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EXO’s Kris Joins SM Lineup On Instagram

(Photo : galaxy_fanfan)

EXO member Kris jumped on the Instagram bandwagon on April 7, opening an account and uploading his first picture.

Within fourteen hours, the picture had over 200,000 likes and 95 thousand comments. Kris"s account, galaxy_fanfan, had nearly 400,000 followers.

The picture depicted EXO"s Canadian member wearing a stylish outfit while sitting against a mirror looking at his reflection, and said "welcome to galaxy."

Kris is the first EXO member to create an Instagram account, and the first member to create a public SNS account. However, he joins a growing group of SM Entertainment artists who use their Instagram accounts to communicate with fans.

The most popular SM Entertainment artist on Instagram belongs to Girls" Generation leader Taeyeon

Shinhwa wraps up 16 Year Anniversary Concert successfully

Shinhwa wraps up 16 Year Anniversary Concert successfully

Shinhwa, one of the only 90’s K-Pop idol groups that have not broken up, held their 16 year anniversary concert on the 23rd of March at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium.

While several people were sure Andy would not be at the concert due to his illegal gambling incident, Andy had made a surprise appearance at the end of the concert.

They opened their concert with their songs, “Scar Face”, “Venus” and “Brand New”, and performed some old favorites afterwards, such as “Shooting Star”, “Red Carpet”, “Perfect Man” and “Hey! Come on”, where fans were given a chance to reminisce the old days.

Furthermore, the audience had the opportunity to watch never-before-seen performances for “Move With Me” and “Mannequin”

Soompiers’ Pick: Good-Looking K-Pop Idol Managers

In addition to the five K-Pop idol managers that were nominated as the best looking through the SBS MTV’s “The Show,” we asked Soompiers which other idol managers they thought were good looking too. Here are some of our fellow Soompier’s picks.

Teen Top‘s manager

Shinhwa‘s (specifically Eric) manager, Kim Bo Geun

Shinhwa‘s (specifically Hyesung) manager, Han Tae Hak

Super Junior‘s “Prince Manager,” Kim Jung Hoon

MBLAQ‘s manager, Kim Byung Ki

4Minute‘s manager, Jun Joon Kun

Lee Seung Gi‘s manager was not named by other Soompiers, but I thought he deserves a shout-out here in this list

Boys Will Sometimes Be Girls: Male Idols Love To Parody K-Pop Girl Groups

(Photo : Hankyung)

In K-pop, it"s not so rare to see cross-dressing, but as common as it is to see guys imitating their female counterparts, rarely will girls dress up as boys.

Some girls, like f(x)"s Amber, will have boyish concepts, but very few female idols dress up and perform stages dressed as male idols. In contrast, there are numerous cases where members of boy bands will get up and happily perform girl groups" songs.

 For the 400th episode of Music Core, several members of four popular boy bands teamed up to create a parody of Girl"s Day, Boy"s Day.

Nu"est"s Ren, BTOB"s Minhyuk, VIXX"s Hongbin, and A-JAX"s Seungjin wore almost identical outfits to what Girl"s Day wears on stage for performances of "Something" and danced the sexy dance that gained Girl"s Day a lot of attention

SM Entertainment 2014 Promotion Scheme Seeks To ‘Crush’ YG And 2NE1 Comeback Sales

(Photo : Facebook)(Photo : SM Entertainment)

Between February 26 and March 6, SM Entertainment uploaded twenty videos to the SMTOWN official YouTube page.Included in this list were two versions of TVXQ"s Spellbound music video, Girls" Generation"s "Mr.Mr" music video and several teaser videos, live performances by S.M. THE BALLAD, teasers of the new project group Toheart, along with several other videos.

Usually, entertainment companies don"t have several of their major players making comebacks at the same time, or even back-to-back. Instead, there"s a little bit of a break between one cycle and the next, giving fans and the artists a chance to take a breather. But with the entertainment industry being forever in a flux, SM Entertainment is not taking any chances and trying a new strategy

Shindong to Join Army This March? SM to Request Postponement

(Photo : OSEN)

SM Entertainment expressed official statements on Shindong"s army enlistment planned for this March.

SM staff commented that although Shindong received a enlistment date for March 31st, postponement will be requested so that Shindong can participate in Super Junior"s scheduled performances and TV appearances.

Media had reported Shindong"s enlistment date for the 31st of March, stating uncertainty in whether his request for postponement will be accepted.

Shindong currently is active as the host for Mnet "Beatles Code 3D" with Shin Dong Yup, and has plans to host MBC Music"s "Idol Dance Competition" this coming April.

Meanwhile, Super Junior"s Kangin and Kim Heechul completed their time in the army, while Leeteuk and Yesung is currently in service

Super Junior’s Shindong to enlist soon!

Super Junior‘s Shindong is preparing to enlist to the army.

His agency SM Entertainment revealed that Shindong had received a notification from the Military Manpower Administration to enlist on March 31.

Following Kangin, Heechul, Leeteuk, and Yesung, Shindong will be the 5th Super Junior member enlists to the army.

On March 3, a source closed to Shindong shared, “Shindong did receive the date (March 31) to enter training camp, but I know that he sent a request to the Military Manpower Administration to postpone it to June.”

Shindong is currently the DJ for MBC‘s radio program ‘Shimshimtapa‘. Regarding his upcoming enlistment, MBC representative said, “Right now, the possibility that Shindong is going to enlist on the 31st seems high

SM Entertainment planning to delay Shindong’s military conscription

SM Entertainment planning to delay Shindong’s military conscription

Recently, one media source announced that Super Junior’s Shindong had received a letter of conscription to the Korean mandatory military service, and thus will be joining the army on the 31st of March.

However, on March 3rd, SM Entertainment announced that they are looking into delaying his conscription.

Due to future schedules of performing with Super Junior and other promotional broadcasting activities, SM Entertainment will be doing all they can in delaying Shindong’s conscription to a time in which it will allow for him to complete his planned schedules.

As of now, Shindong is currently the host MC, alongside Shin Dongyup, for Mnet’s popular program, “Beatles Code 3D”, and has been chosen to be the host MC for MBC Music’s upcoming program, “Idol Dance Battle”

Shindong Receives Military Enlistment Notice and Requests for an Extension

On March 3, it was reported that Super Junior‘s Shindong will be enlisting in the army.

Reports said that Shindong recently received his draft letter, which gave an enlistment date of March 31.

However, SM Entertainment revealed that Shindong filed a request for an extension until June. SM spoke with OSEN and said, “He did receive an enlistment date of March 31 but he would like to participate more in the upcoming Super Junior concerts and broadcast activities, which is why he asked for an extension.”

If Shindong’s request does not go through, he will have to enlist on the expected date of March 31.

Shindong has reportedly notified his radio show “Shim Shim Ta Pa” staff members of his enlistment notice. However, they have not decided on Shindong’s successor as the DJ since they are still waiting for Shindong’s request to go through

Super Junior Shindong delays military enlistment from March 31 to June

Super Junior Shindong might be the 5th member to enlist in the army after Kangin, Heechul, Leeteuk, and Yesung.

According to Sports Seoul on March 3, Shindong received the enlistment notice from MMA or Military Manpower Service Administration last month and scheduled to enlist on March 31.

However, Shindong applied for a postponement and decided to enlist in June instead. There's still no response from MMA yet if they will grant his request or not. Just in case Shindong's request won't be accepted, he is going to enlist as scheduled.

Shindong will serve in the army as an active duty soldier.

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