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Rainbow’s Jaekyung Finds She Has Dated Secretly

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Rainbow’s Jaekyung shows She Has Dated Secretly Girl workforce Rainbow‘s Jaekyung has truthfully confessed her mind on dating and relationships.

During a up to date interview with Newsen, Jaekyung was once asked, “Do you've a boyfriend?” Jaekyung answers, “I’ve at all times dated in secret. yet correct now, I truly don’t have a boyfriend. It’s a length where I wish to get married, but also one where i'm being careful, so I’m thinking a lot. I’m thinking more because I’m at the age where my buddies are getting married and having kids.”

She added, “I’d never be in a public relationship. It’s advanced adequate with just the guy and the woman, but with my job, if we cross public with our relationship, there may be numerous discuss our relationship. I don’t wish to make a subject even more unmanageable.”

Afterwards, she spoke about her ideal type, saying, “I like those that I will have a excellent verbal exchange with and feature an opinion. I also like other people who love themselves and so can love others, and i am hoping that he's any individual looking for out more about himself.”

Spoiler 'Twenty Again' Son Na-eun and Kim Min-jae-I starts dating secretly

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Spoiler 'Twenty Again' Son Na-eun and Kim Min-jae-I starts dating secretly

Kim Min-jae-I and Son Na-eun began dating secretly at the back of Choi Won-yeong"s back.

On the 3rd episode of tvN"s Friday & Saturday drama, "Twenty Again", Min-soo (Kim Min-jae-I) and Hye-mi (Son Na-eun) started seeing each and every other secretly.

Min-soo used to be surprised to verify Woo-cheol (Choi Won-yeong) turned into attending the similar school. It"s because Woo-cheol once had signed a paper promising he would enlist in the army, if he would date any individual throughout school. This was also some of the reasons why Min-soo had refused to wait an analogous college with No-ra (Choi Ji-woo).

On this day, Hye-mi asked him why he wrote this sort of letter. Min-soo responded, "Would I have written the letter if I had known i might meet you? I did no longer know I would meet someone like you".

Min-soo persisted on to indicate secret dating, "If we spend time in combination all at some point of each one weekend, then it can no longer make much difference from now". He showed off his manly aspect as her boyfriend.

[Spoiler] 'Scholar Who Walks the Night' Jang Hee-jin secretly wants to grow to be a vampire

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[Spoiler] 'Scholar Who Walks the Night' Jang Hee-jin secretly wants to grow to be a vampire

On the 13th episode of MBC"s Wednesday & Thursday drama, "Scholar Who Walks the Night", Gwi (Lee Soo-hyeok) and Soo-hyang (Jang Hee-jin) talked to every other.

Gwi asked her, "Aren"t you afraid". Soo-hyang answered, "I"m afraid and also curious. Isn"t it the most powerful one amongst all of the beings alive below the sky? You'll unfastened yourself from the bridles of time and being a mortal human.

Gwi stopped her to say, "Wait, do you need to grow to be a vampire". He continued, "Can you believe what it"s love to grow to be a vampire. Once you"re bitten and wake up, vampires won"t have own will. If there"s one, it"s a burning thirst. You"ll be hungry for blood. Once you get to flavor blood, you won"t be ready to put out of your mind it".

countless′s Woo Hyun Says He′s Secretly Taken a Nude Photo of Dong Woo earlier than

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countless′s Woo Hyun Says He′s Secretly Taken a Nude Photo of Dong Woo earlier than

--> countless′s Woo Hyun printed, "I′ve taken a nude photo of Dong Woo secretly sooner than."

The countless participants seemed as visitors on SBS vitality FM′s Choi Hwa Jung′s vitality Time on July 20, where they shared the backstory to Dong Woo′s nude photo.

Dong Woo stated, "When I′m at the computer, I most often don′t have any garments on."

Woo Hyun added, "Dong Woo become once on his computer and not using a garments on. i idea it become once so funny, so I took a photo secretly from the bed. you'll be able to see the silhouette of his bottom. I uploaded that during the crowd chat."

in the meantime, countless returned with 5th mini album fact, which contains lead unmarried Bad, making a bet, Moonlight, Footsteps, status head to head, Love Letter and the The ending is Up to You, for a overall of 7 tracks on July thirteen.

Watch Big Bang secretly meet fans in Shanghai tour footage + "Bang Bang Bang" live performance

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Watch Big Bang secretly meet fans in Shanghai tour footage +

Big Bangcontinue to give fans an insider view of how they prepare and wind down from a concert, this time the boys are in Shanghai.

For the first part of their"MADE Diary with Naver"collaboration, they released a "Tour Report in Guangzhou" video, featuring the members at their Guangzhou concert from last month. Last week, they revealed the"Tour Report in Beijing", thenHong Kong,and now we get their report from Shanghai.

In this week"s footage the boys show how they manage to sneak around fans with them none the wiser. Taeyang dons a rabbit suit andhilariouslychases after a poorunsuspectingfan, whoseems a bit frightened. Many fans get hugs, and he even does some freestyle dancing for them.G-Dragon on the other hand, shares the zany version of the "We Like to Party" chorus, getting each member to sing the chorus while shaking their head insanely, then posting to his Instagram.

There is also another fantastic live performance of "Bang Bang Bang", plus snippets of other performances.

Big Bang will have two more concerts in China before heading to Thailand.

To get your daily dose of Big Bang watch their "Tour Report" videos + images from the concert below!

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[Breaking] Won Bin and Lee Na Young Reportedly Get Married Secretly

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[Breaking] Won Bin and Lee Na Young Reportedly Get Married Secretly

Star couple Won Bin and Lee Na Young has tied the knot in a top-secret wedding that took place in Jungseon, Kangwondo.

According to Dispatch, their wedding only had around 50 guests, all of whom were relatives from both sides of the family. There were no celebrity guests to be seen.

In later news, their agency, Eden Nine confirmed the news with, We wanted to do [the wedding] as quiet as possible since theyre making an ever-lasting promise. The couple were blessed by both of their parents as they made their wedding vows, and strongly denied pregnancy rumors.

The photos below were taken by Dispatch following their secretive wedding.

The place is located in between Taebaek and Jeongseon.

Theres a small guest house.

The two stars had their wedding in this quiet place,

with around 50 close relatives,

and had guards standing by.

After the wedding was over, the couple left through a valley of water.

Yang Hyun Suk is said to have secretly seen a official from KBS’s various department

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Yang Hyun Suk Reportedly Met KBS Variety Official in Secrecy According to a representative in KBS, YG EntertainmentYang Hyun Suk secretly met with a high-rank official from KBSs variety department for a long talk.

Recently, there has been rumors that YG Entertainment and KBS had a hostile relationship since the housed artists supposedly avoided appearances on KBS.

However, with Jinusean appearing on Music Bank with their comeback, people started predicting a more amiable atmosphere between the two parties. Recently, YG Entertainment even denied rumors about Big Bang not appearing on KBS.

With this secretive meeting, people are curious about whether Big Bang, who is currently promoting with Loser and Bae Bae, will appear on KBS variety shows, or do something else related to this broadcast company. Whatever the possibility may be, it seems that YG artists may be able to have more chances to get closer to their fans and the general public.

YG Denies Rumors of BIGBANG No Longer Appearing on KBS

G-Dragon's Rumored Girlfriend Kiko Mizuhara Secretly Entry to South Korea

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G-Dragon's Rumored Girlfriend Kiko Mizuhara Secretly Entry to South Korea

It is reported that rumored girlfriend of BIG BANG's G-Dragon, super model Kiko Mizuhara has secretly entranced into South Korea after she was caught being accompanied by a staff from YG Entertainment. 

On March 6th, Star News published photos from Gimpo International Airport covering the arrival of actress and model Kiko Mizuhara. The model is the alleged girlfriend of BIGBANG’s G-Dragon after being spotted in Itaewon in September last year, sparking discussion on the status of their relationship.

However, as there had been no confirmation from YG Entertainment regarding the issue, netizens and fans alike remained observant of the couple’s activities.

It was also noted that the model entered the country with no known professional commitments and appeared try to avoid the press and attempted to hide her identity, while a staff of YG Entertainment picked her up. The sighting further ignited speculations online leaving fans to discuss the real reason to her sudden visit.

The topic is currently the top topic searched on Nate.

Last September, Kiko Mizuhara and G-Dragon were spotted on a date as Dispatch exclusively released the photos online. Since then, the couple were further spotted on a dinner date, while G-Dragon commented on the issue saying, “I have nothing to say” in a previous interview.

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[Spoiler] "Heard It Through the Grapevine" Yoo Joon-sang puts through paternity test secretly

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Yoo Joon-sang acted cold when Ko Ah-seong delivered a baby boy.

On the February 24th episode of SBS drama, "Heard It Through the Grapevine", Seo Bom (Ko Ah-seong) gave a birth to a baby right after she came into In-sang (Lee Joon)"s house.

As Seo Bom delivered a baby boy, Jeong-ho (Yoo Joon-sang) and Yeon-hee (Yoo Ho-jeong) happened to have a grandson as well as a daughter-in-law all of sudden and they felt anxious. They regarded her as an unwelcome guest.

Jeong-ho found a doctor and asked the doctor for paternity test secretly. Jeong-ho later revealed his intention he would not acknowledge Seo Bom as his daughter-in-law.

He said, "Until we get the result of the paternity test, we have to do our best to assure her. She needs to feel as if she"s being protected fully", which was part of his devious plot. He made In-sang stay at a different place out of their house and tried to separate Seo Bom and In-sang.

In-sang came out of the house at his father"s order telling him to go school. In-sang felt perplexed in the situation he was now separated from his wife and son.

It is drawing attention as to how Seo Bom and In-sang will be able to cope with the hidden plot that Jeong-ho and Yeon-hee have planned.

Kwanghee wonders why paparazzi take no interest in his love life + reveals he"s the middleman for idols who date secretly

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Kwanghee wonders why paparazzi take no interest in his love life + reveals he

On a recent broadcast of KBS 2TV"s "Happy Together," ZE:A"s Kwanghee revealed that the paparazzi don"t seem to have much interest in him as he stated, "The paparazzi don"t even come to see me."

Kwanghee protested the paparazzi"s disinterest, saying, "Can"t I be dating someone amazing? They must be avoiding me. I, too, can have a passionate love come out on New Years."

At this, Yoo Jae Suk prompted him to share more about his love life, asking, "Then what about the breakup rumors?"

Kwanghee then carefully replied, "It has been a while since we"ve broken up. She was an ordinary citizen," causing laughter on the set.

During the same episode, the MCs noted that Kwanghee seemed to know about every idol"s dating life, almost as if he were paparazzi. When asked how he knew these details, Kwanghee explained, "Those people (idols) ask me for [other idols"] numbers. So of course I can"t help but know.

Kwanghee continued, "I play the role of the mediator and middleman. I don"t know for sure, but it seems like those people are hiding everything and dating," keeping viewers guessing at which romantic relationships Kwanghee secretly knows about.