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IU and 2PM Wooyoung's Unrevealed Kiss Scene from "Dream High"

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IU and 2PM Wooyoung's Unrevealed Kiss Scene from "Dream High"

2PM's Wooyoung and IU are drawing attention for their unrevealed kiss scene. A couple of pictures were recently posted on an online community board with the title, “Wooyoung IU Unrevealed Kiss Scene NG Cut.” The revealed pictures show the “Milky Couple” from KBS “Dream High” during their kiss scene.

On the show, their love first sprouted through IU’s crush toward Wooyoung. Later they shared a lovely dovey love connection. The picture displays their love and care for one another as they look into each other’s eyes.

IU also caused laughter for her awkward and shyness while hugging Wooyoung’s neck.

Netizens and fans who saw the unrevealed kiss scene cuts, commented, “Both of them are very cute,” “They look well together. Milky couple all the way,” “So sweet,” “It even makes me flutter. IU is so cute,” and “It makes my heart pit-a-pat.”

Poll Large Junior′s Kyuhyun Voted Dream learn about Buddy

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Poll Large Junior′s Kyuhyun Voted Dream learn about Buddy

--> Last week, in the aftermath of suneung, some of K-Pop′s maximum bright idols faced off in our dream find out about friend poll, and now, it′s time to announce who won!

Super Junior′s Kyuhyun proved to be the fan favourite this week, taking the pinnacle spot with 40.6 % of votes. BTS′ Rap Monster wasn′t too a long way in the back of him, completing in 2nd position with 38.4 percent of votes.

2PM′s Taecyeon ranked 3rd with 8.9 percent of votes, whilst Girls′ Generation′s Seohyun followed in fourth place with 7.7 percent of votes.

Red Velvet′s Wendy and EXID′s Hani rounded out the ground two with 3 percent and 1.4 percent of votes, respectively.

In this week′s poll, a couple of talented idols in the kitchen are facing off, so vote now!

Alexandra Reid says being in RaNia is a dream come true

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Alexandra Reid says being in RaNia is a dream come true

Fans far and wide the sector were shocked in the maximum efficient way conceivable when rapper Alexandra Reid joined lady staff RaNia, turning into the first actual African-American member in a K-pop lady group.

We"ve heard a bit of of her mind on joining RaNia at the group"s showcase, yet you'll also read a lot more in detail about how she found out K-pop and how she feels about debuting in a K-pop neighborhood on her non-public blog post!

That"s right, whenever you didn"t know already, Alexandra Reid has her very own blog, called "Being Alex Reid", and her newest post is titled "Being in Love with K-pop".

In her blog post, she talks about her private tale of finding K-pop on YouTube back in 2009. Her first K-pop video used to be Ivy"s "Sonata of Temptation"! She talks about how she loves how the "genuine superstar" still exists in the K-pop world, and how fortunate she felt to notice this "secret music".

And she sounds so excited as she describes how her day by way of day lifestyles is like now in Seoul, as a section of RaNia. She describes how "this is literally a dream come true," and says here's "something I fantasized about, but never believed may come to fruition as it had never been done by any individual with my background before."

You can read her complete blog post appropriate here. Ensure you read it and let us know what you think!

Video Trailer released for the Korean film 'Life is yet an Empty Dream'

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Video Trailer released for the Korean film 'Life is yet an Empty Dream'

Trailer released for the impending Korean film "Life is yet an Empty Dream"

"Life is But an Empty Dream" (2015)Directed via David ChoWith Kim Dong-wan, Mina Fujii, Choi Philip, Jin A-reum,...SynopsisThe motion picture depicts more than a few reviews of display running personnel contributors operating for rock festivals, who at all times dream of acting at the level themselves.Dong-wan has been working for the Pentaport Rock Festival for five years. He may be a member of a tune band dreaming about functioning at the festival. In reality, however, it doesn"t look like his dream will come true. Phillip has been trying to find a role ever since he graduated from college. He applies for a section time task at the festival and gets an interpreter position. He tries his highest to be a complete time employees for the festival.Release date in Korea : 2015/11/26

Yoo Jae Hwan Thinks His lifestyles After “Infinite Challenge” Seems like a Dream

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Yoo Jae Hwan Thinks His Life After “Infinite Challenge” Feels Like a Dream It’s been 3 months since Yoo Jae Hwan first hit the highlight thru MBC‘s form display “Infinite Challenge” and the hugely popular “2015 Limitless Challenge Music Festival.” He has made relatively the call for himself in one of these short time, being known now not simplest for exuding certain power on diversity presentations yet also for earning the number 1 spot at the charts with his new song “Coffee.” The newly-debuted singer songwriter lately sat down for an interview with Newsen.

Right off the bat, Yoo Jae Hwan describes his ascent to stardom as anything like a dream, and worries that he may wake up to discover it’s all be a dream. When asked about what “Infinite Challenge” way to him, Yoo Jae Hwan replies, “It’s a program that modified my life. Just calling it a program doesn’t put across how much a present it’s been in my life.”

Yoo Jae Hwan tells the interviewer that the reaction from the “Infinite Challenge” forged has been overwhelming to him, especially from Jung Hyung Don. “On the day of the festival, Jung Hyung Don got here up to me and told me he was once partial to mine whilst shaking my hand. I discovered out later that Jung Hyung Don is normally more reserved around folks on the primary meeting, so i used to be touched that he changed into so sort to me like that.”

It’s widely known that Yoo Jae Hwan is terribly close with Park Myung Soo, and the interviewer asks him, “You recently acknowledged on a radio prove that you’ll at all times be buddies with Park Myung Soo?”

Yoo Jae Hwan replies, “Yes, that’s right, and my emotions haven’t replaced since I made that comment. I couldn’t do the rest without him. He's taking such excellent care of me and makes certain that anything I would like ready gets prepared. I wish to pay off his kindness.”

He continues, announcing that Park Myung Soo continually supplies the similar two pieces of advice: the 1st being, “You will have to always be humble, and not overdo it,” and the 2d one being “things always come in order, but things don't always move in order,” caution Yoo Jae Hwan to scrupulously believe his movements so as to give coverage to his image.

The interviewer then brings up his appearance on “My Little Television,” making the remark that it appeared like Yoo Jae Hwan had a troublesome time. Yoo Jae Hwan confesses that he isn’t as sensible as reacting to quickly-changing eventualities as Park Myung Soo and that he struggled. He says that since he still isn’t used to being on broadcast, he repeatedly worries about making mistakes, and that even supposing he has some things he regrets he treasures the stories he’s had.

Yoo Jae Hwan wraps up the interview by capability of revealing that he’s currently getting ready a single, and thank you his lovers for taking a look beyond his flaws. He promises to continue striving to be a type and authentic person.

Sunny's dream is not to get married?

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Sunny's dream is not to get married?

On JTBC"s "Serial buying groceries Family" on October 21, the solid mentioned their reports and episodes with the subject of marriage.

While they were discussing, MC Sunny revealed, "I don"t would like to marry. My dream is to coolly reside by way of myself." MC Park Ji Yoon said, "You would possibly say that now, yet sometime, you could get blinded by love. If so, then you could also be a wife April next year."  Whoa, every person mark down this prediction!

Guest Kim Sae Rom stated, "My husband, Lee Chan Oh, used to be at first somebody who did no longer are taking a look to marry. You don"t know by way of people," while Park Myung Soo added, "No one marries early excluding for the those that say they wish to marry early. We don"t know if Sunny might marry next year."

Do you pay attention wedding bells?

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Haha’s Son Dream by accident Makes a Lovely Partial Appearance on “Running Man”

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Haha’s Son Dream Accidentally Makes a Cute Partial Appearance on “Running Man” While Haha is filming himself at house in the newest episode of “Running Man,” his son Dream is heard guffawing and audience get a peek at his tiny feet!

On this episode, every of the contributors and visitors are tasked with sharing a specifically memory-filled object with the others, yet they also have to give evidence of ways old the object is. so as to do so, they’re given cameras to movie themselves at home.

Haha first motion pictures a gigantic selection of toys which are mendacity the floor, giving viewers a glimpse of his dwelling house as he does so. His two-year-old son Dream is heard laughing within reach as Haha displays off the toys.

“Among all of these, there’s a gift that I played with when i used to be a kid. It used to be given to me as a present by capacity of my father and mother,” explains Haha as he scans over the toys. But Dream stands too on the topic of the toys and viewers can see his legs.

Haha says to him, “Dream, step back a bit, your legs are showing,” and we see Dream briefly running out of the frame.

Haha then displays off the toy truck that he used to play with as a kid, thirty years ago, and says that Dream plays with it now.

Haha married singer Byul in November of 2012, and the couple welcomed their first son Dream into the arena in July of 2013.

You can watch the entire October 18 episode of “Running Man” below!

Kangin Teases Girl’s Day’s Yura About Marriage on “Dream Team”

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Kangin Teases Girl’s Day’s Yura About Marriage on “Dream Team” On the October 11 Korea-China special episode of KBS2 TV‘s “Dream Team,” Super Junior‘s Kangin teases Girl’s Day member Yura all through a cage football challenge.

Yura is the 3rd kicker on the Korean team’s lineup. Prior to the situation begins, Kangin tells the team, “I heard that if the 1/3 kicker misses the goal, they've to marry the oldest user on their team.” Of course, the oldest person on the Korean team is none rather than Kangin himself.

An MC asks, “When’s the wedding?” to which Kangin slyly replies, “We’ll take a glance at Yura’s agenda first.” Yura can’t hide her embarrassment, confessing, “Now I believe burdened,” before she steps up to take her shot.

The complete episode aired on October 11 at 10:30 a.m. KST.

Eunhyuk Dishes On Large Junior’s Teamwork on “Dream Team”

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Eunhyuk Dishes On Super Junior’s Teamwork on “Dream Team” On the October 11 episode of KBS2 TV‘s “Dream Team,” Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk speaks candidly about the group’s teamwork.

The episode includes a special Korea-China football match, and Eunhyuk and fellow member Kangin, in addition Super Junior-M‘s Zhou Mi seem as guests. Some of the MCs makes the comment, “Because you’re all from Super Junior, you should paintings in best possible harmony.”

In response, Eunhyuk confesses, “Actually, the individuals are in maximum cases actually bad at running together,” and Kangin nods along in agreement. To turn out his point, he and Kangin stand back to back and are steered to seem in the similar direction. As expected, they either finally finish up taking a look in contrary ways, much to the amusement of the alternative guests.

The complete episode aired October 11 at 10:30 a.m. KST.

HanCinema's movie Review 'Dream': Symbolism and Dream Logic

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HanCinema's movie Review 'Dream': Symbolism and Dream Logic

When we dream, things don"t at all times seem to make sense yet we usually settle for occasions and depictions as "real".The dream international turns out to be in massive part driven by way of its own sort of dreamy good judgment that we don"t continuously have the aware awareness to challenge. Our denial over the actual truth of the spectacle purposes here in some way that discourages or prohibits any "cross-reality" logic paradigms from being applied. Early in the film, the viewer"s expectancies are challenged with a linguistic conundrum that raises questions of the depicted fact when it comes to our own. How is it that one personality will also be talking Jap and each person else can completely realize him? now not best that, but how can characters "exists" without even wondering or referencing the contradiction? it sounds as if that the only real entity excited about this spectacle this is aware of this irregularity is, in fact, the spectator. At this early stage, we are forced to either disregard the film"s reality as flawed, and thus obstruct our own delight in it, or shall we adopt a more "preferred" reading of the movie and hand over ourselves to the cinematic dreamscape earlier than us and accept the guidelines it provides.