating to acting."

Yesung will play Hwang Jun Cheol, an worker in the seafood branch at Pureumi Mart.

Drill is in keeping with a webtoon of the similar call written by capability of Choi Gyu Seok. it's far targeted on an incident that takes position at Pureumi Mart and the workers it involves. The first episode will air on October 24 at 9:40 p.m. KST.

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Super Junior"s Yesung once feared Siwon might kill Ryeowook during a fight?

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Super Junior

Super Junior appeared on MBC"s "Radio Star" on July 15 and talked about fights within the group. They were asked who came in first when it came to fists.

They replied, "Kangin or Siwon," then added, "When it comes to fighting through just fighting, Yesung would be first place." They burst another bomb by saying, "He"s short-tempered."

Leeteuk said, "There was even a time he almost got into a fight in a hanbok store in Apgujeong," raising eyebrows.

They also talked about a fight between Siwon and Ryeowook as they gave the details on disputes over the last ten years. The MCs said, "Has Siwon never gotten into fights?" and Yesung replied, "He surprisingly fought with Ryeowook. At the time, I worried that he might kill Ryeowook," making everyone laugh.

Leeteuk said, "Siwon likes doing high fives, but one day, Ryeowook got angry... because he did so many high fives in one day.... Ryeowook yelled at that time, "Don"t do high fives.""

Siwon said honestly, "At the time, I was sitting across from Ryeowook and worried about what I should do. Then, I said, "Would you be capable of not seeing me?" and Ryeowook replied that he would be capable. Ryeowook and I really don"t get along. He"s really not my type. We act considerately toward each other because we know each other. He"s a dongsaeng that I like, but our inclinations are very different."

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Super Junior Yesung Updates His Fans With Siwon

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Super Junior Yesung Updates His Fans With Siwon

Super Junior"s member Yesung currently serving in the army updated his fans.

Yesterday, Yesung posted on his Twitter, "Talking talking talking last night" along with a picture.

In the pictures, Yesung was all-black from head to toe. Next to him was Siwon either smiling brightly or making a charismatic face at the camera.

Siwon had also posted on his Twitter on June 3, "He is back. feeling so good" along with a picture with Yesung.

Yesung went into the army last May and will be finishing up his service next May.

Super Junior’s Yesung and Siwon unveil concept photos for “Gray Paper”

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Super Junior’s Yesung and Siwon unveil concept photos for “Gray Paper”

Super Juniors Yesung unveiled the concept for his new song Gray Paper for the SBS drama ‘Wind Blows in Winter OST alongside Siwon.

Yesung shared a set of selcas on his Twitter and wrote, Gray Paper concept YS ^^ Gray Paper live will air on this weeks Inkigayo GoGo !!

The photos show Yesung donning an all gray suit and hairstyle to match the dark, sorrowful emotions of the ballad song. “Gray Paper” is described as a pop ballad that portrays the sad love between Oh Soo (Jo In Sung) and Oh Young (Song Hye Gyo) with the help of Yesung’s soft vocals and producer Kangta’s emotion-packed lyrics. It also serves as one of the main theme songs of the drama and topped real-time search engines immediately upon its release.

Catch Yesungs live performance of Gray Paper on Inkigayo on the 17th!

SourceImage(s): Yesungs Twitter

Super Junior's Yesung Takes a Photo with a Sleeping Choi Siwon

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Super Juniors Yesung Takes a Photo with a Sleeping Choi Siwon Super Junior members Yesung And Choi Siwon recently took a photo together- that is, one of them probably wont remember that it was even taken! 

On February 7, Yesung tweeted a cute photo of the pair with the caption, Spending some quality time with Siwon who has fallen asleep while meditating. In the photo, Yesung has on black retro-framed glasses and wears a smile for the camera as he captures Choi Siwon, who has fallen fast asleep in a chair behind him. 

Netizens who saw the photo commented, Yesung oppa, youre overflowing with charisma, Is Siwon really in a meditative state? Are you sure hes not asleep?, Where did the other members go? and Youre so good-looking!

Yesung and Siwon are currently doing promotional activities as part of Super Juniors sub-unit group, Super Junior-M

Super Junior’s Yesung reveals an elegant picture of himself, “Is Siwon meditating?”

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Super Junior’s Yesung reveals an elegant picture of himself, “Is Siwon meditating?”

Super Junior’s Yesung uploaded a self-taken picture.

On the afternoon of February 7, Yesung uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “With Siwon who is meditating^^”

In the picture, Yesung is wearing black rimmed glasses and looking at the camera with an elegant look. Behind Yesung, Siwon is closing his eyes with his head down.

Netizens commented: “Yesung looks so charismatic.” “Is Siwon really meditation? Isn’t he sleeping?” “Where are the other members?” “He is so handsome.”

Previously on January 31, Super Junior was double-crowned at 22nd High One Seoul Song Festival.

Yesung reveals that Super Junior doesn’t think Siwon is the most popular in the group

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Yesung reveals that Super Junior doesn’t think Siwon is the most popular in the group

On the July 23rd episode of Mnets Beatles Code 2, Yesung revealed that the Super Junior members did not consider Siwon to be the most popular in the group.

The MCs began the segment by asking the members what they thought the secret to their popularity was, to which Eunhyuk and Shindong replied much to the amusement of the studio, Because were handsome.

Eunhyuk added, Out of Super Junior, Siwon is the most handsome.

Yesung actually began shaking his head upon Eunhyuks statement and said instead, Everyone says that Siwon is the most handsome, which I also agree with, but hes not that popular.

Surprised, the MCs asked back, What do you mean hes not popular? Yesung replied, If you take a vote within Super Junior, he always ends up in the bottom half.

The other members agreed and nodded when Eunhyuk continued, I always rank at the top within Super Junior votes.

Yesung couldnt help but shake his head to that as well, claiming that Eunhyuk actually ranked in the middle and that it was himself who always ranked in the top two or three. The other members teased him by shouting in disagreement.

Source + Photos: Review Star via Naver

Super Junior’s Yesung Can pay Donghae a Visit

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Super Junior’s Yesung Will pay Donghae a Visit Despite having taken a hiatus from the crowd to meet his vital army service, it more or less feels that thank you to the alternative individuals of Super Junior, we still get an opportunity to peer how Donghae is doing.

Fellow member Yesung posted a photo with Donghae to his Twitter on November 22. In the caption, Yesung wrote, “I got here for a visit~ It’s been a while, my brother #SuperJunior #YeDong.” In the photo, Donghae will also be noticed dressed in a police uniform.

Donghae was once transferred to Seoul following the finishing touch of his 3 weeks’ elementary training, and may serve the leisure of his militia tasks as a conscripted police officer.

It’s wonderful to see him secure and healthy!

Super Junior participants Bid Farewell to TVXQ’s Changmin and Choi Siwon

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Super Junior Members Bid Farewell to TVXQ’s Changmin and Choi Siwon It’s time back to say farewell to two more cherished stars for 2 years as they leave for the military. Today, members of Super Junior are sharing their goodbyes on Instagram to fellow member Choi Siwon and TVXQ member Changmin.

Yesung posted a small collage of selcas, in conjunction with the caption, “Masi, get back safely #Changmintoo #Masi.” Regardless that his words were brief, it’s transparent in the pictures that he's giving either Siwon and Changmin his complete support.

Super Junior leader Leeteuk had a longer message for the two. He posted an image of 2 letters he wrote for them, saying, “I got here house after filming and wrote letters, yet it more or less feels like it’s that point already… time flies… even if time is heartless… it turns out like time makes us strong. Come back secure and healthy!!! Let’s meet again soon.” He also shared a photo of Choi Siwon.

Changmin follows Yunho, who enlisted this beyond summer, whilst Siwon is the 5th member of tremendous Junior to enlist this year.

Meanwhile, Eunhyuk also posted on his Instagram, as he wrapped up his fundamental schooling today. He wrote, “Are you doing well!!! #tenhut #graduation.”