WWIB: Sulli vs. Kiko Mizuhara

WWIB: Sulli vs. Kiko Mizuhara

It’s time for another exciting round of Who Wore It Better! Recently, Sulli and model Kiko Mizuhara were spotted in the same chic and expensive see-through dress from DIOR’s 2017 S/S Collection. While both ladies are looking beautiful and glamorous, only one can come out on top! 

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Sulli still showcases her charming, youthful side with this sophisticated dress. While the dress has an alluring revealing sheer material, Sulli manipulates the key-point design by wearing a lovely black dress underneath. Don’t be fooled, Sulli’s ingenious addition helps the black polka dots on her dress pop and continues to compliment the dresses’ nude color and adds some volume to this slimming outfit. 

Sulli continues to impress and she keeps to DIOR’s uniformity by donning an expensive black and gold leather DIOR clutch with a brass knuckle-like handle. She maintain’s the dresses’ expensive look by wearing minimal makeup, stunning red lipstick, elegant lengthy earrings and matching black and gold heels with a unique symmetrical design.

Kiko Mizuhara had some similarities to Sulli but rocked the dress in her own distinct way. Unlike Sulli, Kiko plays along with the dresses sensual characteristics and highlights her body shape with this see-through dress. Like a mermaid, the breast material lays on her chest like see shells and her tight, form-fitting nude pants cover up a just-right amount in order to elongate her long legs. 

Kiko’s method of highlighting the black polka dots on the dress is by pairing it with black heels and a black and white clutch which adds some flair and draws attention to her accessories. Like Sulli, Kiko is free of any extra makeup and keeps it simple with bright red lipstick.

In the end, I do appreciate the sexy appeal of this expensive dress, but I find myself gravitating more towards Sulli’s modest style. Sulli takes a simple and sensual dress and transforms it into something more well-dressed and sophisticated. Plus, her clutch is a lot more unique and attention grabbing unlike Kiko’s. I also enjoy how Sulli is dressed head to toe in DIOR. You’re doing it right girl – which is why Sulli is the winner for this round of Who Wore It Better. Who do you think owned this look? Let us know in the comments below!

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