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Wooyoung and Jokwon Drank Together Due to Solo Album Failure

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Wooyoung and Jokwon Drank Together Due to Solo Album Failure

2PM member Wooyoung recently revealed, After Jokwon and I experienced little to no success with our solo albums, we met up to have a glass of soju.

On May 14, 2PMs Wooyoung made a guest appearance on MBCs Radio Star.

On that day, Wooyoung opened up about how despite all the promotional activities he put forth, his solo album didnt do so well.

He said, They would say that Jokwon and I went head-to-head on our solo albums, but to be honest I dont know who did better. We even had a glass of soju together.

He also went on to say, I wouldnt want to be the one to give other members advice on how to necessarily launch a solo album… I think thats something you should experience yourself in order to understand what its like.

2PM Wooyoung's First Solo Album Ranks 1st on Hanteo Music Chart

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2PM Wooyoung's First Solo Album Ranks 1st on Hanteo Music Chart

2PM, Wooyoung, Jang Woo Young, 23 Male Single, Sexy Lady, Hanteo

Jang Woo Young's first solo album 23, Male, Singleranked number one on Hanteo Music Chart.

On the Hanteo weekend chart that was announced on the 23rd, Jang Woo Young's new album gold edition was ranked

first and silver edition was ranked third on list. This remarkable result reflects on true fandom of his.

The new album title song "Sexy Lady" is a song about a guy getting hypnotized after seeing a beautiful lady. It includes addictive beat of electronic music and Jang Woo Young's sexy vocal is the highlight of the song.

Jang Woo Young said that he's honored to be the first on the list and added on by saying that he thanks for everyone

who always cheer for him and would give the honor to the fans.

2PM's Wooyoung Promotes Solo Album

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2PM's Wooyoung Promotes Solo Album

2PM member Wooyoung held a showcase for his first solo album "23, Male, Single" on Monday. Woo-young wowed fans with his rendition of the song "Sexy Lady".

2PM Junsu and Junho Talk about Wooyoung's Solo Album

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2PM Junsu and Junho Talk about Wooyoung's Solo Album

On July 9, 2PMs Wooyoung held a showcase for his first solo album 23, Male, Single. At the showcase, a previously unrevealed video clip of fellow 2PM members Junsu and Junho was disclosed. They summarized Wooyoungs preparation for this solo album as diligent to the point where its just too much.

Junsu and Junho first stated, Watching Wooyoung getting ready to fly solo, we discovered new sides to him. He kept pressuring us while we were writing songs for him. Junsu and Junho each contributed DJ Got Me Goin Crazy and Be With You to Wooyoungs first solo album. They praised Wooyoung, He basically created something out of nothing. His diligence and passion are so great. Its almost nasty how he could be so into this. Junsu and Junho also showed up at the showcase to support Wooyoung.

This showcase was planned because Wooyoung wanted to present his first solo performance stages to his fans first before anyone else. He performed Sexy Lady, Be With You, 2nite, Only Girl and other songs that are included in the album 23, Male, Single. Wooyoungs solo album title describes Wooyoungs life at the moment: 23 years old male with burning passion, ready to stand on his own in his own name.

23, Male, Single includes 7 songs total. The title song Sexy Lady is written by JYP and it accentuates Wooyoungs masculine charm with powerful choreography and vocals. Wooyoung will officially start the promotional cycle of Sexy Lady on Mnet M! Countdown on July 12.

Wooyoung Postponed Solo Album Release for Jo Kwon

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Wooyoung Postponed Solo Album Release for Jo Kwon

Recently, 2PMs Wooyoung told Kuki News that he postponed his own first solo album release date because of his best friend Jo Kwon from 2AM. In his interview, Wooyoung was asked about the rivalry between him and Jo Kwon as they both made their debuts as solo artists this summer. Wooyoung explained, Since we are friends, we told each other that we will be cheering for one another despite of what others have to say.

Jo Kwons first solo album Im Da One was released on June 25 while Wooyoungs 23, Male, Single was released two weeks later, on July 8. Wooyoung stated that such different release dates were settled on purpose. He said, We both knew we were preparing our very first solo albums since last year, but wasnt sure when these albums were going to get released. We were both really busy working on these albums, and finally got to talk to each other about how things are.

Wooyoung added, When I told Kwon about my solo album, he said his was ready, too. So we talked about it and found out that we both planned on releasing our albums around the same time. It might even have been on the same day. I just thought it was wrong to compete against my own friend like that, so I postponed my album release date by two weeks.

Wooyoung will be holding his very first solo album showcase in Seoul on July 9 and officially begin his solo career.

2PM Wooyoung Releases Solo Album, "23, Male, Single."

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2PM Wooyoung Releases Solo Album,

2PM, Wooyoung, Solo, 23, Male, Single, JYP

2PM's Wooyoung released his first solo album "23, Male, Single." This is 2PM's first solo debut.

"I want to get away from the title of "idol" for a little while," he said, "I would be going on stage as Singer Wooyoung, not 2PM Wooyoung. So I went through a lot but also wanted a lot."

The album title refers to his own life. "I chose the title because I wanted to show people the real Wooyoung, a 23-year-old man," he said, "I can't wait for the debut performance."

Wooyoung will be actively promoting his album but also simultaneously will be working as a member of 2PM on their new album scheduled to release in September.

On 2PM's new album, he hinted that it would be more like material from their beginning years.

Wooyoung releases his solo mini album "23, Male, Single" and MV "Sexy Lady"

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2PM's Wooyoung finally made his debut as a solo with his album "23, Male, Single."

As the first 2PM member to release his first solo album, the album's title describes himself - Jang Wooyoung, a single male of age 23. With this mini-album, listeners can feel Wooyoung's own style and sexy charms in his music.

The album contains total of 7 tracks, "2NITE", "Sexy Lady", "DJ GOT ME GOIN' CRAZY", "Be With You", "Falling Down", "Letting You Go" and "Only Girl." Two of the seven tracks were feautured by his fellow 2PM members, Junsu and Junho. "DJ GOT ME GOIN' CRAZY" feautures Junsu who took part in lyrics, composition and featuring in the song. "Be With You" features Junho, who took part in the lyrics and the composition of the song.

The music video of title song "Sexy Lady" was released as well. "Sexy Lady" has an addictive beat with an electronic melody, it portrays the image of one man falling after seeing a sexy lady. The vocal of Wooyoung is the charm in this song, and dance choreography of this performance will attract many fans' attention.

Check out the full album and the music video of "Sexy Lady" below!

Remember to support Wooyoung by purchasing his album on Soribada, Melon, Olleh Music, iTunes and more!

3. DJ GOT ME GOIN' CRAZY (feat. 2PM Junsu)

Source: Jang Wooyoung Official Site and AsianDreamAudio2

Wooyoung releases solo album ’23, Male, Single’

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Wooyoung releases solo album ’23, Male, Single’

2PMs Wooyoung has released his solo album 23, Male, Single!

The Album contains 7 tracks in total and 2 of the tracks features work by his fellow 2PM members. DJ GOT ME GOING CRAZY feat Jun. K features lyricscomposition by Junsu (Jun. K) while Be With You features lyricscomposition by Junho.

The lead single, Sexy Lady was produced by J.Y. Park The Asiansoul.

You can support his work by purchasing the music on iTunes and also check out the preview of the tracks below!

2PM's Wooyoung Releases Greeting Video for Upcoming Solo Album

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With Jang Woo Youngs solo album Sexy Lady being released tomorrow, July 8 in Korea, he has released a special greeting video today on 2PMs YouTube channel.

In the video he announces that JYP had personally wrote and composed the title track, and also that fellow 2PM members Junho and Junsu had also worked on songs. In closing, he asked for 2PM fans to support his solo album.

Just a few days ago his third music video teaser was released. While advertisements for his solo album have been spotted all over Seoul, fans have also gifted him with a special decorated bus and even more street ads.

2PM Wooyoung Receives Gift From Fans For Solo Album

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2PM Wooyoung Receives Gift From Fans For Solo Album

2pm, wooyoung, 23 male single, JYP

2PM Wooyoung Receives Gift From Fans For Solo Album2PM Wooyoung received a huge gift from his fans to support his solo album. He received a huge bus with his poster on the front and a big screen ad of his album.

11 of his fan communities worked together to help advertise Wooyoung's solo album, 23, Male, Single.

On July 5, the fans rode the bus starting from Seoul at 11 AM to 8 PM to advertise his album. Also on July 5, his big screen ad was displayed in Seoul and in Busan over 100 times.

Wooyoung commented, "I am so thankful. I worked on this album all for my fans. Only for my fans. I will work hard for this album's activities."

JYP Entertainment confirmed Wooyoung's solo album release on July 8 and starting on July 4, had huge posters set up around bus stations and subways to advertise as well.