Yeri Trolls Red Velvet Members, Calling Them “Ugly”

Yeri Trolls Red Velvet Members, Calling Them “Ugly”

While many maknaes are known for giving their group mates a hard time, the youngest member of this group goes above and beyond when it comes to antagonizing her group members.

Red Velvets maknae Yeri is known for not holding back when she teases the other members. In interviews, shell often respond negatively when asking what she thinks of her other members. Of course, its all in good fun and usually gets a pretty funny response.

Yeri: Ah, I wouldnt say that~


— 슬기로운솔로몬 (@seulgisolomon) December 13, 2016

Yeri often gets asked if she thinks her other members are pretty, and most of the time shes quick to deny.

Yeri doesnt hold back when it comes to teasing her fellow members.

Yeri was once asked which member shed like as her co-DJ on a radio show, and she said shed prefer to do it solo!

Even against fans, Yeri never holds back!