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APink Hayoung & Eunji carry out be mindful on hello Counselor

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APink Hayoung & Eunji 
carry out be mindful on hello Counselor

APink"s Hayoung and Eunji carry out take into accout on hello Counselor, take a look at their curt yet adorable carry outance underneath

AOA’s Choa and Mina to Guest on KBS’ “Hello Counselor”

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AOA’s Choa and Mina to Guest on KBS’ “Hello Counselor”

It has been revealed that girls group AOA members Choa and Mina will be appearing as guests on an upcoming episode of KBS’ variety talk show “Hello Counselor.”

On June 24, a representative of the group’s agency, FNC Entertainment, confirmed to TV Report, “Choa and Mina recently took part in the recording for ‘Hello Counselor.’”

It is said that the two members showcased a sneak peek of the choreography for AOA’s newest comeback title track “Heart Attack” for the studio audience.

According to the agency rep, singers K.Will and Homme (2AM’s Changmin and Lee Hyun) were also present at the show’s filming.

The episode of “Hello Counselor” featuring Choa and Mina is expected to air on June 29 at 11:15 p.m. (KST).

SISTAR has dismissed the rumors about them being bullied on the show called “Hello Counselor”

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SISTAR Clears Up Bullying Rumors on Hello Counselor On June 22s episode of Hello Counselor, SISTARs Hyorin and Soyu explain that speculation about bullying between members of the group has all just been based on a misunderstanding.

Bora, Hyorin, and Soyu are all sitting in as guests on this episode, and after the hosts read a story written by someone whos suffering because of a misunderstanding, they ask the girls if theyve ever had a similar issue.

Soyu explains that sometimes their fans misunderstand them because they always use big gestures when they talk. She recounts one time when their youngest member Dasom was telling them, You guys, I think my body isnt as nice as yours

She was complaining like, I want to look like you guys! adds Hyorin.

Then Soyu and Hyorin reenact the scene, with Soyu pretending to be Dasom. Hyorin shows how after Dasom had complained about her body, Hyorin gestured dramatically at her while yelling, But youre so pretty! All over! Including your face!

The girls then imitate the face that Dasom was making afterwards, which made some onlookers think that she was being bullied.

Because of our strong image, theres been a lot of times where weve been misunderstood, says Soyu. Hyorin adds that its really upsetting when people misunderstand them.

2PM"s Wooyoung, Taecyeon, and Nichkhun to start up a cooking show?

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Not only did 2PM just have their comeback, but they might be staring their own cooking show too. It looks like it"ll be one hot summer for HOTTESTs!

In the Naver Starcast live airing on June 15, Wooyoung said, "In August,Taecyeon, Nichkhun, and I will have a cooking show with Naver. Help us choose the name of the program by sending us real-time comments."

Chansung suggested, "Combine the three of your names and go with "Ock-Jang-Khun"."

We love 2PM and we love food, so we will definitely be watching this once it airs!

Any suggestions for the name of their upcoming cooking show?

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SISTAR has announced their participation on the show called “Hello Counselor”

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SISTAR Confirmed to Guest on “Hello Counselor” It has been confirmed that the members of girl group SISTAR will be appearing as guests on an upcoming episode of variety talk show “Hello Counselor.”

On June 16, a representative of Starship Entertainment revealed that SISTAR wrapped up the recording of KBS’ “Hello Counselor” this past June 14.

Members Bora, Soyu, and Hyorin took part in this recent filming, while member Dasom was unable to attend due to a previously planned schedule. It is said that the three members did not hesitate to offer advice to the guests on the show that shared their worries.

Also, as the group is currently gearing up to make their comeback very soon, they also showed a sneak peek of the choreography for their upcoming title track.

Meanwhile, SISTAR is scheduled to mark their return with the release of a brand new mini album titled “Shake It” on June 22, before jumping into promotions.

Lee Young Ja sheds tears on "Hello Counselor" over fireman who sacrificed his life

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Lee Young Ja sheds tears on

"Hello Counselor" host Lee Young Ja shed tears over the touching story of one fireman who sacrificed his life during service.

On the episode that aired earlier today, a firefighter who was worried about his "bulldozer boss" featured as a guest. He confessed that firefighters can"t help but experience traumas after witnessing terrible fires and people dying. 

At the firefighter"s glum tales, Lee Young Ja couldn"t hide her sorrow. She even choked up telling the story of one honest firefighter who lost his life and how he kept a diary titled "A firefighter"s prayer" at his desk. She then tried to lighten the somber mood by jokingly declaring, "I really can"t marry this type of man. If you want to marry me, you have to quit being a firefighter first!"

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Man Who Hasn’t Bathed Properly for 7 Years Shocks “Hello Counselor” Audience

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Man Who Hasn’t Bathed Properly for 7 Years Shocks “Hello Counselor” Audience

On the recent episode of Hello Counselor, a man who hasnt washed properly for seven years came on the show and shocked everyone on set.

The wife of the man, who sent in this story, confessed, I married my husband eight years ago after only one month of dating. Now his body reeks like sewage because hasnt bathed before bed for seven years.

She continued, He smells like the bathroom, trash, and rotten food combined. He sleeps without even washing off the reeking mud from work. My husband works at a mechanic shop and comes home with oil all over his body, but he doesnt wash up before bed. Were using separate rooms because he doesnt shower, and we havent had any interactions for seven years and counting.

Later, the problematic husband is revealed, who says, I usually wash my hair and face in the morning. I also wash my hands frequently during work. I shower every three to four days in the morning. Getting up at 6:30 in the morning and coming home late, sometimes I fall asleep while watching TV after work.

The husband claims that he did shower at night once, saying, It was refreshing, but it was cold when I was washing up. Doesnt everyone else smell as much as I do? and petrified everyone in the studio.

This episode aired on June 1 and also had guest stars Shin Sung Woo, B1A4s Shinwoo, and VIXXs Ken.

Kim Soo Hyun’s “Producer” Character Takes His Worries to “Hello Counselor”

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Kim Soo Hyun’s “Producer” Character Takes His Worries to “Hello Counselor”

KBSs new drama Producer, which is set behind the scenes at the broadcast company, has been pulling out all the stops by namedropping and featuring several of its popular programs. The advice talk show Hello Counselor is the latest of its hits to appear on the show.

In the third episode, Kim Soo Hyuns character Baek Seung Chan is invited onto Hello Counselor to talk about his biggest concern in life right now: the fact that he dreads going to work. The clip includes all the aspects of Hello Counselor that fans are used to, including the familiar faces of its four hosts, a large studio audience wearing the shows trademark banners, and the ball pit that guests slide into when they come on stage.

The clip even includes the other hosts criticizing Lee Young Ja for rushing over to help the handsome guest out of the ball pit.

****Spoiler alertHighlight the text below to see:

The scene turns out to all be a dream, but that doesnt take away from Baek Seung Chans hilarious reaction when hes told that the people who feature in his story (Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jins characters) are present in the audience!

Check out the clip in the video below!

GOT7′s JB has stunned people when claiming that he was advised by Wooyoung not to be hasty

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GOT7s JB: 2PMs Wooyoung Told Me Not to Be Hasty GOT7 member JB recently expressed his gratitude towards fellow labelmate Wooyoung for his warm advice.

On May 6, the popular boy group visited San Francisco for the first stop of their U.S. fanmeeting tour, and sat down with Soompi for an exclusive interview before the start of the show. When asked about the best piece of advice theyve ever received from a sunbae (senior)the question sent in by Soompier @bang_minsooleader JB spoke up about a conversation he had with 2PMs Wooyoung.

My throat isnt good these days, and I asked 2PMs Wooyoung if he had any advice [since he] had a time when his throat wasnt good as well, JB replied. He gave such warm advice. He advised not to be hasty and make rash decisions. Rather than work even harder during this time [which can badly affect the throat], its better to rest up. Im so thankful for his kind and caring words.

Be sure to stay tuned to Soompi for the full #AskGOT7 interview, as the boys answer more fan questions about their favorite GOT7 songs, closest celebrity friends, their first impressions of one another, and more!

SHINee to Guest on “Hello Counselor,” Starting Countdown to Their Comeback?

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SHINee to Guest on “Hello Counselor,” Starting Countdown to Their Comeback?

It has been reported that SHINee members Jonghyun, Key, and Taemin will be appearing on an upcoming episode of “Hello Counselor.”

According to a broadcast official on May 10, the three SHINee members took part in the recording that took place on this day. It is said that Solbi and Jung Dong Ha were also guests for this recording.

SHINee is gearing up to kick off its fourth solo concert in Korea over a period of four days, from May 15-17, at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

With the concert dates coming up, along with their confirmed broadcast appearance, fans are showing anticipation for the group’s long-awaited comeback.

Are you excited for the possibility of a full group comeback in Korea?