Gangnam Has Maximum Part-Timers in Seoul

Gangnam Has Maximum Part-Timers in Seoul

Most part-timers in Seoul paintings in the swanky Gangnam district, in keeping with a survey, yet part-timers are most highly paid in Gangseo district.The Seoul Metropolitan Govt amongstthe assistance of the Korea Labour and Society Institute analyzed 390,381 part-time vacancies posted on Alba Cheonguk, a temp process portal, in the 2d one quarter.They discovered that the moderate hourly salaryused to be W6,718 in Seoul, W688 upper than this year's criminal minimum wage and W192 better than the national average (US$1=W1,137).The hourly wage turned into the easiest in Gangseo at W6,954. Next got here Mapo (W6,933) and Gangnam (W6,923). The lowest was in Jungnang at W6,519.

An overwhelming 87.9 % of part-time job advertisementscenteredthe oneselderly 20 to 24, chiefly schoolscholars or those taking a year out.Some 27 percent were for jobs in convenience retail outlets and restaurants, but convenience stores paid an paltry W6,232 an hour, W486 less than the city's average.Clothes fitting items were the most productive paid at W15,289 per hour. Next came bartenders (W15,043) and tournament assistants (W11,557).Of the most widely to be had jobs, start men were paid the most at W7,374, followed by ability of flyer vendors (W7,145) and eating place servers or kitchen assistants (W6,921).Most part-timers worked in the 3 upscale districts of Gangnam, Seocho, and Songpa. Gangnam accounted for 15.6 percent or 49,569 of all part-time job postings, Seocho for 8.3 percent and Songpa for 7 percent.

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Suzy Buys 3.7 Billion Won Development In Gangnam

Suzy Buys 3.7 Billion Won Development In Gangnam

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter22-year old miss A member Suzy has officially bought her first development in the most-exclusive Seoul neighborhood, Gangnam.

According to a report by Sports Seoul, Suzy purchased a building in Gangnam firstly built in 2012 on April 27th for 3 billion won, or approximately $3.2 million USD. It incorporates a two-level basement and five-floors above ground. It's faralsoprinted that she also took out a loan of 1.7 billion won in her criminalcall of Bae Su Ji.

The first and 2ndgroundwerebecame studios, the 3rdsurface equally a commercial facility, and the fourth as person studios, the fullper thirty dayscondo comes to 15 million won, or just about $13,000 USD a month. Given its high location, Suzy is decided to earn a go back of 5.6% annual rate.

Debuting as a phase ofpass over A in 2010, Suzy has temporarily rose viastatus and earned the nickname of the International locations First Love. At a mere 20-years old, Suzy brought in many ad deals earning the nickname as the one hundred million greenback girl.

Meanwhile on June 6th, Suzys first televised drama in two years will premiere. She capabilities in the KBS2 drama Uncontrollably Fond along actor Kim Woo Bin.

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PSY Reaches Any other YouTube Milestone With “Gangnam Style”

PSY Reaches Any other YouTube Milestone With “Gangnam Style”

PSY Reaches Some other YouTube Milestone With Gangnam Taste leonid July 2, 2016 0 PSY Reaches Yet another YouTube Milestone With Gangnam Style PSYs Gangnam Fashion continues to set records with its emergingperspectives on YouTube.

The viral song video surpassed the 2.6 billion view mark on July 2.

After PSY dropped the music video on July 2012, it spread like wildfire all over the place the world, gaining 2.4 billion views through August 2015 and recording 2.5 billion views by January 2016.

Six months later, the music video has added an alternative million views to its record, proving that the Gangnam Genre syndrome is yet to be over.

After the video initially broke the 2.1 billion view mark on March 2015, Google and YouTube even had to upgrade their view counter toolso tocheck in more views, and the gadget can now count up to 9.22 quintillion views.

Furthermore, PSYs other music videos have also been raking in views, with the Gentleman music video from 2013 inching in opposition to 1 billion views, whilst DADDY, Hangover, and Oppa Is solely My Style have all been viewed a minimum of100 million times, totaling five music videos below PSYs belt going over the hundred millionth view mark.

Gangnam Style is lately the maximum viewed video in YouTube history, and there is superb anticipation for the hot records it would establish.

Meanwhile, PSY showcased his generatingtalents in Chinese survival display The Remix, when he seemed as a mentor on its June 19 premiere episode on Jiangsu TV.

Watch the ancient music video below!

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Park Yoo-chun returns house silently after 8 hour investigation, he comes back to his paintings in Gangnam

Park Yoo-chun returns house silently after 8 hour investigation, he comes back to his paintings in Gangnam

Park Yoo-chun has returned to his house after responding to the 8 hour police investigation.

Park Yoo-chun got here out around at 2:00 AM on July 1st, after the long investigation at the Gangnam police station. Park Yoo-chun, who looked exhausted clearly, left hurriedly without answering any query from the reporters.

Prior to this, Park Yoo-chun arrived at the police station accompanied via his legal professional and two managers at 6:30 PM on June 30th. Park Yoo-chun has returned to the Gangnam District municipal place of business to continue his neededarmyprovider equally a public service worker next day.

The police investigated the case that specialize in whether or no longer force was once used and if there has been an unlawful sex exchangeall throughthe primary summon. The police also took a mouth swab from Park Yoo-chun and may compare the pattern with the DNA discoveredat theundiesequipped by the 1st accuser, 'A'.

Park Yoo-chun has been accused on 4 accounts of sexual attacks that four ladies have filed currently. The police shaped an investigation team in command of Park Yoo-chun's case and also banned four other peopleadding the accuser 'A' and 'A's boyfriend, and 'A's cousin from leaving the rusticso as to accelerate the investigation.

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TRENDING Netizens obsess over the faces of “Trendy Gangnam hyungs”

TRENDING Netizens obsess over the faces of “Trendy Gangnam hyungs”

7kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Netizens had been obsessing over one of the vitalnewest hot topics, the stylish Gangnam hyungs who have uniquefunctions that capture the hearts of many. 

According to netizens, Stylish Gangnam hyungs are described to have the next features:

Stuck out, spatula taking a look chin

Cheeks and browwhich are approximatelyto blow up

A gorgeous mouth that at all timesunearthsanything to suck on

Dark eyes and eyelids that are about to pastein combination due to double eyelid surgical operation

Eyes are too wide sufficientto lookjust aboutall of the white portionsin their eyeballs

Large chalk-like noses in comparison to their small eyes

Foreheads covered through bangs that underline their dark neck, with serious dropping here and there

Thick and brown eyebrows

Like to wearable deep V necked shirts and jackets

Netizens responded to vogue with much enthusiasm, many commenting about a noted Korean ulzzang, Han Jin Ho who they deem suits the profile perfectly. Some of their comments have been translated below:

2.174, -21 Isnt Park Tae Joon similar to this?

4.126, -2 Definitely Han Jin Ho

5.97, -6 Ive never noticed or met a guy who seems like that. Is it because I reside in the countryside?

6.96, -1 Han Jin Ho is precisely like this

7.83, -0 Looks like a fob, I in reality hate it

8.74, -29 There used to be a Pann post of a part-time employee at Park Myung Soos club and he looks just like that ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9.62, -11 People say men in this generation wear makeup, yet one dont like it. I can bein a position torealize men dressed in sunscreen to be offeringcoverage to their skin, but I dont like how they wear eyeliner and stuff to make their face paleㅋㅋ It looks gay ㅋㅋ

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For Your Viewing Pleasure: Bright Yellow

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Bright Yellow

20160526_seoulbeats_jessicajung_thestarFor Your Viewing Pleasure: Bright YellowWritten by capacity of Willis On Would possibly 31, 2016Welcome back to For Your Viewing Pleasure, where we take day trip of the week to curate a suite of footage from the K-pop landscape.

This sunny hue is attention grabbing and may also bethe correct tint to offset an differentlyconventional shot. The yellow doesnt even need to be in anything worn, yet being featured in a border or props immediately draws in focus.

Jessica Jung (above) | The Star

Woozi, Vernon, and Joshua (Seventeen) | Singles

Mark and Junior (Got7) | Céci

Kim Min-seok | Dazed and Confused

Han Seung-yeonInstyle

Yezi and Cao Lu (Fiestar) | Apple Pie

(Images via: @Star1, Céci, Dazed and Confused, Instyle, Loen Entertainment, Singles, SM Entertainment, The Star)


Koreans Acquire At Gangnam Station In Remembrance Of Young Homicide Victim

Koreans Acquire At Gangnam Station In Remembrance Of Young Homicide Victim

Koreans Accumulate At Gangnam Station In Remembrance Of Young Homicide Victimorionight Might 21, 2016 0 Koreans Gather At Gangnam Station In Remembrance Of Young Murder Victim Korean voters take flocked to the Gangnam subway station in throngs for the ultimate4 days to pay tribute to the 23-year-old girl who used to be murdered close to there.

People have grew to become the No. 10 go out at Gangnam Station into an impromptu memorial for the victim, leaving post-it notes and plants and providing up their prayers. One online networkarrangeda meeting from five p.m. to 7 p.m. KST on May just 21 to mourn the loss of the young woman.

The news has spread to all corners of the country, as well; from school campuses to townsso a long way as Busan, Daegu, and Daejeon, people wereamassingto hang candlelight vigils and be offering condolences to the victim and her family.

The victim becomediscovered stabbed in a relaxation room near the bar where she was drinking with friends. Her killer – a 34-year-old guyknownbestvia his surname Kim – reportedly confessed to the crime and told police that he’d been “belittled by women” and was motivated by his hatred for them.

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Celebrities Talk Out Opposed to Misogyny Surrounding Contemporary  Murder In Gangnam

Celebrities Talk Out Opposed to Misogyny Surrounding Contemporary Murder In Gangnam

Celebrities Discuss Out Opposed to Misogyny Surrounding ContemporaryMurder In Gangnamorionight Would possibly 19, 2016 0 Celebrities Speak Out Against Misogyny Surrounding Recent Homicide In Gangnam Tensions are running top in Korea after the homicide of a 23-year-old girlviaa guy she didn’t know.

The ladywas oncediscovered stabbed 3 to 4 times in a leisure room in the stairwell close to the bar where she’d been drinking with friends. The suspect, a 34-year-old guyknownsimplest equally Kim, reportedly confessed to the crime and told police that he turned into motivated by his hatred for women, in line with the Korea Herald.

Now, folks in Korea are talking out against the kind of misogyny that payment the young woman her existence – even celebrities have expressed their outrage. 2PM’s Chansung took to Twitter to talk his mind.

“What will have to I say…” Chansung wrote. “This is truly low. Would this have came about if the victim have been a man? It was the truth that she was a girl that motivated him to act that way. It wasn’t an accident, yet a choice. If only he may just feel the results his alternatives brought about…”

He continued, “Also, I suspect that this exposes the issues in our society, although the incident was a result of the suspect’s particular person problems. I believe that there are the onestypes ofindividuals among us, and they without problems hide in undeniable sight.”

Chansung also retweeted every other person’s tweet at the matter, which read, “Him announcing ‘I was belittled by women’ sounded like ‘I was belittled even by women.’ He acknowledged he was belittled, but in exact fact that he was the only doing the belittling, and he hated protecting back when it got here to women. He said he hates women, but in reality all he was doing was discriminating against them.”

The idol isn’t the just oneto communicate out, either; singer Kim Heung Gook also spoke up about the problem on the May 19 broadcast of his radio show. He said, “We must create a global in which girls feel at ease. If ladiesreside in fear, the arena will turn into difficult.”

The murder has surprised the nation, and many women cite the superiority of violence against women, sexual harrassment, and victim blaming as a contributing factor.

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20 year old Korean girl stabbed to death in the midst of Gangnam

20 year old Korean girl stabbed to death in the midst of Gangnam

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOn Might 17th, a frightening incident happened at a washroom situated at a karoake in the maximumadvancedgroup of Korea, Gangnam. A 23 year old feminineused to be stabbed to death in a washroom by capacity ofa guy that had never met her or heard of her before.

A 30 year old guy who has been recognized every bit a former theology student who dreamed of converting into a minister all of a sudden committed homicideopposed to a 23 year old Korean female in the washroom of a karoke in Seoul, Gangnam.

The lady who had left her workforceto take benefit of the washroom changed intofound out by her boyfriend who had long pastto appear for her and was rushed to the health centeryet had already passed because of her wounds.

201605181645062099_img_0 The young womans boyfriend discovers his female friend and collapses in shock, writhing in sadness.

The gif of the womans boyfriend finding her and writhing in sadness has gone viral among Koreans touching their hearts and extra igniting their fury against the culprit.

The police pointed out the culprit via CCTV pictures and arrested him running at a Korean BBQ shop close to the karaoke.

At the time of arrest the culprit was operating amongst the 30cm knife used at the scene of the crime in his ownershipinside of of his pocket.

The 30 year old culprit, identified as Kim, said that he had committed the murder because he Often felt disregarded and mistreated by woman and mayno longer have it anymore, this observationbrought about Koreans to trust the crime was a hate crime against girls and drove them to worry for their safety.

Theexit 10 of Gangnam station near the website online of the horrifying incident was flooded with messages of commemoration against the overdue young woman on post-it. Then againnumerousthose messages also stated that ladieswantedfurtherprotection measures to give coverage to them from the prospect of such crimes taking place again. Which triggered the Womens Rights Society to do so and ended in controversy between the women and men of Korea.

2016051913368041783_1 The subway station near the murder site is being flooded with message of commemoration and make touch with for greater measures making sure womens security

The police however, later identified that the crime wasnt a hate crime against women in overall simply the action of a man who was littered with a intellectual disorder.

The Seoul Seocho policce stated, Due to the reality that the culprit is tormented byserious schizophrenia, this can also be a stretch to mark his movements as a hate crime against all women. Many of us are making conjectures about the reason of this horrifying incident but the legitimate statement of the police is in line with facts that experiencethus far been confirmed.

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Half of Gangnam Rentals Now Let for Per 30 days Charge

Half of Gangnam Rentals Now Let for Per 30 days Charge

New condo contracts in Seoul dwindled in March by way of more than 20 % on-year, yetthe share of per 30 days rentals reached a checklist 47 percent. Consistent with a assetsdatasite run by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, 37,049 rental contracts were signed in Seoul from March 1 to 28, more or less 1,235 an afternoon and down 23 percent from the similarlengthremaining year.The proportion of monthly rentals reached 47 percent, the absolute best since 2010, when the survey was once first conducted and up 6.7 percentage issues on-year.Monthly rentals are expandingimpulsively in the 3 upscale districts south of the Han River, from 41.8 percent in March last year to 49.5 percent. The proportion of monthly rental transactions hit an all-time top in the districts in March -- Gangnam 51.6 percent, Seocho 51.2 percent, and Songpa 46.7 percent. Classic jeonse or deposit-lease contracts are dwindling because pastime rates are at a record low.