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Yang Hyun Suk, G-Dragon, Taeyang, CL and Sandara Park Post Mysterious Letters

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Yang Hyun Suk, G-Dragon, Taeyang, CL and Sandara Park Post Mysterious Letters

--> YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk and artists G-Dragon, Taeyang, CL and Sandara Park have posted a sequence of mysterious letters on Instagram, arousing curiosity.

Yang Hyun Suk posted pictures of the letters ′E′ and ′H′ on his Instagram on November 17 with the hashtags #WHOSNEXT, #YG and #20151121. He also tagged giant Bang′s G-Dragon and Taeyang in addition Sandara Park and CL in the post, leaving many to wonder whether a collaboration is in the works.

At the similar time, G-Dragon posted the letters ′O′ and ′I,′ whilst Taeyang posted the letters ′L,′ ′B,′ and ′H.′ CL posted the letters ′C,′ ′L′ and the signal ′+,′ while Sandara Park posted the letters ′E′ and ′S′ on her Instagram, leaving many curious as to what the letters mean.

YG up to now teased ′WHO′s NEXT?′ to arrive at the scene on November 21 by the use of its legit blog on November four and November 9.

As the letters point to some other trace at which artist could be unveiled on November 21, enthusiasts were looking to bet who will apply after Jinusean, Enormous Bang and iKON, who were mobilized previous this year.

Meanwhile, iKON released two new singles and song videos on November 16 and is determined to free up its complete album on December 14. Psy also announced that he′s freeing a new album on December 1.

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Yang Hyun Suk talks about connecting with his artists

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Yang Hyun Suk talks about connecting with his artists

Yang Hyun Suk attended the clicking convention for the impending 5th season of SBS"s "K-Pop famous person 5" on November 16, where he mentioned his agency, YG Entertainment.

He admitted, "I don"t deeply glance into or have a kind of conversations with the singers in my agency, yet I pay attention a perfect deal about what the ones buddies like and feature passion in. I regularly think that I be informed when I hear things about what they do."

He then went into his old group, the legendary Seo Taiji and Boys. He said, "Honestly, I"ve also been in SEO Taiji and Boys, but Large Bang does an excellent deal larger than we did at that time. If possible, I do now not communicate to them personally, but as I hear so much about what they are thinking and what they prefer from manufacturers like Teddy, i suspect i'm following them exactly. I"m in my 40"s, so it"s challenging for me to observe the mind of other folks in their teens. However, as the CEO who"s left the authoritative system, I step closer to their hearts."

Yang Hyun Suk Says Large Bang is Bettter Than What SEO Taiji and Boys Was

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Yang Hyun Suk Says Large Bang is Bettter Than What SEO Taiji and Boys Was

--> Yang Hyun Suk when compared giant Bang to search engine optimization Taiji and Boys.

During a production presentation for SBS′ K-Pop Megastar 5, held at SBS corridor in Seoul′s Mok-dong on November 16, Yang Hyun Suk acknowledged Large Bang is greater than Seo Taiji and Boys.

Yang Hyun Suk said, "I don′t communicate with the singers in my firm so much or glance deeply into them, yet I pay attention what they prefer and are interested by a lot. When I concentrate to what they′re saying, i suspect that I′m learning."

He continued, "To be honest, I did Seo Taiji and Boys, but Big Bang is such a lot better than what we were then. If possible, I don′t consult with them directly, but via Teddy and the producers, I hear what they′re thinking, what they like, and over time, I realize I′m following them. Because I′m in my 40s, it′s tricky for me to stay along of what youngster are thinking. But as the CEO, beyond authoritarianism, I manner them via their hearts."

Meanwhile, YG′s Yang Hyun Suk, JYP′s Park Jin Young and Antenna Music′s Yoo Hee Yeol can be returning as the judges of K-Pop Star 5. as neatly as those judges, six people from each and every agency will make up an 18-member guest judging committee. the primary episode will air on November 22 at 6:10 p.m. KST.

Park Jin Young Exposes Yang Hyun Suk’s excessive temper Swings

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Park Jin Young Exposes Yang Hyun Suk’s severe Mood Swings Park Jin Young made amusing of Yang Hyun Suk’s mood swings in a preview for “K-Pop Superstar 5.”

During the prologue of SBS’s “K-pop Star 5” aired on November 15, the display is reintroduced prior to the beginning of a new season.

When Yoo Hee Yeol is asked if he is sad with any facets of the show, he says, “I’m now not certain if Yang Hyun Suk is attending a comedy academy because it kind of feels like he needs to branch out to form shows.”

“He has intense mood swings. He doesn’t discuss when he's tired or unhappy. whilst I’d be at liberty if he didn’t have any mood swings, they’re beautiful bad,” Park Jin Young teases. “It’s because he’s gotten too successful.”

Yang Hyun Suk teases for iKON's 'Apology' MV with sneak peek videos

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Yang Hyun Suk teases for iKON's 'Apology' MV with sneak peek videos

Yang Hyun Suk just can"t involve his excitement for iKON"s upcoming double virtual single. As consistent with usual, he"s released sneak peeks to the following YG Entertainment artists filming their MV!

Check out the 2 "MV teasers" to iKON"s "Apology". Ahhh there"s such a lot pastime and emotion in those little clips already! Yang Hyun Suk uploaded the two videos on his Instagram account, yet for convenience you'll be ready to watch the fan-uploaded Youtube ones correct here.

iKON"s two tracks may be out on November 16.

Yang Hyun Suk and Mnet Reps Meet to talk about Attendance of BIGBANG and iKON at the 2015 MAMA

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Yang Hyun Suk and Mnet Reps Meet to speak about Attendance of BIGBANG and iKON at the 2015 MAMA With the 2015 MAMA (Mnet Asian Tune Awards) about two weeks away, there still isn’t any confirmation of YG Entertainment‘s artists attending the show, yet it looks as if now there could be some hope, maybe.

YG Entertainment artists like BIGBANG had been a wide presence at the annual awards display for the beyond few years, which would make their absence conspicuous, especially since BIGBANG has been very active this year with their a success “MADE” album.

Earlier in October, YG Entertainment had voiced their wonder at now not being approached through Mnet about attending the 2015 MAMA. Normally two-months advance understand is needed to arrange for a functionality for a sizable prove like this, and YG was once involved that Mnet wasn’t speaking to them. sooner than that, there had been tension between YG and Mnet, because of the exclusion of iKON from the “M!Countdown” music chart.

With best two weeks left, one may have safely assumed that YG’s artists wouldn’t be attending the MAMA, especially with BIGBANG busy with their eastern Dome excursion and iKON scheduled to movie a music video in early December. But some hope remains with YG and Mnet confirming that YG head, Yang Hyun Suk, met with Mnet reps recently, to discuss BIGBANG and iKON’s attendance. All sides are being cautious, however, with YG announcing the scheduling will be tough and Mnet asking the public to look forward to 2d circular announcement of attendees.

Akdong Musician Asks Yang Hyun Suk to Let Them Liberate an Album

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Akdong Musician Asks Yang Hyun Suk to Let Them Release an Album Sibling duo Akdong Musician have introduced an aegyo attraction to YG Entertainment president Yang Hyun Suk, asking him to let them release a new album.

On November 3, Akdong Musician seemed in a distinct video at the SBS Facebook page for “K-Pop Megastar 5.”

The duo are asked in the video what they would have done if the indie list label Antenna Music have been around in Season 2. Lee Chan Hyuk loyally answers that he still would have long past to YG, yet more youthful sister Lee Su Hyun says, “I would have idea about it a lot.”

“I like YG. President Yang Hyun Suk is actually excellent to us,” Lee Chan Hyuk says. Lee Su Hyun says to him cheekily, “Are you looking to get brownie issues from the president?” When her brother admits it, she says cutely to the camera, “Please let us release a new album!”

Later, after Lee Chan Hyuk continues to compliment YG, Lee Su Hyun jokes, “This is why Yoo Hee Yeol (a manufacturer for Antenna Music) feels harm and won’t settle for your greetings.” Lee Chan Hyuk answers back, “But Yoo Hee Yeol doesn’t release our albums.” His sister laughs and says, “I think we want to delete this.”

Akdong Musician may be guest judges on “K-Pop Star 5.” the primary broadcast is November 22.

Akdong Musician begs Yang Hyun Suk 'Let us unlock an album'!

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Akdong Musician begs Yang Hyun Suk 'Let us unlock an album'!

It"s been many years since an legitimate comeback from Akdong Musician, and the sibling duo turns out to think the similar way.

In the special video released thru "K-Pop Superstar 5"s official Facebook page, Chanhyuk especially stated whatever he may in order that they may release a new album.

They were asked the question, "If there used to be Antenna Music back in Season 2, what do you watched would have happened?"

Chanhyuk stayed unswerving as he replied, "We still would have long past with YG Entertainment."

Suhyun truthfully spoke, "I think i might have immensely pondered over it."

Chanhyuk said, "I like YGE. Yang Hyun Suk treats us truly well."

Suhyun added, "Are you looking to get issues from the CEO?"

Chanhyuk responded through pleading, "Please let us release an album," in an aegyo-filled voice.

As Chanhyuk kept going on and on about the pros of YG Entertainment, Suhyun said, "This is why Yoo Hee Yeol uncle feels regrettable, and doesn"t get maintain of our greetings well."

Chanhyuk replied wittily, "But Yoo Hee Yeol uncle isn"t the one that will let us release an album."

Suhyun concluded, "This video must be deleted," as she laughed.

Akdong Musician can be a pass judgement on at the 5th season of "K-Pop Star". the primary episode airs on November 22!

Yang Hyun Suk charged for extending the YG construction without a license

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Yang Hyun Suk charged for extending the YG construction without a license

YG Entertainment"s Yang Hyun Suk has reportedly gotten himself into a bit of of trouble. Police reports say that he"s been charged for violating a building code, through adding an extension to the YG Entertainment building without permission. 

A representative from Mapo"s police station in Seoul told TVDaily, "Yang Hyun Suk has been charged for violating a building code and is booked without arrest. He used to be sent from the indictment of a prosecutor."

It turned into reported that Yang Hyun Suk did no longer acquire a license from the town corridor to upload in an place of job at the rooftop of the YG building in Hapjeong. he's charged for extending the building without authorization.

This isn"t the primary time he"s gotten into a section of problem by the law because of building codes, as he faced equivalent problems back in July and August.

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Yang Hyun Suk Undergoing Police Investigation for Violating construction Code

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Yang Hyun Suk Undergoing Police Investigation for Violating Building Code YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk is the topic of a police investigation, for having violated regulations whilst expanding his buildings. It's miles acknowledged that he expanded the YG Entertainment building without the correct authorizations, thus violating the municipal building code. he's undergoing a police investigation without detention.

This August, the Municipality of Mapo sued Yang Hyun Suk for having violated the building code at the YG Entertainment building, in addition on a bar in a building that he owns personally. He has up to now said to the media that he demolished the building portions in question, yet later investigations printed that he has simplest demolished a a phase of the unlawful expansion, leading many to suspect that he was once only acting to forestall additional police investigations.

It is related that Yang Hyun Suk testified that as those are associated with his corporate business, he does now not know anything else about it. However, some other folks are skeptical that he turned into telling the truth.

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